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Mission DIY Hex Nut Bracelet Complete!!!

Wooohooo! I got it!!!! I’m not going to lie, the pictures make it look way easier than what it is. The magic key for me: lay each string down flat, then bolt to the top, braid and cross over. Here’s the kicker, you would assume it should be super tight BUT it doesn’t. Its all in your heart and finger tips baby. Love thy self while braiding for mankind!

Good lucksy!!!

Heart, star.


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DIY Wrist Candy

Last summer I was keeping myself very busy when we had uncovered my talent of making semi precious stone bracelets. Crazy enough when my husband was a wee little lad he had worked in an industry where he had to acquire the skill of making/fixing jewelry, key chains and small little knick knacks. Luckily I married more than just a hot to trot man, I got a skilled teacher as well! We loved the fact of being able to share what these bracelets were capable of and its simple and unique beauty. Gem Rock Healing will be back in affect this summer!

Now with all this bracelet making, I thought I would take this knowledge and broaden my spectrum. I bought the string for the bolt bracelet this weekend and hoping to stop off at Home Depot on the way home for some gold bolts. Project Spicy attempt #1 tonight! Plan = to create a whole new outfit from head to toe with my trusty sewing machine, my magical bracelet making fingers and my out of this world imagination, created by yours truly… minus the under garments. I’ll save that for 2013!

What bracelet are you going to try first? 🙂

Heart, star.


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