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I’m Bringing Sexy Back


It is finally starting to feel like Spring in Toronto. The snow is almost gone and the grass is peaking through. Which only means one thing! My favorite season for fashion has begun and the other one is on its way! Hands down Spring and Summer is when I bring out my OHHH HAAYYY game. Winter tends to always yield my not so fun outfits. Boring leggings, baggy but cute sweaters… Basically nothing too fab. And with the last winter I needed to make a couple of adjustments since I was rockin’ a belly. Needless to say, the time had come to clean out my closet and remind myself of all my extremely fun and gorg pieces I have found over the years that never seem to get old. Which also means getting rid of any clothes that I realistically will never wear again – this is always the hardest part for me!

Now this closet cleaning session is something I do religiously every year. I broke this big project into a couple of days. Well kinda, I basically tried to slip in any time when Angie was taking her naps. I’m proud to say that I was able to part from four garbage bags worth of clothes. I may have set a new record for myself! For some reason, this year seemed a lot easier to say buh bye to my old clothes. Usually what happens is I put my clothes that i’m sure i’ll never wear again in the donation pile, then once I see it just lying there I start thinking to myself… Hey Parita, you knowwww that would really look good with _______. And somehow I convince myself to keep half of my donation pile, but not this time! I didn’t look back, not once. Out with the old and in with the new!

I really and truly try to do this at least once a year, it is such a freeing feeling. Something about starting fresh and new. Rekindling my love with all my Spring and Summer colors. Pulling out the much needed WABAAM pants, fun girly dresses, ugly – but something about it is really cool outfits, sequins pieces – because we all know that every girl should have atleast one screaming sequins number and most importantly all the clothes that make me feel sexy and hot to trot! (Did I really just say hot to trot?!?!) Whether it be cute sexy or ohhh haaayyy sexy – all of it works for me! Wait… Let me just clarify, by sexy I don’t mean mini skirts and low hoochie mama tops, come on friends, i’m better then that! Geez! I can only describe it in three words, confident lioness sexy! Whatever that means to you! Keep it and wear it!

As well, I think I’ve decided against no longer wearing leggings (well maybe sometimes when i’m doing scrub wear, like the picture below when I was heading to Value Village to drop off my donations and threw on whatever I found) but they will are no longer my go to. It is so done. I feel like that was so three years ago! Yes its easy to throw on, but really? Lets see how I do… I think that relationship is done. Just saying.

So friends, liberate yourself! Give your closet a makeover!!! Get all your fun, bright, exciting clothes out! No more boring!! Its time to play!

Heart, star.
Parita xoxo






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Beanie Alert!!! WOOP WOOP!

I’m sure a lot of you have seen this trend around lately, but I still felt like I should blog about it. The beanie trend, it’s back in full effect. I remember when my parents would scream at me in the winter time to wear a toque because it was so cold outside, but it just wasn’t cool so I would freeze my little ears off. Why couldn’t this be cool back then?!?

This is probably one of the cheapest trends out right now and easy to rock for everyone with any and every outfit. From super duper casual to fancy shmancy pants. It works with everything. Originally when this new look came out I played it safe and bought the easy colors not knowing how much I would actually wear this. So I bought black, grey and navy blue. All which have been rocked by me and hipster hubby many times already. On a side not, hubster got glasses recently so now when he wears the beanies with his ummm hmmmm outfits and glasses, you know the ladies are chasing him with a OHHH HAYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!! (He is going to kill me for that one) But he makes the whole get up look so good!

Back to Beanies, I got ours from H&M for less than $7.00. I’ve also seen them at Forever 21 where they have an array of bright colors, the neons, the darkys and the lightys. I think, I just think they may even be cheaper there as well. I personally am I fan of the simple ones myself, there are the jazzed up styles but that doesn’t really toodle my fancy. But to each their own.

Best part, say you wake up and OMIGOD you have to go somewhere and you completely forgot! Your hair is gross and you have no time to fix it or throw on make up, what to do?!?! Throw on a Beanie with big sunglasses (and for the ladies, bright lipstick) and DAANTANANA! You are ready to go!!! Ohh hayyy good looking!

Heart, star.
Parita xoxo


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I saw this picture and it brought back so many memories! Remember when we use to collect stickers? So funzys!!!!  There were the puffy ones (that is so not the right word), strawberry berry short cake, the scratch and sniff smelly ones, Power Rangers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, ahhh memories!!!

Then I saw this picture on Pinterest where this  girl made it look cool AGAIN!  Definitely think i’ll head to Dollarama and Walmart and get me some stickers and crazy glue.  HOW COOL DOES IT LOOK?

And can you imagine the conversations it will spark?

Just saying…

Heart, star.

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Ashika Sachdev – Wild Horses

Here’s a fact, I love to sing.  Whether it be at home, in the shower, while cooking, driving, grocery shopping, in the middle of having a conversation with my hubba bubba… that’s just me.  Singing really makes me feel ridiculously happy all over, its insane in the membrane.  Unfortunately my listeners may not find my singing as beneficial as I do (which boggles my mind)!  But I wouldn’t be lining up for American Idol try outs any time soon, I can accept that!

Speaking of American Idol, you may remember Ashika Sachdev from a couple of seasons back when she was still a young little lady, but let me tell you not only is gorgeous as ever but has a killer voice.  She hasn’t given up on her talent since and thank God for that, this girl is on FIYYYAHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Check out her cover, Wild Horses. Its one of those songs where you get comfy by the fireplace, make a martini, light some candle and do some canoodling!

Happy Wednesday!

Heart, star.

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DIY Gold Maxi Skirt

I had seen this beautiful gold sequinsy fabric a month back while in Winnipeg and my heart fell in love. I knew instantly that I had to buy it, even though I had no clue what I was going to make with it.  Usually what happens, I buy something that toodles my fancy, put it in my room of inspiration and wait for a brilliant idea to come to me.  That happened today!  I love these days! 🙂

Today I attempted (successfully I may add) to make a Gold Maxi Skirt.  Honestly took me about 20 minutes to make with a sewing machine.  Would probably take about an hour if you are sewing by hand.  And to all the people without a sewing machine, this one is definitely dooable by hand.

So here’s what the finished product looks like.

Here we go!!!

Pick any fabric of your choice.  Preferably something stretchy, as it is way easier to work with.

Now this is the fun part, there are really no specific measurements for this sparkly number.  You can pick how much fabric you want to use. I personally preferred more as I was going for the bunchier look at the top.  Best part with doing that, no matter how your body may change, it will always fit.

The length of the material (top to bottom) will be the length on you. However much you choose will be the body of the skirt.

Flip the material inside out and pin at the edge you have just cut.

Sew along the pinned edge. WE ARE ALMOST DONE! ALREADY!!!!

Take an elastic band and while stretching a tad pull around your waist. Now add an extra 1/4 inch to that and cut.

Sew the edges together.

Pull over one end of the inside out material.

Turn the edge of the fabric over the elastic.  And if you find pinning helpful, pin away baby!  Pin around the elastic.  NOTE: Half way through you will be stretching the elastic, while pinning your fabric.

Sew around to secure the elastic in place. NOTE: Be sure not to sew on top of the elastic as it will not let allow you to have the bunching effect.



Heart, star.

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Its Finally Mustard Time

I know this mustard trend has been going on for a bit but I just couldn’t jump on it until the appropriate weather made its way around. And well… it finally has. So obviously I had to get me some mustard pants. Yesterday I headed over to my regular go-to for shopping during work hours, because its too convenient, good ol’ Suzy Shier. (Who would’ve guessed? They still constantly surprise me!) They were on sale and I only spent $20! Steal! Now they aren’t the super yellowy orange ones, so I was a tad bit hesitant originally, but the minute I slipped those bad boys on I was craving a hot dog! BAHAHAHAHA <~ one of those jokes that I think was funnier in my head.

Soon as I got home yesterday, I had to do the mandatory with every purchase fashion show. Tried the pants on with numerous outfits, and I must say, to my surprise mustard goes well with a lot of different colors, styles, designs, textures etc. MUSTARD?!?! Its cray, but a staple. Even the boys are doing it! That’s the styles I like, when everyone begins rockin’ it (right down to kids – how cute is that little boy at the botton?!?!? Ohhh muffin!) you know it’s a winner!

Note to self: Just try not to spill ketchup on yourself!

Heart, star.

Source: thelocals.dk via Chris on Pinterest

Source: via Kevin on Pinterest

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This Girl is on Fiyyahhhh! Ariba Ariba Neck Candy time!

Happy Monday lovelies!

My fav fashion accessory time is finally here! It’s just the right amount of nippiness outside that we can wrap our beautiful little necks in garments of joy. Here a scarf, there a scarf, everywhere a scarf scarf! I personally think the saying “bigger is better” definitely takes the cake here. Not only do I love the look but… here’s a little fact about me: no matter what the season I am constantly cold and looking for the heat. BRING ME THE FIYAH! Story of my life! (Cue Alicia Keys: This Girl is on Fiyyyaaahhhhhhhhhhh)

So this is a double whammy for me. Not only do I get to look extremely astonishing, I am always at my preferred body temperature. Praise the Gods! I heart the messy look, love the chunkiness, obsessed with different unmatched texture and colors, basically this is my go. Ohh Fall, thank you for blessing us with your presence again. Fall my little leaves, falllllll!!!!!!!!

Need some ideas on how to wear your scarf: Theres an oldy but goody video at the bottom. Check it out.


Heart, star.

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Gosh Golly Darn i’m Sparkling!

I wore this ultra chic sweater this weekend and gosh golly darn I just love it.  It was just screaming i’m fabulous.  As I was strutting my stuff and working it I love the fact that I knew that there was no one else that could be rocking the same sweater as me! IMPOSSIBLE!  With all this bling on my shoulders it was kind of hard not to feel a tad bit celebrityish! Black skinny pants, stilletos and a smile of course.

Honestly what you wear can really change how you view yourself, how you carry yourself, your confidence and your ohhhh hayyyyy personality!  And let this be a lesson ladies and gents, you don’t need to spend big bucks to get that feeling. Vintage it. You deserve it!

Happy Tuesday! 

Heart, star.

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What’s your story?!? ~ INSPIRE!!!

While leaving the Winnipeg airport on Monday, I saw this beautifully dressed lady wearing a bright pink sari, gold bangles, silver rings galore and a neck decorated with the most antique and gorgeous necklaces. Now her husband was wearing this bright purple shirt and a smile that was shining bright. Obviously I was drawn by their bold fashion sense. I looked from afar, but after we had checked in and we were waiting at the gate I knew I had to have a conversation with her and her husband. So I began walking the airport looking for them. When I did spot Bonnie and Fred Cappuccino, I walked over like a little girl that had just seen Santa Claus. I was drawn. I was greeted with a warm welcome and instantaneously began to ramble off questions, grabbed a seat and made myself comfortable. And with a calm and pleasant nature, they were happy to answer them all. What I learnt in my conversation – I was sitting across two earth Angels. Two people, who have dedicated their life to help others.

The two links below are a must to watch! But here’s the Coles notes, which do not do justice. Two loves married, had two children and decided to adopt. Started with one, two and at the end the final count was nineteen children. TOTAL CHILDREN RAISED UNDER ONE ROOF = 21!!!! Bonnie was a person who knew she was put on this earth to help. But after raising twenty one children, she knew she was capable of more. A project that has now been going on since 1985 to this very day, both Fred and Bonnie have open 8 orphanages in India, Bangladesh and Nepal. They are currently

assisting 1100 children and women in developing countries, who are in need of food, education, health care, shelter and clothing, emotional and moral support. AMAZING! AND I MET THEM!!!!!

You need to watch the videos, good bumps galore!

Now I sit here thinking, what am I doing to make a difference? This has lit a spark in me.

When someone asks me, “what’s my story?” I want the answer to be something inspiring! Lets inspire people friends!

Heart, star.

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The hubba hubba and I went to The Ex two weekends ago and it was a blast. Now here’s the kicker… I am scared for my life to ever dare to try a ride, so it’s more of an experience for the games, the people, the food and of course those little cute shops. This year the shops had these uber sensational and magical t-shirts that had the cutest little 3D animal faces on them. As soon as I turned the corner, I saw a cute little kitty tee that was just staring at me and made my heart melt. Then the hubster and I looked at eachother and thought, will I REALLY wear this?

Cue the cutesy paatotesy pug, chihuahua, black kitty, white kitty ohhh my! I didn’t know how to deal!!!

I wanted everything, I got so overwhelmed that I just walked away. Two weeks later I can’t stop thinking about the white kitty and pug. I should’ve go it, I knew it! So the internet search started last night, and WABAAM I hunted them down. Check em out!  http://shop.themountain.me/categories/Big-Face-Animals/

 Addiction central. MEOW!

 Heart, star.



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