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DIY Fringe Cardigan Funzys!

This weekend, the hubby and I headed over to Ikea to buy me my new sewing table. (EXCITING!!!) Originally I was going to get a corner in the basement where I would sew my little heart out but now (since my husband is so ridiculously fabulous) I get an entire room, which will be called the Creativity Room. Whoopaa!!! Painting, sewing, dancing… just a whole bunch of funzys!

With our lives being as hectic as they are, I’m willing to be a little realistic knowing that this room will probably take a week or two to set up but I thought I would get my fingers warmed up with some easy projects to get the blood flowing. I found this DIY on Studs and Pearls http://www.studs-and-pearls.com/ and loved it! Best part, a lot of people will have the supplies needed to do this at home. Like me!

 Check out the step by step directions here! http://www.studs-and-pearls.com/2011/10/diy-fringe-scarf-cardigan.html#more

Heart, star.



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