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Bruk It Down!

Happy Baby Friday!

Today I thought I would keep the blog short and sweet.

YouTube can be addicting, we all know that.  I have my days where I search for DIY hairstyles, makeup ideas, baby’s laughing, kids singing, painting, Ellen, documentaries, natural births… lol! I have the most random thoughts and if I think about it long enough, you better believe I am YouTubing that bad boy and probably dedicating a minimum of half an hour since they always have the most fitting suggestions on the side. Okay who am I fooling it usually ends up being a couple hours when everything is said and done.

The other day I ended up on Superwoman which happens every once in awhile, she’s Toronto based and has some very animated views on anything and everything.  You never end up watching just one of her videos.  Here a click, there a click, everywhere a click click.  My all time fav video of hers is “How Girls Get Ready” (this video has over 3,745,000 hits!), I die of laughter every time.  Especially the makeup and clothes bit and the dancing in the bathroom! We all know we have done that.  That is usually an everyday affair for me. BAHAHAHA! Bruk bruk bruk bruk it down!

So get your laugh on friends and maybe even some twerking too, even if it’s just for yourself! POP POP!

Heart, star.

Parita xoxo


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Zumba Dancehall

Now besides my Rihanna obsession, we all know I love my Dancehall.  If I hear a faint dancehall rhythm in the background, I can’t help but start moving my bum bum.  Its natural, its in my blood. I still remember my dad listening to Bob Marley when I was young, sneaking our family into Reggae Fest, just pure jammin’. Obviously I had to keep on with the tradition.  Best part of this kinda music, there is usually a specific dance move for each song, sort of like the Macarena in a way. Bahahahahahaha! I can’t believe I just did that comparison.  Check out the picture below, there’s just a few examples. Definitely worth YouTube-ing.

Now Zumba is doing some Dancehall classes! COME ON! How fun is that?  I do these for fun at home, just because. Amaze!

Checksy friends, move your body!!!!!

Heart, star.

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Ashika Sachdev – Wild Horses

Here’s a fact, I love to sing.  Whether it be at home, in the shower, while cooking, driving, grocery shopping, in the middle of having a conversation with my hubba bubba… that’s just me.  Singing really makes me feel ridiculously happy all over, its insane in the membrane.  Unfortunately my listeners may not find my singing as beneficial as I do (which boggles my mind)!  But I wouldn’t be lining up for American Idol try outs any time soon, I can accept that!

Speaking of American Idol, you may remember Ashika Sachdev from a couple of seasons back when she was still a young little lady, but let me tell you not only is gorgeous as ever but has a killer voice.  She hasn’t given up on her talent since and thank God for that, this girl is on FIYYYAHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Check out her cover, Wild Horses. Its one of those songs where you get comfy by the fireplace, make a martini, light some candle and do some canoodling!

Happy Wednesday!

Heart, star.

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Native Americans meet Dancehall meet The Walking Dead ~ SAY WHAT?!?!?

Happy Thursday!!!

Sooooo I found this song randomly on Pinterest yesterday and I HEART it. I was intrigued by the little blurb below, Native Americans meet Dancehall meet The Walking Dead, who wouldn’t click on that just to see what the heckla it is?!?!? And let me tell you, I was pleasantly surprised, it was FAN-dance your hiny off-TASTIC!!!! Different, good mix of old school, a tad bit of weirdness, and spunky monkey!

Play it loud party peeps!

Heart, star.

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Rihanna and Parita, its happening!!!

After all the long conversations over the phone, text messages, emails and Skype… Rihanna has decided to come visit me!!!! Can you imagine how crazy I was when I heard the news?!?! Bouncing off the walls! I think my reaction was as insane as when I had found out my parents got me tickets to the Backstreet Boys concert years ago. (You know, when A.J and I had locked eyes, ohh so many times that night!)

So RiRi is coming March 18th, 2012!!!! Oh my nelly, the countdown begins. I need to get my dance routines down, my hair done and nails did.

Ohh na na, what’s my name? Oh na na what’s my name, what’s my name , what’s my nameeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Woot Woot!!!!!!!!!

I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it! I’m about to lose control and I think I like it, ohhhh yeahhhhhhh!

Heart, star.

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Magic Carpet Ride

I bought The Magic a couple weeks ago but while on the train this morning I started my journey to abundance and manifestation.  Yup pure cheese, but I am a firm believer in The Secret (sister books) by Rhonda Byrne, Law of Attraction, and have tried to live my life accordingly.  But its just not that easy…

So why I love this book!  It takes 28 days to make or break a habit. The Magic gives you 28 practises (1 per day) to do to establish a way of living to constantly attract a whole bunch of postiveness, abundance and happiness into your life.  Who doesn’t want that?!?  Now just food for thought, when I first moved to Toronto I tried to make a constant effort to live my life this way and boy oh boy was I truly seeing and experiencing miracles right before my eyes.  Best way to look at it, the world is your catalogue, you can pick and choose what you want.  Put it out there with the universe, don’t worry about the “how”, just put it out there!

My plan is to take you through my journey everyday with hopes that you join in!  I obviously recommend reading the book as well, but this is a good sneak peak.  First things first, I have just completed a list of my dreams.  What I want in my life.  You need to write this down (be really specific), this way you know what you are manifesting! Then, when it appears in your life… cross it off and add more! But I can’t stress enough, be as specific as possible.

I will be starting (Day 1) tomorrow but the main lesson is give thanks and LOTS OF IT!  Today while walking from the train to my office, I found myself saying to myself a lot of “thank you for the beautiful weather, thank you for this woman with a fab outfit beside me for giving me some new inspiration, thank you for the light turning green, thank you thank you thank you.”  I have approximately a 15 min walk and I did it the entire way and am still doing it now!  Try it, feels great! Great way to start the day.

Thanks for reading!!!

Heart, star.

Tissue ASAP!

So we are back from vacay and boy oh boy are we sun kissed!

Good story to share with you, as we were emptying our suitcases I thought lets throw on some Oprah.  Yesterday featured Carrie Underwood; now as I’m sure we all know by now I’m not a country music follower but the SECOND I started hearing the words to Mama’s song by miss Carrie here… the water works started.

Now for the children who don’t live as close to your parents as you would hope, we tend to have those days where we just miss our family like crazy.  Its been awhile since I’ve been home,  so one of these episodes was bound to be coming soon but OH MAN this song turned me into a wreck.

Here’s to another addiction, Miss Carrie Underwood.

Heart, star.

P.S Watch the video!!!!!!

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I love my life!

This song has been my happy song for the last little bit! Feelin’ in the dumps, put this bad boy on. Feeling hyper, play this Deejay!

Great mix of happiness and dancehall!

Ahh… I love my life.

Heart, star.


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While riding on the train to work this morning, I felt some espanol inspiration! I have these days where I just feel it in my bones and can’t help myself and just need to get my train dance (small, kind of discrete little dance movements) on. And today was one of those days ladies and gentlemen.

Hit of the Day: Señorita an Indian/Spanish Fusion

Not only is this song authentic in both languages it just makes you want to WOOT WOOT DANCE. Makes the pelvic area start moving baby.

Since I had no clue what they were saying… I Googled that bad boy, obviously!

Check it out, ahhhhhhhhh romance/pelvic thrusting!

Heart, star.

Who are you?
Where have you been?
I’ve moved the heaven and the earth but I couldn’t find you
But you arrive today,
So suddenly,
and you give meaning to my whole life with your love.

I didn’t understand, I don’t know
Whatever you have said to me Senorita
But then also, I don’t know why
After listening, I have a good feeling

Don’t look away
Stay close to me

Wrap me in your arms
Do you understood senorita?

Even if we get two moments of love
in world, is this also less
Come for two moments lets get lost

We forgot what sorrow is, senorita
Listen listen , what we say senorita

I will never
The meaning of word you dedicate to me

The warmth
Of your gaze
Makes me feel like the most beautiful señorita.

There is only one language in the whole world, senorita



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Perfectly Unfinished – Album Release Party

Good morning Party Peeps!

This weekend big tings will be happening!!!

I met Sanj’na a couple years back while getting our dance on and I still remember my initial thoughts… this girl is beautiful, she’s got style, killer personality and she can jam! BRUP BRUP!

Sanj’na took her talent to the next level and will be hosting her first album release party this Friday, May 11th for her long anticipated album Perfectly Unfinished. She will be collaborating with some incredible producers and DJ’s and will even be performing some of her tracks, including her newest release You Make Me.

Check it out, oh hayyyyyyy girl!

Heart, star.

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