Bruk It Down!

Happy Baby Friday!

Today I thought I would keep the blog short and sweet.

YouTube can be addicting, we all know that.  I have my days where I search for DIY hairstyles, makeup ideas, baby’s laughing, kids singing, painting, Ellen, documentaries, natural births… lol! I have the most random thoughts and if I think about it long enough, you better believe I am YouTubing that bad boy and probably dedicating a minimum of half an hour since they always have the most fitting suggestions on the side. Okay who am I fooling it usually ends up being a couple hours when everything is said and done.

The other day I ended up on Superwoman which happens every once in awhile, she’s Toronto based and has some very animated views on anything and everything.  You never end up watching just one of her videos.  Here a click, there a click, everywhere a click click.  My all time fav video of hers is “How Girls Get Ready” (this video has over 3,745,000 hits!), I die of laughter every time.  Especially the makeup and clothes bit and the dancing in the bathroom! We all know we have done that.  That is usually an everyday affair for me. BAHAHAHA! Bruk bruk bruk bruk it down!

So get your laugh on friends and maybe even some twerking too, even if it’s just for yourself! POP POP!

Heart, star.

Parita xoxo


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