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My Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice!

Because October isn’t complete without pumpkin patch pictures! I may not be the brains behind the operation but I gotta say that I’m glad we went! Angelina talked about pumpkins the entire way there and was in heaven while running through the patch. It’s the simplicity that children love and that really makes you realize how grateful we should be. They may be small but these little people are bundles of knowledge and lessons.

Feeling grateful today!

Heart, star.
Parita xoxo



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A family that smoothies together, groovies together! 

For the last week and a bit Angelina has decided that she wants to have smoothies to start off our day. Miss Thing is actually pretty particular, if it isn’t green she doesn’t usually drink it. No complaining here for me! This is a Moms dream come true! 

I’ve wrote about this before, but I like to say it over and over again. The more you teach your children about fruits and vegetables at an early age, the more likely they are to incorporate them and eat them on a daily basis as they get older.
Our morning routine is the same every day! She stands by my feet like clock work while I prep the fruits and veggies for our smoothie, knowing her turn is up next. Once everything is prepped and knives are put away, she gets to do the rest. Putting everything in the Vitamix, while doing a taste lick or bite on almost everything she puts in. She needs to ensure quality people!!!
We watch it blend together, we pour it together, we clean up our mess together and then the best part… We cuddle up on the sofa and enjoy our 1 litre green smoothie as we watch Sesame Street and dance, sing, clap and snap our fingers! How fun does that sound?!?!
We’re a team, as her body is getting stronger and leaner, my body is finally going back to the way I best remember it!
A family that smoothies together groovies together! Ohhhh hayyyyyy!!!!
Heart, star.
Parita xoxo

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Help Angelina Give


Angelina had an amazing and memorable first Christmas! This girl is special I tell ya! She is growing up too quickly, it’s actually makes me so sad. Every morning I wake up and see this little princess staring at me with the biggest smile on her face, usually picking my nose, going through my hair, telling a very important story or sometimes just staring at the ceiling in deep thought of how she plans to make the world a better place. I honestly wake up every morning, thanking God she’s mine and eager to start the day in anticipation of what surprise she’ll share with me today. Every days a good ol’ Christmas Day for me. She’s got gifts galore to give away!

So I had a thought last night and thought I would throw it out to the Universe and to you all. Angie is one lucky girl, she’s been showered with many many gifts. I’m sure like many of you we’ve happened to get doubles of some gifts and some she is surprisingly “too big for”. This got me thinking… I do have gift receipts to get her something new but does she really need it?

Every single parent wants to give their child the world but don’t necessarily have the means to do it. Before/during Christmas a lot of people give but it kinda dwindles once Christmas is done because we all have to get back to our busy lives. But Angelina wants to see if we can help some families that maybe didn’t get too lucky during the holiday season. We are hoping this is the first of many years to come! We need to teach our kids at a young age that they can make a difference too. So I thought, why not start before Angie’s first birthday?!?! No time better then the present right?!?

So here we go! Let’s end our year and/or begin our new year on a high note. We will be doing this is both in Toronto (North York Women’s Shelter) and Winnipeg (Winnipeg Harvest). Since this is Angelina’s initiative there is a focus on children’s toys, books, and clothing but obviously the more we are able to give the better! No limitations here! And to make it even more convenient for you there will be both pick up and drop off available!!!! Any help big or small would be greatly appreciated. Once we have got everything together hampers will be made to hand out filled with lots and lots of love!

I hoping that this has got you thinking and you are on board with us!!! If you are interested, please email Angelina at and we can organize a pick up or drop off at your convenience.

Angie hopes to hear from you soon!!!

Heart, star.
Parita xoxo





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Even after all this time…


Well hello there beautiful! Good morning!

It’s 6am and I’m lying in bed. I just fed Angie and can’t fall back to sleep.

So I started going through my phone and I came across this picture of myself from the cottage. A picture that was taken completely by accident (I swear!) and something about it I love. The blur, the sky, the sun peeking through the trees… The whole thing is just right. The Universe perfectly aligned.

It reminded me of one of my all time favourite poems.


Let’s light up the sky!

Happy Thursday!

Heart, star.
Parita xoxo

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Fashion Fridays ~ Why am I just trying this now?!?!


If you follow my Facebook group you have already heard my excitement for my new find!

As we all know, I’m a Statement necklaces connoisseur! I throw a necklace on with anything and everything BUT while I was doing some shopping for my Boutique I stumbled upon some anklets. Not just any anklets, ohhhh haaayyyyy ones! I showed them to hubby to see if he thought they were as hot/sexy/amazing/gorgeous as I did and he instantaneously agreed. It’s one thing to see a picture but when they came, oh my nelly! Let’s just say I’ve never put nail polish on my toes so quickly!

I’m not much of a foot person… But come on!!! Why have we not done this sooner?!?! Obviously I have to say, come visit the PARITATIME shop or find yourself something fancy like the pics below. A traditional anklet is one thing BUT this is a whole new level. This is like he shoots, he scores and then hits it out of the ball park and gets a touch down kinda level! We all need at least one pair of these maj anklets in our life.

When I originally bought them I thought it would be a good go to for hot destinations, but now it’s something I can see myself wearing all day, every day. It’s the little details I tell ya! Wearing it with or without shoes, it just works!

Needed some inspiration to try something new? Hopefully the pictures get your creative fashion juices flowing. My feet feel special and dare I say sexy?!?! Yours should too!

Now go Bejewel your feet love!

Heart, star.
Parita xoxo











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Sitting on Top of the World

Dear Time,

Please stop moving so quickly. Relax, breath and take your time.

What’s your big rush?

A concerned friend,

This is exactly how I feel every morning when I wake up. It’s happening, whether I would like to slow it down or not. My Angelina is growing up. Six months this Saturday. Not only is time telling me that but so are her actions. She is actually, very comfortably sitting up on her own now. No propping required. It officially happened a little over two weeks ago and I think it just sunk in.

My baby that always needed me or daddy’s arm, lap, legs… To sit up, doesn’t need us anymore. She can do it on her own.

Numerous moms had told me that once children can sit up it gets easier. But I’m not too sure if that’s what I need, let alone want! The way I see it, she’s one step closer to being her own independent person. I know this may sound a bit premature but when you spend every waking moment with a tiny little person whose life you completely revolve around, whose life completely depends on you and vice versa, it’s a hard pill to swallow. Yes, she’s still a baby. No, she may not understand that the little things she just naturally so easily does (like her oh so perfect smile and her baby talk) make my life in those very moments feel absolutely perfect. It just honestly feels like it’s all moving too quickly. I guess it’s a good thing, but can’t I slow it down just a tad bit?!?!

She already has her own strong, don’t mess with me personality. But she also is a big mush ball that smiles and talks (well try’s to talk) to everyone. Including complete strangers. I know this might sound a bit crazy but that is exactly what I wanted in my child. A strong little women, who will constantly be making a positive difference in peoples lives effortlessly. That’s all I thought while she was in my belly, even if it’s a small difference… Understanding that it’s nothing less then life changing. Because I know that when she sees what she’s capable of and really understands it, she’ll be able to move mountains. I already see her doing that at grocery stores, the mall, the park, the bank… They may be more like bunny hills right now but she’s on the right track. Every time a complete stranger comes up to say hi to Angelina, she without fail gives them that heart warming, magical smile and I am so proud. She’s making a difference.

To the naked eye, it may look like my daughter is just sitting up on her own now but I see far more. She’s becoming her own little person. I knew that this would happen, but I was not prepared for how quick.

So my dear Angie, sit tall, sit proud, sit with confidence and know that even though you may not see it but you are a life changing little girl that is making a difference in this world. Whether it be big or small, I see it as life altering and I am so very proud of you.

Heart, star.
Parita xoxo




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Positivity Check

A lot of people always ask me the same question… Do I ever have bad days? Well the truth is my blog really is a true reflection of myself. I am a little cray cray (in a good way, I think). I am addicted to healthiness, fashion, jewellery, makeup, being a momma, love and most importantly my family – which I think I make very clear in my posts! And yes, I do talk exactly the way a write. Now more then ever it is true, because with the time crunch I’m on with Angelina sometimes I don’t even have time to edit my writing! Which I’m sure you’ve all noticed from time to time!

So back to the question, yes I do have bad days. It’s bound to happen once in awhile but it’s how I deal with it that I think I’m getting better at. I really truly do everything in my power to surround myself with people that I care about and have my best intentions at heart. It’s not to say that I have sworn off the people that don’t toodle my fancy. In some cases I’ve actually done the opposite, it’s weird how the world works sometimes. The people who I may of once had a “this is it moment” with i’ve actually noticed myself bringing back in my life. Because the truth is people change and the even harder truth is that I’ve changed. A lot! So I try to be with people where we both make each other love being exactly who we are and actually appreciate us for us. Plain and simple.

It’s easier said then done, I know. The hard part is actually deciding who are those people to let in to the Parita Loves You Club. This part took me really long to learn and truthfully I still am learning. But my main rule of thumb is actually really simple. Once we’ve hung out or had a conversation on the phone and part ways, do they then judge or talk about me? I would test this theory a couple times before making a decision though! Friends don’t talk ill about other friends behind their back. Although the truth is I will actually never really know the answer to that, but gosh darn it our subconscious is smart… Really smart! If you even think it, it’s probably true. Sad right?!? Well it shouldn’t be. How I look at it, I thank that person (in my head of course) and think to myself “okay okay, it’s all gravy, they may not be the right fit for me but they got to be for someone else. See ya, wouldn’t wanna be ya.” And my once swinging door for the Parita Loves You Club shuts down for business until a later date.

I’m grateful for those people. The good part is, each one of those situations that has come into my life has been an amazing, sometimes life changing lesson. Those people made me realize even more that I love who I am, I love doing what I do, I love my life, I love the people in it and no one can ever take that away from me. That gives my a high! Like a drunk high where I haven’t slept in three days as I get ready again for a full moon party in Thailand kinda high. (I’ve never actually been to a full moon part but this is what I think I’d feel like!)

As for everything else going on… I love doing my paritaTIME Boutique. I love shopping! What girl doesn’t?!? More importantly I love shopping for deals, steals and good finds! Very simply put, if it makes me feel fabulous it will probably do the same for you. So why not share the details?!? That again toodles my fancy! Lots of toodling going on here!

DO THINGS THAT MAKE YOU HAPPY EVERYDAY, trust me!!! It’s fun! If that’s reading paritaTIME do it! Don’t let anything or anyone stop you! Bahaha I really kill myself sometimes, but you get my point.

Now this post is getting long, Angelina’s tossing and turning so it’s probably time for me to punch my time card in for mommy duty.

If you’ve left with anything from today’s post, start surrounding yourself with people that make you feel fabulous! Because whether you see it or not you are FAN-FREAKIN-TASTIC! Hip hip hooray!!!!

Heart, star.
Parita xoxo









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Anything can Really Happen! Really!!!

Angie and I had another one of those nights where she just wasn’t feeling like sticking to our routine sleep that we have worked so hard to create. So needless to say it was a late night for the mother daughter team. When our princess did fall asleep it ended up being on mommy on the sofa, thank God for the PVR. When Angie has these days it’s perfect for me to have catch up time with my shows. Now the other day PBS had a special with Dr. Wayne Dyer called Wishes Fulfilled that I had been wanting to watch. Firstly if you do not know who Wayne Dyer is Youtube him, watch any of his videos… If you are feeling short of inspiration, he’s your man. He always does it for me, always brings a positive spin on life and really does keep me on this natural hip hip happy high!!!

This is an old story but a good one that really proves that if you put it out to the Universe, anything is possible as we really do have the ability to choose our reality. The good ol’ Law of Attraction. I was initially introduced to this theory by the “The Secret” movie. It is super cheesy and it definitely has not been nominated for Best Picture but it gets the lesson across. Wishes Fulfilled explains the Law of Attraction concept but a lot better, clear and it’s Wayne Dyer COME ON! (You’ll get it once you sit through one of his videos – he really knows how to toddle my fancy.) The one thing with this Law of Attraction business is that it’s not easy and requires work on a daily basis, well more like hourly basis or minutely (that doesn’t sound like a real world ) basis. You got to wake up with an intention, believe in that intention, act as though it exists, be grateful for it and so on and so forth.

Back to my story, nine years ago I had a dream. I wanted to become a model. Like really really wanted to be a model. Now being from a small city like Winnipeg moving to Toronto seemed like the most logic place to do it. Now when I told my parents who have always been very supportive in my life, they were a bit taken aback. Their one and only little girl wanted to move and pursue a not so indian dream. It was hard to swallow at first, but as always they supported me. First on the list was finding an agency that would put me on their roster. We flew to Toronto, rented a hotel downtown, rented a car and went from one agency to another to another. Some were interested, some weren’t, some had girls similar to me already, some I didn’t fit the requirements. It was not easy. One minute I’m on cloud 9 the next was pure frustration. Then it happened. My dad was driving, I was sitting in the passenger seat and my mom was at the back. We had the AC blasting, we were all exhausted and ready to call it a day. We pulled up at the lights on Yonge and Queen St. We were facing The Bay, there was a massive poster of Naomi Campbell on the side of the building and with all my frustration I pointed at her poster and said I just want to be up there one day. Is that too much to ask?!?! If I do that, I’ll know I accomplished my dream. Then as always my parents said their encouraging words, reminded me how much they believed in me and that whatever decision I chose to make after this trip they would support me. We came back to Winnipeg, I had two agencies that were interested in me. The decision was mine. Everything moved really quickly after that, since I was considered “older” for the industry (I was twenty one) my window of opportunity was small. We jumped on it quick. Thank God for my parents, I moved to Toronto shortly after with their help. I hustled. I took any jobs the agency would get me, some paid, some not. I did some creatives, Toronto Fashion Week, editorials, novel covers, TV commercials, print and a fun Dentyne Ad. I was living my dream. I loved it.

Then I got a call from my agent, I was booked for a photo shoot with The Bay. There was a new campaign starting called ” World Party” and it was only going to be a picture of my eyes. Easy Breezy. I went in and did my thing. A couple weeks pass and my agent called to see if I had seen it yet, I had not. All he said was they decided on using an entire face shot instead of the eyes and to go to Yonge and Queen. I convinced a friend to take me that night, as we turned the corner I saw it! My dream had come true, the Universe listened! I was in the exact place I wanted to be. LITERALLY!! I cried like a baby! I couldn’t believe it! That’s when I knew that if I put my mind to ANYTHING, I could do it. Sometimes it could take a while, but I really can happen!!

That was an extremely long story, but honestly when I feel like I’m in a rut or things aren’t going my way I remind myself of that story. With a new chapter starting in my life, I have new dreams. Big ones! They aren’t easy ones either, but Excuse me Miss Universe, if you are listening… This sista means business!!! I know I’ll have to hustle, but I’m up for the challenge. Sooo look out world, big things are on their way for me!!! I can’t wait!!!

If we say it out loud, strong enough and truly mean it with every bone in our body, it will happen. It’s the Law of Attraction!

See what my dear friend Wayne Dyer sparked! Ring in your Spring with some positivity and motivation!!! Set your intentions today and remind yourself every morning and live as though it were real or on the verge of happening, because it will.

Heart, star.
Parita xoxo







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Passing Time

I’m lying in bed looking at my two loves deep in sleep. Both as precious as can be, I am so grateful and lucky. Whether it be with a child or a partner, love is the ultimate gift.

Yesterday someone said something that really got me thinking. In the last little while Angie has been getting spoiled by family and friends with having the luxury of being held almost all the time. Mother and father are also guilty, so i’m not going to point fingers and she is sooo darn cute… It is hard to resist. But Miss Angelina is growing at ample speeds. Now weighing in at 12lbs it can do a number on the biceps. Want tickets to the gun show? BAHAHA! Back to my story, we were talking about how holding Angie for awhile can get tiring, thats when he said it. She won’t want this forever. Soon as crawling and walking starts, things will change. All she wants right now is nuzzle time. Especially with mommy and daddy, she somehow always finds the perfect place on our chest, head placed on our heart and just drifts off into her dream world. How can such a small person give us such an undescribeable feeling? At the rate shes growing, the perfectness of cuddling up on my chest won’t be the same. She just fits perfectly.

But… New thought….

She will always fit perfectly. Yes, in a different way but perfectly. What I have learnt since the day she was born is time passes quicker now more than ever. Embracing those moments are key, but I can’t be sad knowing that this stage may almost be done because better is on its way, right? It has to be. We have so many firsts ahead of us. Her first word, her first unstoppable giggle, her first solids meal, her first tooth, her first step, her first dancing party with me… I could keep going. Naming those just brought a big smile to me face. Honestly sometimes these blogs are like my therapy. I can talk myself through my situations and bring light to my reality. So basically when one of her stages finish another begins. I can’t wait to experience each and every one of them.

So for now I’ll count my blessings every nuzzle time I get.

I don’t know how my parents did it, but every day since she was born I have felt a completely different sense of gratefulness. Hopefully Angie will say that about us one day.

I found this poem by Maya Angelou below. There are many different ways to interpret it, but I think it fits perfect here.

Sorry, I feel like this blog is all over the place today!

Until next time.

Heart, star.
Parita xoxo

Passing Time

Your skin like dawn
Mine like musk

One paints the beginning
of a certain end.

The other, the end of a
sure beginning.

Maya Angelou





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My Not so Epic Fail!

Two words EPIC FAIL! Okay okay I’m being a little hard on my self but I think this opened my eyes on how I may need to be a tad bit realistic. One thing that I didn’t take into consideration is the time factor… Well actually the lack of time factor. I forgot one key fact, I don’t make my schedule, a little small person does.

First the highs, I’ve started my wheatgrass again faithfully. That’s a good start. Every morning I have been making a delicious fruit smoothie. Thank God for the Vitamix. It is so quick and easy to use and clean. I am drinking at least 2L of water a day. And once in awhile I am making my uber favourite Mean Green Juice in the juicer.

Now the lows, I told myself one week no meat. I ate it 3 times. And I indulged in food cooked in fatty fatty fat fat oil once. I cheated on myself. I realized will power is definitely not my best friend. Something I need to work on.

Wait let me go do the dreaded scale check…

Not bad, not bad. Since the first time I shared my numbers I have lost and kept off 6lbs. (Why I say kept off is because I’ve been the same for a couple of days… And my oily meal day was two days ago.) So I guess I didn’t do too bad. I’m sure a lot of it can be due to breast feeding, but heck I’ll take it at this point. But again I wasn’t trying to change my habits to lose weight, although any shedding would be great… It was more for a mind and body stimulation boost! To give my body that natural high, that spring in my step, the woohoo I love veggies feeling. Honestly, I am not there yet. And I know it exists because I’ve been there before. I just have to somehow keep reminding myself how much I loved it, because I know when I get there it will be easy sailing… But getting there is the issue. Go on body GPS, find the easiest and quickest route. Help a sister out!

So after writing this, it’s not really an epic fail after all, it was more of a gradual shift in the right direction. I just changed this blogs title from “Sorry Body I Failed You” to “My Not so Epic Fail.” I have been so dramatic lately. It’s kinda funny.

Now that I’m back on the positivity wagon, I think I will make myself a seriously delicious salad with tempeh – yup I saw it on Instagram. Chime in Ding Ding – be who you follow on Instagram! I ate it earlier this week and it was actually yummy, not fake yummy where I just say that because it’s good for you so I’ll pretend its good, but actually good.

Off to cut vegetables I go, I’m just shifting away.

Happy Spring!!!

Heart, star.

Parita xoxo






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