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Big Red Lips Pics

It’s no secret that I love bright lipsticks. My go to hands down is always a WOAH momma red! It grabs attention, makes a boring outfit look amaze balls and most importantly it makes my lips look way bigger then what they actually are… Thank God!

Sooo while I was on one of my shopping expeditions for the shop I saw big red lips just staring at me. Big red lips saying my name… But in a purse! Something about it, I just couldn’t walk away from. It was so loud and out there and I had absolutely no clue if I could pull it off. So I walked away, head held down like I had been defeated. (Dramatic I know!) Then I came home and I starting thinking about it… We all know when that happens, we made a big mistake and should’ve bought it!!! Ugghhh! Story of my life!

Originally I thought to myself… Purse? What purse… You mean diaper bag?! That is usually where I store all my stuff. But with me being a now confident mom maybe it’s time to step up the style game again.

Needless to say, it’s on ita way and I’m sooo excited for me! And what I’m most excited about is taking the cheesy pics with my purse in front of my face! LIKE COME ON!!!!! So I would like to apologize in advance for the absolutely cool big red lips pics that will soon be on the way, it’s happening!

Heart, star.
Parita xoxo














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Fashion Fridays ~ Why am I just trying this now?!?!


If you follow my Facebook group you have already heard my excitement for my new find!

As we all know, I’m a Statement necklaces connoisseur! I throw a necklace on with anything and everything BUT while I was doing some shopping for my Boutique I stumbled upon some anklets. Not just any anklets, ohhhh haaayyyyy ones! I showed them to hubby to see if he thought they were as hot/sexy/amazing/gorgeous as I did and he instantaneously agreed. It’s one thing to see a picture but when they came, oh my nelly! Let’s just say I’ve never put nail polish on my toes so quickly!

I’m not much of a foot person… But come on!!! Why have we not done this sooner?!?! Obviously I have to say, come visit the PARITATIME shop or find yourself something fancy like the pics below. A traditional anklet is one thing BUT this is a whole new level. This is like he shoots, he scores and then hits it out of the ball park and gets a touch down kinda level! We all need at least one pair of these maj anklets in our life.

When I originally bought them I thought it would be a good go to for hot destinations, but now it’s something I can see myself wearing all day, every day. It’s the little details I tell ya! Wearing it with or without shoes, it just works!

Needed some inspiration to try something new? Hopefully the pictures get your creative fashion juices flowing. My feet feel special and dare I say sexy?!?! Yours should too!

Now go Bejewel your feet love!

Heart, star.
Parita xoxo











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What a Mother Pucker!

I was at my local Shoppers Drug Mart when it happened. I saw the words Sexy Mother Pucker glaring at me. I saw the name and I was drawn… Naturally! You would’ve done it too! I kinda took it as a way of the Universe complimenting me. Why not?!?! Okay fine, maybe not but the name did catch my attention. Obviously it was lip plumper, but I was drawn to the super witty and fun packaging.

I had a girlfriend come over that evening, so I thought this would be a funzy gift for us to experiment with. She laughed at me when I have it to her, but obviously we didn’t waste time ripping the packaging open and trying it on. She’s not anywhere close to being as lip challenged as I am, but let’s be honest… What girl doesn’t want bigger lips?!?!

I have tried my fair share of cheap and expensive plumpers in my lifetime, but nothing has plumpity plumped like this bad boy without making me feel like I was having a horrific allergic reaction. The truth is, all plumper give you that tingly feeling, I think it’s the peppermint, that makes your lips throb which in turn activates the swelling hence the ohhhh hayyyy lips. I’m all for the pain, but if there’s no gain… Hell to the no, don’t come knocking at my door! (Wow I just made that up, I surprise myself sometimes.)

So my girlfriend and I headed to the mirror and did the pout and applied. Both of us didn’t have much faith, then the hubbys reaction came… “Yaaaa… Yaaaa, you can really tell the difference.” We thought he was making fun of us until we went to the mirror again, he was right! I kinda looked like the brown version of Angelina Jolie! Okay I’m totally exaggerating, but my lips looked wayyy bigger. Needless to say, I looked at myself a lot in the mirror that night and tried to pout my lips after every sentence. It just felt natural!

Sooo want to feel sexier today?!?! This is another trick ladies. The color I got was Punch Bowl from Soap and Glory and I love it! It seriously looks effortless and isn’t screaming “hey I’m wearing a plumper, look at my lips!”

Now in the picture below, I can admit I did a bit of a sloppy job but I still had to share so you get the point. It’s all in the name of beauty!

Heart, star.
Parita xoxo

P.s I’m not wearing it in the pictures with Angelina, but just wanted to share some new pics of her to hopefully brighten up your day!








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Psssttt ladies… I got a secret for you!

You know when you have those days when your just not feeling it. That feeling where your pretty meter is running low no matter what you wear or how you do your hair. Even if it’s the exact same outfit and makeup you were rockin last week when you know you looked like the definition of Yonce. It happens to the best of us.

But I got the trick, it’s so simple. Lipstick! Specifically matte reds and pinks. The brighter the better! Honestly in my makeup bag I have a good handful of gorg bright lipsticks that are my go to’s. As soon as I feel blah and if eyeliner doesn’t do the trick, I whip it out. Now I know some of you may be saying welllllll lipstick doesn’t suit me, or bright colours isn’t really my thing, or I don’t have very big lips to work it, well I’m here to tell you EVERYONE can. Whether it’s for a romantic night out or to check the mailbox, if it’s that kind of day… Do it! With a little bit of confidence you can do it. Obviously the first time, you may see your reflection in the mirror and say hellll nawwwww but leave it on, don’t head for the toilet paper right away. Walk around the house, watch some tv, read some paritaTIME and then head back to the mirror. You have to give yourself some time to adjust. I remember the first time I wore a bright lipstick I felt like everyone was staring at me and not in a good way. But that’s just your boring inner self trying to ruin your lipstick experience. Ignore it! Trust me, once you get over the first couple of times wearing it, Bob will be your uncle!

Here are some of my fav MAC colours:
– Lady Danger (the Reds in the pictures below)
– Candy Yum Yum (the Pinks in the pictures below)
– Ruby Woo
– Girl About Town
– Russian Red

Can you tell which two are my fav right now?!? ­čÖé

Now go pucker up!

Happy Friday!

Heart, star.
Parita xoxo








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I’m Bringing Sexy Back


It is finally starting to feel like Spring in Toronto. The snow is almost gone and the grass is peaking through. Which only means one thing! My favorite season for fashion has begun and the other one is on its way! Hands down Spring and Summer is when I bring out my OHHH HAAYYY game. Winter tends to always yield my not so fun outfits. Boring leggings, baggy but cute sweaters… Basically nothing too fab. And with the last winter I needed to make a couple of adjustments since I was rockin’ a belly. Needless to say, the time had come to clean out my closet and remind myself of all my extremely fun and gorg pieces I have found over the years that never seem to get old. Which also means getting rid of any clothes that I realistically will never wear again – this is always the hardest part for me!

Now this closet cleaning session is something I do religiously every year. I broke this big project into a couple of days. Well kinda, I basically tried to slip in any time when Angie was taking her naps. I’m proud to say that I was able to part from four garbage bags worth of clothes. I may have set a new record for myself! For some reason, this year seemed a lot easier to say buh bye to my old clothes. Usually what happens is I put my clothes that i’m sure i’ll never wear again in the donation pile, then once I see it just lying there I start thinking to myself… Hey Parita, you knowwww that would really look good with _______. And somehow I convince myself to keep half of my donation pile, but not this time! I didn’t look back, not once. Out with the old and in with the new!

I really and truly try to do this at least once a year, it is such a freeing feeling. Something about starting fresh and new. Rekindling my love with all my Spring and Summer colors. Pulling out the much needed WABAAM pants, fun girly dresses, ugly – but something about it is really cool outfits, sequins pieces – because we all know that every girl should have atleast one screaming sequins number and most importantly all the clothes that make me feel sexy and hot to trot! (Did I really just say hot to trot?!?!) Whether it be cute sexy or ohhh haaayyy sexy – all of it works for me! Wait… Let me just clarify, by sexy I don’t mean mini skirts and low hoochie mama tops, come on friends, i’m better then that! Geez! I can only describe it in three words, confident lioness sexy! Whatever that means to you! Keep it and wear it!

As well, I think I’ve decided against no longer wearing leggings (well maybe sometimes when i’m doing scrub wear, like the picture below when I was heading to Value Village to drop off my donations and threw on whatever I found) but they will are no longer my go to. It is so done. I feel like that was so three years ago! Yes its easy to throw on, but really? Lets see how I do… I think that relationship is done. Just saying.

So friends, liberate yourself! Give your closet a makeover!!! Get all your fun, bright, exciting clothes out! No more boring!! Its time to play!

Heart, star.
Parita xoxo






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Street Fashion Sundays

Better late then never! Just did a feeding with my angel, she’s lying on my lap and I’m getting a quick dose of TV. The weather here in Toronto is looking rather dashing this week. Despite the freezing cold weather today, according to the forecast this week we are in store for some fancy weather. Now I’m the kind of person who doesn’t really rock sunglasses in the winter, it’s just not really my thing. BUT where there is Spring on its way and were looking at weather in the pluses, it is definitely time to get these style transformers out!! I can’t wait to show you all the two new pairs hubs got me a couple months ago. SAY WHHHAATTT! Cue baller sign, SWISH! Pictures to follow soon enough! Here’s some fun ones I found and love!

Heart, star.

Parita xoxo






















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Are you a Gold Member?

Yes, I can admit I’m a bit of an Instagram addict (you can follow me @ paritaTIME… Just saying) I love how conveniently you can find delicious recipes, juicing/smoothie ideas, makeup inspiration and fashion ideas. Yesterday Rachel Zoe posted a picture of these two rings I absolutely adore. Firstof all I love that they are her children’s names, secondly I love that they are gold. Obviously I have wrote the designer to snag a couple of rings for myself, if it doesn’t break the bank that is!!! I’ll keep you updated if I get a response. Fingers crossed! Thanks Instagram!!

Hubbalicious and I have had a new love for the last year or so. Gold! Yellow gold! Hence why I got excited when I saw the rings. It is classic, fashionable, timeless, can make an outfit look woohoo fab or simply elegant. I personally love mixing it with other jewelry, boring outfits, loud outfits… It just works. You know what I’m saying?!? Now for the age old question, is mixing gold and silver a deal breaker? Hellll nahhh! There are no rules! Wear anything with confidence and it works, OHHH HEEYYYYYY!!!

We’ve even gone to the extent of changing handsome hubba’s ring to a yellow gold ring, fancy shmancy right?!?

So whether it be costume jewelry or the real deal gold, have you got your fix yet? Are you a gold member?!?

Heart, star.

Parita xoxo










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Street Fashion Sundays

To Turban or Not to Turban?

Happy Sunday Funday Friends!

I recently bought myself two turbans that I wanted to attempt to rock. They made there debuts when I did some recent pictures for the paritaTIME Boutique. The first time I tried them on, I was not convinced but I know that there may be that one day where I may need a turban to complete the perfect outfit. Especially if I’m having a bad hair day!

What I love about them the most is that it can go with completely different styles. From ultra glamour to boho chique. Check out the fun looks below!

Heart, star.

Parita xoxo












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Street Fashion Sundays

Happy Sunday my loves!

The more and more I look at my shoe closet, which I haven’t got to show much love to in the last couple of months, I realize it needs a bit of a makeover. Too be honest I’m not a crazy shoe person, don’t get me wrong… I love me some shoes but it’s not an addiction like other accessories. I’m the kind of girl that if I have a few good pairs that go with anything and everything and they’re comfortable I am set. Comfort is the key for me. Now now now, I was once that girl that would sacrifice my well being and comfort for “style ” but not anymore. I’ve given myself a couple sprained ankles, stuffed my feet into shoes that just didn’t make sense and given my toes a run for their money, all the name of fashion! But with age I became wiser, I learnt that you can be hot to trot, sexy ma nexy, ohhhh hayyyy fabulous and not kill myself doing it.

Cue classic nude pumps!

Heart, star.

Parita xoxo




















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The Rachel Zoe Project – Hats, Hats and more Hats!

I have always been one of those girls that wanted to be a hat girl. So anytime I saw a fabulous hat, I’d buy it. Then it would sit in my closet or behind my door. As the years Went by they would slowly collect, one after the other after the other. Every closet makeover that I did I would refuse to get rid of any of them incase one day that opportunity would come where the perfect hat was needed.

The other day I happened to catch one of those handy dandy tv marathons. Sex and the City you think? Surprisingly nope. The Rachel Zoe Project. To be honest, up until that day I didn’t even know this show existed. But after a couple of 1 hour episodes, I was pot committed, I was not moving. I loved her fashion, her cute little boy, how much she values her family and that time with them and… Wait for it… Her hats. She rocks them all the time with big sunglasses. By the end of my 6 hour marathon I was patting myself on the back for all my hat purchases. She honestly wears them with any and every outfit and it works. So my dear readers a word or warning, I think one of my new 2014 looks will be hats and shades.

Check out the inspiration below, it looks so effortless but sexy. Something about it just toddles my fancy. # winning ­čÖé

Heart, star.

Parita xoxo











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