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My Numbers! Ship Shop Shape Time!

We are now on Week 7 and I think that we have finally got this parenting thing under control. Yes, she does throw curve balls once in awhile (like today… We’re going through a growth spurt right now, but that’s a whole new story) and that’s when we practise the hand off and we tag team to ensure that we stay sane, but other then that we whistle as we work.

Now comes the next hurdle, ME. I did get a mini makeover thanks to my husband for Valentines Day and I got my hair did. Got some fun highlights and lightened it up a bit. A change was desperately needed. Now I never thought I would share this with the internet world, but here goes nothing:

Starting weight: 130lbs
Weight while pregnant: 186lbs
Weight now: 158lbs

I weigh 158lbs!!!! What the Heckla Island!!!! It looks like I have shed all the weight my body is going to go naturally, now it’s my turn. I have to lose 28 lbs on my own and safely since I’m still breast feeding. So no crazy dieting or starving myself, not that I would do that anyways… Doctors say that it is safe to start working out after the first month. I know that it’s easier to lose the weight right away, I know I wanted the weight off yesterday, I know I want to be a sexy manexy momma, now I just need to do something about it. Honestly, when I look in the mirror at the moment, I am not loving what’s looking back. This is not how pictured myself looking once I had a child. I refuse to be one of those mothers that just stopped trying. My mom has a 29 year old daughter and she still works it every day, ohhhh hayyyy!!!!!

First things first, when having a winter baby you don’t have the luxury of going for outdoor daily power walks or jogs with the stroller. Luckily we have a treadmill in the basement. Have I used it since giving birth you may ask? Noppers. But I am hoping that since I am laying it out there to the world, it would just be embarrassing for me if I didn’t do anything about it now. It’s not like I need to be hardcore, but I got to get the heart going. More than when I lay my eyes on my husband, awhhhhh!!! CHEESE ALERT! The Hubs is amazing with Angelina as well, so once he’s home I have no excuse. Right? Right!

And I’m sure we have all read this somewhere, working out is 20% and 80% is food intake or diet. This part I’m actually looking forward to because I was pretty strict with myself prior to getting pregnant and loved the way I was looking. A lot of it goes to coming across this life changing documentary I watched last year – Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. It is all about juicing, how it works, the benefits and most importantly what we are capable of doing for ourselves. I watched it with a girlfriend this weekend and I’m PUMPED! Somewhere along the way of pregnancy I fell off the juicing train, but I bought a one way ticket to Sexy Healthy Town. I’m coming for ya! So to all the moms out there, WAIT… To everyone out there who needs to lose some weight and feel good about themselves watch the movie. It will give you the boost you need to get this party started. If the people in the movie can do it, so can we! Spring is almost here, let’s all look fabulous together!!!!

So my plan, just to make it clear. Start the damn treadmill (after all time on the treadmill does equal perky cute butt… Right?) and juicing. It’s the recipe for success and it’s not too far fetched, totally doable. Ultimate goal, to love my body again and be the confident Parita I once was. It’s happening. Positive updates coming soon, stay tuned!

Dearest 130lbs Parita, I’ll see you soon!!

Heart, star.

Parita xoxo

P.S Updated Angelina pics below! Have a gorgeous day love bugs!






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Bruk It Down!

Happy Baby Friday!

Today I thought I would keep the blog short and sweet.

YouTube can be addicting, we all know that.  I have my days where I search for DIY hairstyles, makeup ideas, baby’s laughing, kids singing, painting, Ellen, documentaries, natural births… lol! I have the most random thoughts and if I think about it long enough, you better believe I am YouTubing that bad boy and probably dedicating a minimum of half an hour since they always have the most fitting suggestions on the side. Okay who am I fooling it usually ends up being a couple hours when everything is said and done.

The other day I ended up on Superwoman which happens every once in awhile, she’s Toronto based and has some very animated views on anything and everything.  You never end up watching just one of her videos.  Here a click, there a click, everywhere a click click.  My all time fav video of hers is “How Girls Get Ready” (this video has over 3,745,000 hits!), I die of laughter every time.  Especially the makeup and clothes bit and the dancing in the bathroom! We all know we have done that.  That is usually an everyday affair for me. BAHAHAHA! Bruk bruk bruk bruk it down!

So get your laugh on friends and maybe even some twerking too, even if it’s just for yourself! POP POP!

Heart, star.

Parita xoxo


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Unconditional and Reading Rainbow! Sayyyy what!!!!!!!!!!

With the weekend around the corner and it getting chilly manilly out there, it is definitely getting to that time of year.  You know that time where you get to snuggle into your comfy sofa and get your movie watching on.  I’m definitely not a fan of the cold weather, but I do love all the catching up on t.v shows and movies I get to do with the fireplace crackling and sipping on some non-alcoholic wine!  Oh baby, how times change ohhh so quickly!

 The other day hubster put on Unconditional.  We had both never heard of it before, it was released last year, inspired by true events and the trailer sold us. Let me tell you, it was a good one.  It’s a feel good movie that is bound to give you that lump in the back of your throat and maybe even some trickling tears on your cheeks.  Best part, my husband doesn’t usually love those kind of movies, but at the end… even he said “WOOOWWWWW, DO I KNOW HOW TO PICK EM’ OR WHAT?”

Amy Parker is one of the characters in the movie.  I loved her story and in the movie she had written a children’s book called Firebird.  I had to obviously Google it after to see if this existed. Now with the power of the internet one thing led to another that led to another and I ended up on Amazon reading reviews on ALLLL her children’s books.  (The American Amazon of course, since the Canadian one barely has any reviews!)  And you will never believe what two books I came across!!  Thank You God for Mommy and Thank You God for Daddy!  How cute is that?!?!?!  Of course I ordered it right away and now I read to my belly every night before I go to sleep.  They are so well written and cute and make you feel warm and tingly inside.  So if you are pregnant, have children, or know someone expecting children… these  two books would be amazing gifts!  I’ve even read it with my parents during FaceTime!  Come on!!!!

So if you were looking for a gift idea, job done!

One more time, looking for a movie to watch: Unconditional – hands done. It won’t disappoint!

Gift idea for anyone where there is a baby/young child involved – Thank You God for Mommy and Thank You God for Daddy by Amy Parker.  You will definitely make the Momma cry and maybe even the Poppa.

Until the next episode of Reading Rainbow!!!! BAHAHAHAHAHA! I kill myself sometimes!  You really don’t know how much that just made me laugh!  Wait for it… But you don’t have to take my word for it!!!!

Heart, star.

I love you all dearly!
reading rainbow Unconditional_Press_Poster
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Dippin’ Reunion

Hello Monday!

So this weekend was a very eventful one since my momma and pops came to visit. It never seems like enough time when they come though! There always is all these fabulous things we want to do and they always seem to never get done!

Once we dropped the parentals off at the airport the house seemed way to quiet to stay home so we thought we could use a tad bit of laughing. We ended up going to the long awaited American Reunion. Let me tell you, unlike other trailers/commercials, all the scenes weren’t given away before we got into the movie. Mr. Man and I were dying of laughter. This one is a must see, I would even push it as far as saying theatre worthy. Look out! You may want to bring an extra pair of under pants as their may be some laughing pee awaiting!

And apparently they are now serving Dippin’ Dots as well… but no cup, no spoon. For $4.25 we had freezing hands and spillage galore. Note to self, next time at least get a spoon!