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My hair FINALLY stopped falling out!


I feel like it’s been forever since I’ve done a post preggo blog. I guess that’s a sign of how busy I am now!

My Angelina is now 7.5 months old! Time is flying by like crazy. She has her first two teeth, she’s crawling, she eats some solids, loves smoothies and wheatgrass (obviously she’s my daughter), baby talking nonstop, a personality that keeps me on my toes and oozes love! Honestly from complete strangers to family and friends, if you are in her presence you can feel that special love. This girl is the definition of pizzaz!

Is she sleeping straight throughout the night? Nope! But she only wakes up about twice throughout the entire night, so I’m not complaining. Plus once she’s done feeding, she loves to cuddle! So I’m actually winning in this situation. #winning

Yes, I’m still Breastfeeding (pat on the back)! Still can’t believe it, but I actually think that may be one of my biggest accomplishments. Getting through that and not giving up, was one of the hardest things I’ve ever gone through. I do formula as well though, she gets a good mix of both.

Now this is the update that I am so pleased to share!!! MY HAIR FINALLY STOPPED FALLING OUT! I had heard that after birth you lose hair but I was not prepared for how much hair you really lose. It was bad… like really bad. To the point, that if I ran my fingers through my hair, there was a guaranteed handful that would come out. And when I washed my hair, misery central! I was convinced that I was balding. Like really balding. The top sides of my forehead were hit the most! Ponytails were not something I was sporting very often as it would just remind me of this awful experience I was going through. And having hardwood floors at home made it worse, I could see every little strand I lost! My hubby would have to vacuum everyday… No lie! BUT good news!!!! It’s actually growing back! And full!! My hair feels thick and sexy again! I have to admit… I look good! #justsaying Parita is back in action! Let the high pony tails and hair flipping begin!

So to the new momma’s that are losing hair right now, it sucks! I feel for you! But I promise there is a light at the end of this horrifying tunnel. It stops (mine stopped at 7 months) and IT GROWS BACK!!! WOOOHOOO!!!!

Happy Sunday Friends!!!

Heart, star. xoxo




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Street Fashion Sundays

To Turban or Not to Turban?

Happy Sunday Funday Friends!

I recently bought myself two turbans that I wanted to attempt to rock. They made there debuts when I did some recent pictures for the paritaTIME Boutique. The first time I tried them on, I was not convinced but I know that there may be that one day where I may need a turban to complete the perfect outfit. Especially if I’m having a bad hair day!

What I love about them the most is that it can go with completely different styles. From ultra glamour to boho chique. Check out the fun looks below!

Heart, star.

Parita xoxo












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Dear Boys – The Undercut is Back!

I had a moment the other day, I started paying more attention to guys’ hair and realized that for the most part guys have the exact same style.  The typical shaved on the sides and faded to the top.  Then a dalop of gel is taken you play with it front and back a couple of times to work it in and then do the spikeyish  kinda thing… BORING!  At least with girls we can spice it up a bit.  We can tie it up, pin it back, curl it, straighten it, we got options when we get bored.  What do you boys do when you get bored? It has to be annoying after a while. Let’s arrange a change!

Well well well, I am here to tell you that after many years of waiting the undercut is back!  I’d like to call it the new and improved modern undercut!  I love it!  And gentleman, it gives you options.  Let me explain.  So the undercut is the same in the sense as it was 15 years ago but it’s been given some spice.  The sides are still shaved pretty close to the scalp BUT the top is long! Like wind blowing in your hair long.  This is where the options come in, you can style it back if you are having a bad boy mafia day, you can style it to the side if you’re feeling David Beckhamy or you can just let it be and let nature take its course. Options people options!

Now here is a warning though, it is not easy to obtain the sexy, “hey girls I’m here” kinda look.  It takes time because you have to let the top grow out, but this blog couldn’t come to you at a better time.  There is going to be an uber uncomfortable, in between ugly stage that you have to go through BUT why not do it up in the Winter when throwing on a beanie is cool and weather worthy?

Just saying, if you were looking for a refresher of coolness, look no further.  Do this! Google images this bad boy!  Find a look you like, take it to the barber and be a little chia pet.  You will be thanking me later.

Heart, star.

Parita xoxo

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Big Hair Don’t Care

Every time I’m on Facebook and Instagram everyone uses the hashtag #bighairdontcare and I have always wanted to use it. But the hair has never been big enough to justify that until today… (well yesterday.)

Yesterday we had a dinner to go to and because the wardrobe is getting a bit more limited as the belly gets bigger I had to compensate my simple black dress with some #bighairdontcare (done with the wand – I only burnt myself twice this time! I’m getting better), defined brows and bright lipstick and of course a big necklace. Now surprisingly, I completely forgot to take pictures so you’ll have to take my word for it, but I felt great. Why am I telling you this you may ask? Because the picture below is from today. And oh baby I am using it again, wait for it… #bighairdontcare.

Now I am one of those girls that is not the biggest fan of washing my hair, it’s a mission. Some may even say a chore. So I try to push it as long as I can. Below is day two and even though I’m sitting in my pyjamas watching Sex and the City I feel wooohoooo hot to trot. The curls lasted, they are sooo messy looking, still big, kinda sexified and I’m not going to lie I feel like I could go dance on the bar and be in a scene from Coyote Ugly.

So ladies, with Monday right around the corner I’m here to say don’t stress about the week. Don’t feel like washing your hair? DON’T! Messy hair = hot hair! Now it may need a bit of tweaking, but work it! Lets see how long I can’t make this last! Ohh haayyyy!

Heart, star.
Parita xoxo






























last pic

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Ohhh just feeling like a Princess or Beyonce-ish! Whatevs!

Last week Friday while at work, a coworker pulled out her curling wand to get ready for her Friday night.  Intrigued by this new little so called “curling wand” I had to watch how it worked.  You would think I would already be all over this, but I definitely was not!  I was shocked by how quick and different her curls were from the typical curling iron look.  They were tight and clean and just plain old perfect looking – with a dose of magic, just saying.  When she was all said and done, her hair looked like princess hair or some may even say Mermaid-ish.

Obviously next step was to YouTube some videos and watch this apparently well-known beauty trick! Where have I been?!?!  There are obviously thousands of different videos on techniques girls use to get different looks.  From the cutesy paatootesy curled look, to an ohh hayyyy I have sexy ma-nexy hair just tousled around to my all time favorite Beyoncé big luscious perm-ish hair look.  Done and done!

So on my way home I stopped at my local Walmart to grab this bad boy.  Yup you heard right Walmart, and the best part… it was… wait for it… $29.99!  I couldn’t believe it!  Naturally I went home and did my hair immediately, just because.  Luckily that day I was rockin’ some Lady Danger MAC lipstick, so by my end product of my curly sensation masterpiece I felt fabulousssss!  It took me approximately 45 minutes to do, probably because I’m a newbie but once I get the hang of it I reckon it will take half an hour or so.  I had absolutely no where to go, but you better believe I was flipping my hair and workin’ it in every corner of the house.  I had to take the selfies, so you would get the idea of the before and after.  Okay fine, I’ll admit it…. I took a lot of selfies that day, BUT why not?!?! Hahaha!

I was contemplating making a video tutorial, but instead I just attached a couple different techniques below for you to have a look at and get inspired.


Happy Monday!

Heart, star.

Parita xoxo


photo (2)


photo remington remington2

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