Ohhh just feeling like a Princess or Beyonce-ish! Whatevs!

Last week Friday while at work, a coworker pulled out her curling wand to get ready for her Friday night.  Intrigued by this new little so called “curling wand” I had to watch how it worked.  You would think I would already be all over this, but I definitely was not!  I was shocked by how quick and different her curls were from the typical curling iron look.  They were tight and clean and just plain old perfect looking – with a dose of magic, just saying.  When she was all said and done, her hair looked like princess hair or some may even say Mermaid-ish.

Obviously next step was to YouTube some videos and watch this apparently well-known beauty trick! Where have I been?!?!  There are obviously thousands of different videos on techniques girls use to get different looks.  From the cutesy paatootesy curled look, to an ohh hayyyy I have sexy ma-nexy hair just tousled around to my all time favorite Beyoncé big luscious perm-ish hair look.  Done and done!

So on my way home I stopped at my local Walmart to grab this bad boy.  Yup you heard right Walmart, and the best part… it was… wait for it… $29.99!  I couldn’t believe it!  Naturally I went home and did my hair immediately, just because.  Luckily that day I was rockin’ some Lady Danger MAC lipstick, so by my end product of my curly sensation masterpiece I felt fabulousssss!  It took me approximately 45 minutes to do, probably because I’m a newbie but once I get the hang of it I reckon it will take half an hour or so.  I had absolutely no where to go, but you better believe I was flipping my hair and workin’ it in every corner of the house.  I had to take the selfies, so you would get the idea of the before and after.  Okay fine, I’ll admit it…. I took a lot of selfies that day, BUT why not?!?! Hahaha!

I was contemplating making a video tutorial, but instead I just attached a couple different techniques below for you to have a look at and get inspired.


Happy Monday!

Heart, star.

Parita xoxo


photo (2)


photo remington remington2

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