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Changing my name to Pamela

So here’s a good one for you.

Last night got me thinking. I’m still fighting the last couple of preggo pounds that I need to lose. It feels like I’ve been singing this song for months now. But it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. I’ll be honest, I don’t absolutely hate my weight but I would like to go back to my old self. 10 pounds that’s it! That’s all I’m asking for! Does that really seem too far fetched?

When I talk to my once knocked up girlfriends they all have something different to say. Some lost the weight almost right away (I hate you!) while others… Years later… Just weren’t able to. Sooooo what’s the answer or maybe I should be asking what’s the secret?!

I know that if I worked out that would help me out… But there’s no time. Really! I honestly feel like being with my home girl Angie all day, that’s a work out of its own. I swear she was a workout instructor in her past life. And when daddy walks in, I’m ready to jump on the sofa. The thought of putting on my gym shoes…. Hell nah!!!! Momma said knock you out!

As for eating I’m not too bad, I don’t binge and I sure as heck don’t eat celery sticks and carrots all day. I eat good food, smoothies, juices. I do cheat…. More often then I should though. Thanks to a certain someone, cough cough hubby cough cough! Then it happened last night. My sister in law said it… “You use to have self control!” I did!!!! Where did it go? Bless her heart, she didn’t mean it horribly. She was stating the facts. And I did, I was what some people would call “hardcore”. If I had a goal, I’d get there easy peezy. I wouldn’t give up until I did! WHAT HAPPENED?

Here’s my reasoning… And tell me if I’m wrong. Angie’s now 10 months old and she’s still breastfeeding (round of applause, especially after and I feel like with her teething/growth spurts she’s wanting the boob more than the bottle. Which is absolutely amazing. I’m glad that I can be her go to, to soothe her and make her feel calmer, better, at ease etc. That’s what mommas are for! So with that being said breastfeeding boobs are substantially bigger than good ol’ normal boobs. I’d say it’s an additional 5lbs for sure. Side story: in the last couple of weeks I’ve had to wear a lot of sarees and that’s when I really learnt the size difference. None… I repeat none of my sarees blouses go over even half of my chest. Arms are fine… It’s just the chest! After I’m done breastfeeding I wonder if I go back to my normal boob size or am I the new Indian exotic Pamela Anderson for life!?! Side note complete. Secondly, soon as I feed I’m either super dehydrated or hungry. So obviously I have to do something about it, so I’m ready for our next round.

After writing that out, I think the secret is that. I solved the mystery, once breastfeeding is done the 10lbs will probably fall off! Right?!? Makes sense to me.

Heart, star.
Parita aka Pamela xoxo





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My hair FINALLY stopped falling out!


I feel like it’s been forever since I’ve done a post preggo blog. I guess that’s a sign of how busy I am now!

My Angelina is now 7.5 months old! Time is flying by like crazy. She has her first two teeth, she’s crawling, she eats some solids, loves smoothies and wheatgrass (obviously she’s my daughter), baby talking nonstop, a personality that keeps me on my toes and oozes love! Honestly from complete strangers to family and friends, if you are in her presence you can feel that special love. This girl is the definition of pizzaz!

Is she sleeping straight throughout the night? Nope! But she only wakes up about twice throughout the entire night, so I’m not complaining. Plus once she’s done feeding, she loves to cuddle! So I’m actually winning in this situation. #winning

Yes, I’m still Breastfeeding (pat on the back)! Still can’t believe it, but I actually think that may be one of my biggest accomplishments. Getting through that and not giving up, was one of the hardest things I’ve ever gone through. I do formula as well though, she gets a good mix of both.

Now this is the update that I am so pleased to share!!! MY HAIR FINALLY STOPPED FALLING OUT! I had heard that after birth you lose hair but I was not prepared for how much hair you really lose. It was bad… like really bad. To the point, that if I ran my fingers through my hair, there was a guaranteed handful that would come out. And when I washed my hair, misery central! I was convinced that I was balding. Like really balding. The top sides of my forehead were hit the most! Ponytails were not something I was sporting very often as it would just remind me of this awful experience I was going through. And having hardwood floors at home made it worse, I could see every little strand I lost! My hubby would have to vacuum everyday… No lie! BUT good news!!!! It’s actually growing back! And full!! My hair feels thick and sexy again! I have to admit… I look good! #justsaying Parita is back in action! Let the high pony tails and hair flipping begin!

So to the new momma’s that are losing hair right now, it sucks! I feel for you! But I promise there is a light at the end of this horrifying tunnel. It stops (mine stopped at 7 months) and IT GROWS BACK!!! WOOOHOOO!!!!

Happy Sunday Friends!!!

Heart, star. xoxo




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Let’s be Honest – Part 3 UPDATE

So since Part 3 was posted a lot has changed and thought I would give an update so I don’t leave you high and dry. That saying ironically works as you’ll see in a second.

It may of sounded like I was on the right track on my last blog, but boy oh boy was I mistaken. So I thought it was important to share this today just incase you took my advice with some products I had mentioned earlier. I hit a speed bump… A bad one. Kinda gave me a minor heart attack and the unmentionable tears as well. Story of my life lately. (Now if you knew me prior to pregnancy, not much could crack me so this is still taking some getting use to. BALANCE HORMONES!!)

Now that easy breezy convenient shield mentioned in the prior post needed an immediate update. After only a week of using it, my milk store was getting ready to file bankruptcy. Stocks were dwindling. The gas tank was nearing closer to empty. The air was deflating. I thought that was it. I was crushed. All I could think was, I barely made it breast feeding a month.

After going to my midwife appointment and I had shared my nipple shield secret she was not too impressed. Apparently that should only be used as a quick fix as it eliminates stimulation to our lovely ducts and our body then decides to stop producing milk. Leaving our babies hungry!

At our last appointment, my midwife asked to see my technique for feeding yet again. The first few visits we apparently were on track, not this time. You got to be very aggressive when you are putting you child on you to feed originally. Like pushing head into our boob, I was left speechless when she showed me how you have to teach your child to latch on correctly! Soo here’s the kicker, if you saw where my war wounds were you would automatically know that Angie was not latching on correctly. The tip should not actually be in the sucking zone! Who would’ve guessed?!?! So where I was cracked and bleeding was all because I did not place (more like force) her head on properly. Cue Dr. Jack Newman. He has this down packed. Google or YouTube him. You will get step by step instructions on how to do this and it works. I’ve actually been feeding openly on my cracks and it is healing and NOT PAINFUL. So latching problem fixed, what about my supply issue? Along with my placenta pills, I am now taking Blessings Thistle and Fenugreek capsules. 3 of each pill, 3 times a day = 18 capsules a day. I have gone from Empty Evelyn to Milky Marla. The capsules work with 12-24 hrs. Helllurrrrr that’s amazing!!!

How do I know for sure that it works, you may ask? Well at this same last visit with the midwife we got news I wasn’t too happy about. So here are the numbers: when Angelina was originally born she weighed 8.64 lbs, one week in she lost almost a pound (weight loss in the first week is normal, but ours was still a bit higher than what was considered normal) now weighing 7.6. She was feeding for approximately 45 mins to an hour. On the third week we were celebrating when she was 8.1 lbs. Still feeding for 45 mins to an hour. On the fourth week she gained 0.1 lbs, not what we were hoping for at all. It should of been a lot more substantial, and her feeding times should actually be a lot shorter. Almost cut in half. Damn you nipple shield!!!! Now we are on the fifth week and after using Dr. Jack Newmans technique and taking my capsules Angelina is 9.3 lbs. DING DING DING! We have a winner.

So basically on week five, despite all the times I was ready to throw in the breast feeding towel we finally have a winner. Most importantly Angelina is gaining weight, sleeping better and seems a lot happier and alert. On my end, feeding time is cut in half and it doesn’t hurt anymore! YEHHAAWWW!

So ladies, NOTE TO SELF… DON’T GIVE UP! If I can do it, so can you!

As per usual, all questions are welcome friends, keep them coming!!!

Heart, star.

Parita xoxo

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Let’s be Honest – Part 3

Okay time is passing by too quickly! Angie is now 23 days old. Where is the time going? The days pass by so quickly, even though all she does is eat, sleep, release… Repeat! Change is happening quicker than diaper changes at this point. Her cry is changing, it is getting louder by the days. She actually has tears that fall from her eyes now. It breaks our heart everytime. Especially when she does the frown, like a real frown and then her bottom lip quivers. It hurts your heart.

Open segment for breast feeding.

Within minutes of Angelina being born, my maternal side had to kick in. She was hungry, real hungry. Of course she was though… She worked hard for 9 hours straight, with no breaks in between.

Now as a new mother I had no idea what I was doing, the midwife actually placed Angelina on my belly and I just watched. Just minutes after being born, Angie slowly moved her way up my body, manuevering her body against mine to my breast. Apparently it is natural instinct for a baby to know how to feed from the mother. This parts really interesting, wait for it. By Angie working her way up from my belly, she is massaging my stomach and helping me to pass my placenta. Amazingly beautiful right?!? I thought so!

The womens body is truly beautiful. Our bodies just know when its time to start producing milk. Its like a switch is flicked as our babies are exiting our wombs. An all you can eat restaurant, open 24 hours a day, made specifically for them. My first time feeding was pretty simple. The feeding was probably half an hour or so. It seemed exactly what I thought it would be like. I barely felt anything. But boy oh boy was I amazed with the milk production! Still am sometimes!

Now when I got home, I realized something. This new connection my daughter and I had is something that needs attention every 2-3 hours. For small little babies, they can eat a lot! Now the wear and tear it does on your nipples, it is not easy and I hate to say it ladies… It is painful. But the good news is, if you get your baby to latch on (aka suck) correctly “apparently” it only hurts for the first couple of weeks and gets only better from there. And if your child is not latching correctly, there are lactation consultants that come to your house to help you with feeding. They usually come for a couple hours and fix the problems and go about there way. I have heard many mothers say that this source has been very very helpful to them.

So what happened to me? I word of warning, our bodies take 3-4 days before we begin producing our full milk supply. So in the beginning, you may here from friends and family that you are not making enough milk, maybe breast feeding isn’t for you, your baby is still hungry, give them the bottle, etc. STAY STRONG! Trust your body. You are a mother, your body was able to make a baby over 9 months, i’m pretty sure this milk part will be a breeze. Just wait it out till Day 3 or 4! I thought I was doing good (judging by the other women I was talking to). We fed every couple of hours, she slept like a champ, she was happy, I was happy, things were good! There was pain, but bareable. But if your talking about putting a t-shirt on that rubs against your nips, stay away! That was worse. A bras been my safest bet. Holds it all in, pushes your nipples against you and keeps your watermelons from touching your knees.

Then it happened… I started cracking and bleeding. Of course the tears followed… Now what? Just like I threw in the epidural card, I threw in the formula card. Thank God for hubs, he brought me back to sanity. Started talking me through… Is this what you REALLY want to do? Will you regret this later? It worked… I didn’t do it. Instead there is this magical helper called a nipple shield I am now using. Needless to say, I am now no longer bleeding and my war wounds are beginning to heal. Not going to lie, I feel like Madonna circa 1980 when I’m wearing it during feeding, but hey it works.

Now the funny, yet painful part. Almost every morning I wake up looking like I just won the wet t-shirt contest in Cancun. When your boobs are full you drip and leak, its now become a joke for us. Might as well make the best out of it. It hurts because you feel like your going to burst at any moment, but its nothing a hot shower and a bit of self milking can’t fix.

So ladies, with all that being said. Nothing can break a bond between mother and child and breast feeding definitely strengthens that but all I say is be prepared. I now wish I had taken the breast feeding class being offered before giving birth. It would’ve been nice to be better prepared for my new fulltime job as Angelina’s milk producer. We feed like crazy, learn the basics… You’ll need it! If you need help, reach out to a nearby lactation consultant, they eat, sleep and breath breastfeeding, they will give you support and answers. Thirdly, now that i’m on my third week I can actually say that it does get better with time. Patience is key. Something i’m still struggling with. Lastly, I am still trying to get over one, but if your child doesn’t necessarily feed off of you and get full, or doesn’t fall asleep after an epic feeding, or isn’t latching on correctly, or if pain is taken this experience away from you it does not mean your an inadequate mother. Nothing can ever make you look or feel imperfect in front of your child. A child always has and always will look at their mother for an unspoken love. No matter what form it comes in, you are your childs everything. No one or nothing can take that away from you. Remember that…

Now I do have a confession, we have given Angie formula a couple times now. When I feel as though my nips needed a rest and some recovery time we have gladly pulled it out. I felt guilty originally, but now i’m fine. I get it now, i’m doing whatever I have to do to make this a comfortable experience for both Angie and I.

What has been my go to’s:
– to help heal cuts and cracks I used HPA Lanolin by Lansinoh. It is free of harmful chemicals and does not have to be removed when feeding
– Contact nipple guard, Google it!
– Lansinoh nursing pads. I’ve tried a couple and this is the brand i’m sold on. It does the job and hasn’t given me an embarassing moment… yet!
– Drinking fennel tea as it helps with milk production.
– Taking my placenta pills.

Again I am here to help ladies! I am loving all the messages and emails I am getting and I am glad I have been able to help. Please feel free to ask away! AND TAKE A BREAST FEEDING CLASS IF POSSIBLE, be prepared so you can be a Breast Feeding Super Hero!!

Heart, star.




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Let’s be Honest – Part 2

I made it through another week! A challenge? Yes, but a good one. Worth every minute! Hubs and I think she looks completely different this week and she’s grown an entire inch, Ayercarumba! As for sleepless nights, shes been okay. We are ALMOST (kinda sorta close) to maybe being on a schedule but our little Princess really makes that decision at the end of the day. Just when we think we know her next move WHABAM shes pooed on Dad and peed a water fountain all over Mom. We can’t help but laugh and take pictures in the moment, story of our lives.

Now the placenta talk! I was originally going to put a picture of a placenta below but didn’t want to gross you out too bad that you wouldn’t finish reading this blog, so if you are interested Google Images it. In a nutshell it looks like a bloody steak, a massive piece. So what does a placenta do? It’s this super charged organ in our body that supports our baby for nine months, helping our little bundle of joy to stay nourished and support its growth in the mothers womb. So basically our baby relies on this to survive, but if consumed after it can continue its job helping both the mother and child by supporting lactation, helping to ease postpartum recovery, increases maternal energy, eases life transitions, naturally evens out hormones and avoids postpartum depression.

Now if you remember from Part 1, whether we like to admit it or not I believe all women go through some sort of postpartum. Some deal with it better than others. Before I even knew what motherhood had in store for me I had decided to encapsulate my placenta. I did a lot of research before hand and really liked all the benefits Angelina and I would have. And its just cool to say, “yeah i’m eating my placenta!” When I had told hubba originally, he was completely disgusted. Especially for the fact that it would have to sit in our fridge at home for pick up once Angie was born. But how things changed once the day came, after Angie was born the midwife and Hubs were sitting there analyzing my placenta. He was truly amazed by what it looked like and what it did. I stared in amazement. Hubs took it as far as making it a show and tell piece when the grandparents were over. I was upstairs, but could hear him showing and explaining how this organ worked in my body, cray cray I know!

I had an amazing women by the name of Rihanna (convenient, I know) actually come home to pick up my placenta and drop it back off within 72 hours. She actually dehydrates the placenta with herbs to get rid of the icky smell that may come with it. And as a keepsake, she also dries the umbilical cord in the shape of a heart to remember and appreciate the original connector between mother and child. Amazing and beautiful, right?!?! Cost $200 and it was worth it!

Now the scoop and do they work?!?? Rihanna came to drop off the 153 capsules, 72 hours later. As a mother herself she got it, she knew at that exact moment what I was going through and what I had in store emotionally and physically. First thing she mentioned, whenever you consume a pill it gives you this feeling of a buzz – I describe it as a bit of a high. Its an intense yet relaxing feeling. She explained the roller coaster of moods that would follow and the dosage to take to help deal. She was bang on! Day 1 taking it, people claimed to already notice a difference. I actually left our bedroom, I was definitely more talkative, I was cracking jokes (ex: texting + breastfeeding = brexting BAHAHA), I was definitely different. My husband worded it best, I was acting like myself again. Which was really nice to hear.

I called these pills my saving grace. Truthfully I notice a difference when I take them within 20 mins or so. If I wake up feeling a bit blah I change up the dosage to brighten the day. It works for sure for any emotional issues that may arise. As for lactation, I could feed an army! So physically its doing its job too! I recommend any mom to be contemplating this to do it, you will thank me later. A lot of women actually freeze the capsules as it can be very helpful during menopause as well. Two in one baby! If you have any further questions regarding this, please message me! I’m here for you girls!

Next update, i’m thinking breastfeeding! Oh nelly, that will be an interesting one. The good, bad and ugly would be an understatement! Stay tuned!

Heart, star.

Parita xoxo

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Let’s be Honest – Part 1

I have now officially been a mother for 16 days! Time is flying by already and Angelina is changing everyday. It is crazy how one little person is capable of so much. Her eyes are getting wider, hair is getting longer, cheeks are getting chubbier and her lips more defined. Just when we think she can’t get anymore perfect, WHABAM we wake up and look at our Angel and are shocked at what we see. It’s a hard feeling to describe.

In my last blog, I promised to share the low down on what really happens after you bring your baby home, because I feel like as a new mother I was NOT prepared. Women do all this prep and homework prior to giving birth but what about after?

I have kept in contact with many moms from our prenatal class and our stories and thoughts are all the same. Let me be clear, my intentions with this are not to scare you but to get you thinking and hopefully have you more prepared. I’m thinking I’ll have to break this down into a couple of blogs, but we’ll see.

Hmmm where to start. Yes it is true when pushing a baby out of our special area we are bound to tear a bit, so stitches are usually needed once you have given birth. I had one external stitch and a couple of internal. You feel nothing when they stitch you, if I remember correctly I was either numbed or maybe on a baby high but felt nadda. Before being released home (5 hours after birth, by choice) the midwife gave me a peri bottle to ease any pain when I had to pee. I didn’t think much of it UNTIL I got home. Not only could I not sit flat on my bum anymore, I felt that any moment a stitch was about to pop. I learnt how to maneuver on the toilet by only sitting on one cheek and the peri bottle was God sent. It helped keep that area clean and I think it just got my mind off the pain. SOLUTION: Well thanks to my lovely Mother, I would like to think I healed a lot quicker. Every day, sometimes even a couple times a day she would run me a warm bath with Lavender Epson Salt for me. Half an hour would do the trick. Any discomfort I felt would subside once I got in and would last a couple hours after I was out. Heaven sent! Now ladies you don’t need to fill the entire tub, just enough water to cover your Netherlands! It makes a big difference, trust me.

Cue honest moment: When I got home I wasn’t the happy go lucky Parita we all see oh so very often. I was emotionally hit. Don’t get me wrong, it had nothing to do with Angelina, it was all me. All that kept running through my head was how the heck am I going to do this?!? Was I really ready to be a mom? The first couple of days I stayed with Angie in our room and left only to give her time with Daddy and the Grandparents. Now if there is anytime you need your parents… It’s now. They some how knew exactly what to do to and what to say at the perfect moment. Lifesavers! Hubba took on a lot of the momma and poppa responsibilities when we got home. From putting her to sleep, changing diapers, being there for me and most importantly being Mr. Positive. With my parents and Hubba together they were my personal cheerleaders. Anytime they saw me in struggle town they would swoop in to rescue. Yes I did have some crying moments (it’s normal ladies, all moms I have spoken to have had these episodes) but it passes. And somehow it makes everything just feel better once you get a good cry in. I am so grateful to have been surrounded by amazing people during this time, I truly don’t know how I would’ve coped otherwise.

LESSON: It’s okay to cry! Be sure to surround yourself with loved ones, you will need them! And most importantly know that the rush of different emotions you get, the good, the bad and the ugly is NORMAL! There is absolutely nothing wrong with you, a lot of women go through it (although they do not share it), our hormones are out of whack. It’s bond to happen! ITS NORMAL! I can’t stress that enough. Just let it pass, the fabulous, good gitty feeling is on its way! I promise you.

I think I’ll end this blog here for now as I don’t want it to get too long! Stay tuned for more in the next couple of days. And to everyone who has messaged me asking about my placenta, yes I did save it and am having it everyday. But that will be for another blog! 😉

Heart, star.

Parita xoxo









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