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Help Angelina Give


Angelina had an amazing and memorable first Christmas! This girl is special I tell ya! She is growing up too quickly, it’s actually makes me so sad. Every morning I wake up and see this little princess staring at me with the biggest smile on her face, usually picking my nose, going through my hair, telling a very important story or sometimes just staring at the ceiling in deep thought of how she plans to make the world a better place. I honestly wake up every morning, thanking God she’s mine and eager to start the day in anticipation of what surprise she’ll share with me today. Every days a good ol’ Christmas Day for me. She’s got gifts galore to give away!

So I had a thought last night and thought I would throw it out to the Universe and to you all. Angie is one lucky girl, she’s been showered with many many gifts. I’m sure like many of you we’ve happened to get doubles of some gifts and some she is surprisingly “too big for”. This got me thinking… I do have gift receipts to get her something new but does she really need it?

Every single parent wants to give their child the world but don’t necessarily have the means to do it. Before/during Christmas a lot of people give but it kinda dwindles once Christmas is done because we all have to get back to our busy lives. But Angelina wants to see if we can help some families that maybe didn’t get too lucky during the holiday season. We are hoping this is the first of many years to come! We need to teach our kids at a young age that they can make a difference too. So I thought, why not start before Angie’s first birthday?!?! No time better then the present right?!?

So here we go! Let’s end our year and/or begin our new year on a high note. We will be doing this is both in Toronto (North York Women’s Shelter) and Winnipeg (Winnipeg Harvest). Since this is Angelina’s initiative there is a focus on children’s toys, books, and clothing but obviously the more we are able to give the better! No limitations here! And to make it even more convenient for you there will be both pick up and drop off available!!!! Any help big or small would be greatly appreciated. Once we have got everything together hampers will be made to hand out filled with lots and lots of love!

I hoping that this has got you thinking and you are on board with us!!! If you are interested, please email Angelina at and we can organize a pick up or drop off at your convenience.

Angie hopes to hear from you soon!!!

Heart, star.
Parita xoxo





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Anything can Really Happen! Really!!!

Angie and I had another one of those nights where she just wasn’t feeling like sticking to our routine sleep that we have worked so hard to create. So needless to say it was a late night for the mother daughter team. When our princess did fall asleep it ended up being on mommy on the sofa, thank God for the PVR. When Angie has these days it’s perfect for me to have catch up time with my shows. Now the other day PBS had a special with Dr. Wayne Dyer called Wishes Fulfilled that I had been wanting to watch. Firstly if you do not know who Wayne Dyer is Youtube him, watch any of his videos… If you are feeling short of inspiration, he’s your man. He always does it for me, always brings a positive spin on life and really does keep me on this natural hip hip happy high!!!

This is an old story but a good one that really proves that if you put it out to the Universe, anything is possible as we really do have the ability to choose our reality. The good ol’ Law of Attraction. I was initially introduced to this theory by the “The Secret” movie. It is super cheesy and it definitely has not been nominated for Best Picture but it gets the lesson across. Wishes Fulfilled explains the Law of Attraction concept but a lot better, clear and it’s Wayne Dyer COME ON! (You’ll get it once you sit through one of his videos – he really knows how to toddle my fancy.) The one thing with this Law of Attraction business is that it’s not easy and requires work on a daily basis, well more like hourly basis or minutely (that doesn’t sound like a real world ) basis. You got to wake up with an intention, believe in that intention, act as though it exists, be grateful for it and so on and so forth.

Back to my story, nine years ago I had a dream. I wanted to become a model. Like really really wanted to be a model. Now being from a small city like Winnipeg moving to Toronto seemed like the most logic place to do it. Now when I told my parents who have always been very supportive in my life, they were a bit taken aback. Their one and only little girl wanted to move and pursue a not so indian dream. It was hard to swallow at first, but as always they supported me. First on the list was finding an agency that would put me on their roster. We flew to Toronto, rented a hotel downtown, rented a car and went from one agency to another to another. Some were interested, some weren’t, some had girls similar to me already, some I didn’t fit the requirements. It was not easy. One minute I’m on cloud 9 the next was pure frustration. Then it happened. My dad was driving, I was sitting in the passenger seat and my mom was at the back. We had the AC blasting, we were all exhausted and ready to call it a day. We pulled up at the lights on Yonge and Queen St. We were facing The Bay, there was a massive poster of Naomi Campbell on the side of the building and with all my frustration I pointed at her poster and said I just want to be up there one day. Is that too much to ask?!?! If I do that, I’ll know I accomplished my dream. Then as always my parents said their encouraging words, reminded me how much they believed in me and that whatever decision I chose to make after this trip they would support me. We came back to Winnipeg, I had two agencies that were interested in me. The decision was mine. Everything moved really quickly after that, since I was considered “older” for the industry (I was twenty one) my window of opportunity was small. We jumped on it quick. Thank God for my parents, I moved to Toronto shortly after with their help. I hustled. I took any jobs the agency would get me, some paid, some not. I did some creatives, Toronto Fashion Week, editorials, novel covers, TV commercials, print and a fun Dentyne Ad. I was living my dream. I loved it.

Then I got a call from my agent, I was booked for a photo shoot with The Bay. There was a new campaign starting called ” World Party” and it was only going to be a picture of my eyes. Easy Breezy. I went in and did my thing. A couple weeks pass and my agent called to see if I had seen it yet, I had not. All he said was they decided on using an entire face shot instead of the eyes and to go to Yonge and Queen. I convinced a friend to take me that night, as we turned the corner I saw it! My dream had come true, the Universe listened! I was in the exact place I wanted to be. LITERALLY!! I cried like a baby! I couldn’t believe it! That’s when I knew that if I put my mind to ANYTHING, I could do it. Sometimes it could take a while, but I really can happen!!

That was an extremely long story, but honestly when I feel like I’m in a rut or things aren’t going my way I remind myself of that story. With a new chapter starting in my life, I have new dreams. Big ones! They aren’t easy ones either, but Excuse me Miss Universe, if you are listening… This sista means business!!! I know I’ll have to hustle, but I’m up for the challenge. Sooo look out world, big things are on their way for me!!! I can’t wait!!!

If we say it out loud, strong enough and truly mean it with every bone in our body, it will happen. It’s the Law of Attraction!

See what my dear friend Wayne Dyer sparked! Ring in your Spring with some positivity and motivation!!! Set your intentions today and remind yourself every morning and live as though it were real or on the verge of happening, because it will.

Heart, star.
Parita xoxo







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Thank you lady, you made my day!!!!

As I sit at my table sipping on some tea, I had another moment.  They seem to be coming a lot more frequently now.

I received some good news earlier today of a friend who allowed me on her journey of success. She saw the good and the bad of a challenge that presented itself to her.  She allowed me to share my knowledge and beliefs on Angels, affirmations, creating manifestations and really looking deep within.  This had been going on for a month or so and boy oh boy did this lady believe!  She knew what she wanted and did not give up on it, no matter what anybody said.  Everything in me knew that she had the ability to do it.

I have made a very conscious effort to become a positive person, to see the best in everyone, to love everyone, to forgive everyone, to put negativity aside as none of this serves my higher good. But last week I had hit a speed bump, by accident I allowed the bad to get to me. I let influence ALMOST get in the way.  It turned on my judgmental side. But quickly with my husband being who he is, helped me shut it off almost as quick as it was turned on. (That man is a blessing I tell ya!)  What I learnt, is priceless. It is constantly important to surround yourself with amazing people, happy people, positive thoughts and real gratitude! Because anything is possible.  Love is everywhere and in everything!

My friend taught me a huge lesson today.  She believed in everything I shared with her, without a doubt. She knew it would work.  She let nothing stop her. She not only strengthened my belief, she set an amazing example I can look back at years from now.  I am so proud of her today and am so grateful for the lesson she has provided me.

Stay on track, listen with love to others, and rejoice in everyone’s success!

Thank you pretty lady! xoxo

I love you all dearly.

Heart, star.




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The Magic: Day 4 – Magical Health

Today was a nice exercise. I did it while lying in bed first thing this morning and had a fabulous day. I went over my desires, counted and added to my blessings and then moved on to my Health. This actually makes you really appreciate the things we take for granted every day. Basically I went through my body and thank you thank you thank you’d (yup, made up my own word again) for everything it does for me everyday. From my arms, to my legs, to my senses: one by one appreciating each of its fabulous functions!

Then we need to write down “The gift of health is keeping me alive” somewhere we constantly see for today to remind ourselves of todays lesson.  Since we were heading to the park I inked myself up! Easy Peezy!

Great day! So happy to be where I am! Life is great.

Heart, star.


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The Magic: Day 3 – Magical Relationships

Today’s exercise is another good one! Pick three people you are grateful for. Find a picture, stare long and hard and let yourself feel why you are so thankful for them, then write down the five things you are most grateful for! Ensure that you look at each of their pictures three times today and say thank you to them! Not only will that strengthen the relationship it helps you to see beyond any faults they may have. (Not that these two have any of those, these three are beyond perfect – its just what the book said!!)

My Hubba Bubba

  • Thank you Nilesh, for spoiling me rotten everyday.
  • Thank you Nilesh, for making me laugh louder, harder and more often.
  • Thank you Nilesh, for being my #1 dance partner.
  • Thank you Nilesh, for cooking the most delicious meals in town.
  • Thank you Nilesh, for the cuddling! My favorite thing in the world to do!

 My Brother from another Mother

  • Thank you Ajay, for being by my side the minute you were placed on this earth.
  • Thank you Ajay, for being my bro-ski! Going through so many ups and downs and helping each other through everything!
  • Thank you Ajay, for your random text messages that always put a huge smile on my face.
  • Thank you Ajay, for always being honest and real.
  • Thank you Ajay, for loving me! KASHYAP!

My Gorgeous Sister

  • Thanks you Shazia, for being my bestest friend for the last 13 years!
  • Thank you Shazia, for getting me ready the day of my wedding and just being by my side the entire time.
  • Thank you Shazia, for your beautiful nature. You constantly influence me to better myself and want to do more and be more. Even if its through me creeping your Facebook and Instagram pictures.
  • Thank you Shazia, for the endless dancing and singing we’ve done together for years.
  • Thank you Shazia, for understanding me. Sounds simple, but it has been very rare in my lifetime to find people who just get me. And you always have. I love you.

 Don’t forget your to Count Your Blessings and Magic Rock tonight!!!!!

 Heart, star.

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The Magic: Day 2 – The Magic Rock

Good evening friends!!!

Todays an easy one in our Magic side of things. First things first though, this morning I went over my list of my wants that I created before Day 1 and added ten more fabulous things I appreciate to my blessings. Every point I went through on both lists I ensured that I really truly appreciated it with everything in me and followed it up with a thank you thank you thank you!

Todays homework was a fun one for me since we all know my love for stones. The task was to find one rock (smooth, without sharp edges – which I clearly did not follow) to put by our bedside. Every night, starting today, we need to hold this stone and think long and hard of what we are most grateful for that day or the best thing that happened to us and by doing so you remember all the fab and rad things that happened that day. And follow it up with the thank you! Of course!!!!

Now why did I pick a sharp not so round stone? Soon as I read this chapter my heart told me clear quartz stone and I had to listen to that smarty pants! Its always right! A clear quartz stone is basically the master of all master stones. It has the ability to amplify energy and thoughts. This just goes hand and hand with eachother!

Recap: Go over all lists created so far, add ten more blessings and follow up with thank yous x 3! Find a stone, place by your bedside and for the next 26 night remember your best thing of the day and appreciate your little heart out!

Time to start some gratitude. Goodnight friends. Until tomorrow. Thank you for the read!

Heart, star.


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The Magic: Day 1 – Count your Blessings

Happy Wednesday friends!

So I was a little ill the last couple of days so I thought I would start step 1 with a clean bill of health. The bill is in and it is clean! So just a heads up, if you are in the middle of this fab transformation with me if by any chance you miss a day in order to create this habits and embed them into your system its important to go three steps back to get your body and mind on track again.

Day 1: Count your blessings!

Today is as easy as it sounds. Write down 10 things you are grateful for and why. Now once you have written all ten down, reread them either out loud or in your head and after everyone repeat the magic words three times: thank you thank you thank you. Ahhhhhhhhhh

Now every day for 28 days you will add ten more things you are thankful for and repeat the exercise. It is crazy how many things we should be thankful for! Here’s my list:

  1. I am so happy and grateful for my husband, because I got to marry by best friend, I get to wake up to him every morning, come home to him every day and fall asleep in his arms. I am the luckiest girl alive.
  2. I am truly blessed to have my parents because they have always been my two best friends, my back bone, my everything. They have raised me to be a strong and independent woman, and for that I will be forever grateful.
  3. I am truly grateful for having my dream house. Not only do we have a roof over our head but we are surrounded by beautiful things all around us that make our home our very own sanctuary.
  4. With all my heart thank you for Sai Baba because he has always stayed by my side. Been there through all the good and bad and ensured that I stayed on my feet and was strong.
  5. I am truly blessed to have food to eat every day because not everyone on this earth is as blessed to have nourishment at their finger tips.
  6. I am so happy to have my eyes because the gift of sight is beautiful. Being able to see the beautiful colors, people and animals that Mother Nature has put on this earth is amazing.
  7. I am so happy and grateful for today because everyday is a gift.
  8. I am truly grateful for Sai and Baba (our turtles) because they are always lively and active and have brought many good blessings since arriving home.
  9. With all my heart thank you for my health because I feel great and energetic everyday.
  10.  I am thankful and appreciative of my creative abilities because it allows me to express myself in different ways.

Heart, star.



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Magic Carpet Ride

I bought The Magic a couple weeks ago but while on the train this morning I started my journey to abundance and manifestation.  Yup pure cheese, but I am a firm believer in The Secret (sister books) by Rhonda Byrne, Law of Attraction, and have tried to live my life accordingly.  But its just not that easy…

So why I love this book!  It takes 28 days to make or break a habit. The Magic gives you 28 practises (1 per day) to do to establish a way of living to constantly attract a whole bunch of postiveness, abundance and happiness into your life.  Who doesn’t want that?!?  Now just food for thought, when I first moved to Toronto I tried to make a constant effort to live my life this way and boy oh boy was I truly seeing and experiencing miracles right before my eyes.  Best way to look at it, the world is your catalogue, you can pick and choose what you want.  Put it out there with the universe, don’t worry about the “how”, just put it out there!

My plan is to take you through my journey everyday with hopes that you join in!  I obviously recommend reading the book as well, but this is a good sneak peak.  First things first, I have just completed a list of my dreams.  What I want in my life.  You need to write this down (be really specific), this way you know what you are manifesting! Then, when it appears in your life… cross it off and add more! But I can’t stress enough, be as specific as possible.

I will be starting (Day 1) tomorrow but the main lesson is give thanks and LOTS OF IT!  Today while walking from the train to my office, I found myself saying to myself a lot of “thank you for the beautiful weather, thank you for this woman with a fab outfit beside me for giving me some new inspiration, thank you for the light turning green, thank you thank you thank you.”  I have approximately a 15 min walk and I did it the entire way and am still doing it now!  Try it, feels great! Great way to start the day.

Thanks for reading!!!

Heart, star.