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Bat Them Lashes

First and foremost I would just like to say, I’m actually starting to feel like my old self again. I am not at my pre-preggo weight yet, but my body is finally beginning to look and feel tighter. Angelina is almost 6 months old and I am now 13lbs away from my original weight! WOOOHOOOO! To some that may still seem like a lot, but if you remember what I was working with originally (56lbs), I’m close! I can finally see the light!!!!

With that being said, I’ve been giving myself little makeovers here and there in the last little while to give me that “you can do it feeling”! First it started with the makeup, specifically my concealer and lipsticks – colors and changing up the application process and instantaneously felt better about my face and my morning routine. Then the hair – I’m back to black! I always have a light hair melt down and go back to my one and only sexy lover – black shiny hair. Something about it… LOVE! Then bought me some new clothes – not a lot, just a tad to get the closets creative juices flowing. Sometimes you just need that pick me up, you know?!?!

Then it happened. I was on Facebook and a girlfriend of mine posted a picture of her new vava voom lashes. They were long, Kardashian like, ultra vavoomy magical lashes. Basically it looks like you were wearing fake lashes, BUT YOUR NOT! I know… Right?!?! I had to order. Then as I waited for my lash magic to come in the mail I watched endless amounts of YouTube videos of people’s reviews and tutorials which only got me going even more. I got it first thing this week…. I told myself I would wait a couple weeks before doing a blog on it just to be sure… But I really honestly couldn’t wait. It actually works magic. Like David Coperfield magic!

Younique 3D Fibre Lash Mascara. YouTube it! Google it! I’ve attached pics below for you to see for yourself!

If I wasn’t feeling good about myself before, you better believe that was the cherry on top. I do this every morning now… To stay in with Angie or go out. I just feel… Dare I say… Supermodel-ish. If you were to look at my phone… There are a lot of selfies happening. It’s cause and effect!

True story, then I’m done. I swear! I went to Shoppers Drug Mart for some alone time (isn’t that what all moms do on their break?) and was in the makeup section looking at what’s on sale and where I can get extra points (again, doesn’t all moms do that?), when a total stranger came up to me to say my lashes looked great and if they were real or if I had extensions. I almost peed my pants! It’s one thing when my husband validates it, but a stranger… Come on!!!!

So where can you get this secret potion? To purchase, it’s kinda like an Avon thing. You need a rep to purchase yada yada yada… So I’ve taken the liberty of making an account to hopefully make it easier for you. This isn’t a plug for me to do sales, its just… Well you’ll see! YouTube it! It speaks for itself.

It’s a direct purchase online of $35.00 with a flat shipping rate, no taxes or customs fees. Here’s the link!

Kim Kardashians got nothing on me! Say whatttt!!!

Happy Friday!

Heart, star.
Parita xoxo










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My Morning Makeup Routine in 15 seconds!

Okay so I’ve been getting a lot of messages from people asking me what the heck this Beauty Blender spongey thingy ma-bobber is, so I thought I would make this into a quick post for you.

The video I originally shared on my paritaTIME Facebook page is a little long winded and lets be honest who has that much time in the morning to get themselves ready?!?!?!?

So I used my handy cell phone and my Instagram video App to make you all a quick 15 SECOND video so you get the idea of how easy it is to use. Now I did my morning routine, which honestly takes no more than 5-6 minutes to do and keeps me going for the day.

Where did I hear about this Beauty Blender you may ask? Well I follow Lilly Gallichi on Instagram and she was sharing some of her makeup secrets. Shes a little too glamour doll for me but I loved this once I saw some YouTubers using it. Because you use it wet, you avoid that caked on makeup look. All the… dare I say creases… ughhh… actually are visibly reduced or even gone because you get the foundation really worked in everywhere while still being gentle on your face. I actually believe that this gives me an airbrushed flawless look once you get the hang of it!

So heres what I do:

My foundation routine is pretty simple.

  1. I start with a moisturizing cream all over my face.
  2. I put my BB (Beauty Blender Dupe) under water, drenching then squeezing a couple of times, to get that puppy really going. I wipe off any excess water and set aside.
  3. Then to the concealer, I put a couple of dots under my eyes and using the Beauty Blenders pointy tip I can really blend it in nicely.
  4. Then  to apply my liquid foundation I either pour about a dime size of foundation on the back on my hand and applying with the round side of the Beauty Blender and tap tap tapping away or if i’m tight for time I put a couple of dots of foundation directly on my face and dab like mother with the Beauty Blender (round edge again) to blend it all in.
  5. If you want a dewy look (which is totally noticeable in my video!!!) BINGO BANGO you are DONE!! If not, use a loose powder in your T-zone. That is it!

Magic waiting to happen! xoxo

I can’t believe I am sharing my no makeup face (not to mention my ungroomed eyebrows!), this is a big step guys! Please excuse the not so fancy shmancy video but I was in a time crunch with Little Miss Angelina. This is what I call Ghetto Fabulous!

Heart, star.

Parita xoxo

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What a Mother Pucker!

I was at my local Shoppers Drug Mart when it happened. I saw the words Sexy Mother Pucker glaring at me. I saw the name and I was drawn… Naturally! You would’ve done it too! I kinda took it as a way of the Universe complimenting me. Why not?!?! Okay fine, maybe not but the name did catch my attention. Obviously it was lip plumper, but I was drawn to the super witty and fun packaging.

I had a girlfriend come over that evening, so I thought this would be a funzy gift for us to experiment with. She laughed at me when I have it to her, but obviously we didn’t waste time ripping the packaging open and trying it on. She’s not anywhere close to being as lip challenged as I am, but let’s be honest… What girl doesn’t want bigger lips?!?!

I have tried my fair share of cheap and expensive plumpers in my lifetime, but nothing has plumpity plumped like this bad boy without making me feel like I was having a horrific allergic reaction. The truth is, all plumper give you that tingly feeling, I think it’s the peppermint, that makes your lips throb which in turn activates the swelling hence the ohhhh hayyyy lips. I’m all for the pain, but if there’s no gain… Hell to the no, don’t come knocking at my door! (Wow I just made that up, I surprise myself sometimes.)

So my girlfriend and I headed to the mirror and did the pout and applied. Both of us didn’t have much faith, then the hubbys reaction came… “Yaaaa… Yaaaa, you can really tell the difference.” We thought he was making fun of us until we went to the mirror again, he was right! I kinda looked like the brown version of Angelina Jolie! Okay I’m totally exaggerating, but my lips looked wayyy bigger. Needless to say, I looked at myself a lot in the mirror that night and tried to pout my lips after every sentence. It just felt natural!

Sooo want to feel sexier today?!?! This is another trick ladies. The color I got was Punch Bowl from Soap and Glory and I love it! It seriously looks effortless and isn’t screaming “hey I’m wearing a plumper, look at my lips!”

Now in the picture below, I can admit I did a bit of a sloppy job but I still had to share so you get the point. It’s all in the name of beauty!

Heart, star.
Parita xoxo

P.s I’m not wearing it in the pictures with Angelina, but just wanted to share some new pics of her to hopefully brighten up your day!








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Psssttt ladies… I got a secret for you!

You know when you have those days when your just not feeling it. That feeling where your pretty meter is running low no matter what you wear or how you do your hair. Even if it’s the exact same outfit and makeup you were rockin last week when you know you looked like the definition of Yonce. It happens to the best of us.

But I got the trick, it’s so simple. Lipstick! Specifically matte reds and pinks. The brighter the better! Honestly in my makeup bag I have a good handful of gorg bright lipsticks that are my go to’s. As soon as I feel blah and if eyeliner doesn’t do the trick, I whip it out. Now I know some of you may be saying welllllll lipstick doesn’t suit me, or bright colours isn’t really my thing, or I don’t have very big lips to work it, well I’m here to tell you EVERYONE can. Whether it’s for a romantic night out or to check the mailbox, if it’s that kind of day… Do it! With a little bit of confidence you can do it. Obviously the first time, you may see your reflection in the mirror and say hellll nawwwww but leave it on, don’t head for the toilet paper right away. Walk around the house, watch some tv, read some paritaTIME and then head back to the mirror. You have to give yourself some time to adjust. I remember the first time I wore a bright lipstick I felt like everyone was staring at me and not in a good way. But that’s just your boring inner self trying to ruin your lipstick experience. Ignore it! Trust me, once you get over the first couple of times wearing it, Bob will be your uncle!

Here are some of my fav MAC colours:
– Lady Danger (the Reds in the pictures below)
– Candy Yum Yum (the Pinks in the pictures below)
– Ruby Woo
– Girl About Town
– Russian Red

Can you tell which two are my fav right now?!? 🙂

Now go pucker up!

Happy Friday!

Heart, star.
Parita xoxo








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Poppity Pop Pop

Well as the clothes get tighter and the shirts get shorter, I am trying my best to stay on my “A – game” but I’m to the point of refusing to buy new clothes now.  I’m at the home stretch; I’m working with what I got.  When all else fails and I’m having a day where I feel like BLAHHH, I take a couple extra minutes on my face to spice it up… if you haven’t noticed already from all the most recent posts!

This is something new, I’ve been doing this for a while, but the key is not to overdo it.  This isn’t my every day look.  I pull it out once in a while when the classic liner, or the shadowed eyes isn’t working for me.  The days I’m not feeling “ohhh hayyyyy look at me” ready.  As I was trying to explain to my husby (that’s a new one!) the other day, I’m assuming this is normal for the preggos out there, in the morning I feel like I look as fabulous as can be but come the afternoon I’m not feeling so hot to trot anymore.  Maybe it’s the discomfort that tends to grow throughout the day, but it’s a big difference.  I go from hot momma to sloppy momma!  So cue in the racy white liner!

You can get this from anywhere, all I recommend is getting a softer pencil so you are not scrapping the heck out of your eyes.  I’m using the same Rimmel pencil from my Scandalous Eyes BlogPlease note: I am not a fan of the liner look alone, I beg of you pleaseee throw put on some mascara to your  bottom lashes once you have applied the liner to the waterline. It gets rid of the clumpy whiteness on the lashes.  Even if it’s a light coat, it will do the job!  And by doing this it also gives the effect of wearing a thin black liner.  Even if you do it messy, it works.  Two in one! No clumpiness and more Poppity Pop Pop!!!

So if you are looking for some extra pizzazz, give this a try.  It adds a couple of extra minutes to your morning routine, but I know it will make you take an extra glance in the mirror every time you catch your reflection!  You may even pull out an “OHHH HAAYYY” when no one is looking.

Heart, star.

Parita xoxo

liner1 waterline1 waterline2 waterline3 waterline4 waterline5 waterline6 waterline7 waterline8 waterline9 waterline10

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Scandalous Eyes!


Finally it is here!  WHOOP WHOOP!

Yesterday on my lunch break I headed over to Shoppers Drug Mart and found Rimmel’s Scandal Eyes Eye Shadow Pencils.  They were on sale ($6.50/each), so I was suckered in, along with some other little knick knacks as per usssee.  Today I did some playing around and came up with this spicy little look.   Not sure why my face looks so miserable, but this is the best picture I took where you could see how the white pencil was used for highlighting, but I SWEAR I’m happy! It’s FRIDAY! Come on!

So first and foremost here are the colors I got:

  1. 003 Bad Girl Bronze
  2. 001 Witness White
  3. 008 Blackmail

And let me mention to you as well that they are 24H wear and Waterproof.  So once it has settled in, this makeup is not going anywhere!  A little warning, you may feel like a little kid when playing around with these shadows, because it literally feels like you are coloring.  It goes on very easily, soft and since you can always fix with your fingers, its fool proof.

I did my regular MAC pot under eye concealer, Studio Fix Powder and Blacktrack eyeliner and mascara.  That’s my go to in all situations! Then:

  • Step 1:  Cover your lid with Bad Girl Bronze and smudge around and in your crease so it blends into the rest of your lid.  I went over my eyeliner again once I was done, just to clean it up a bit.
  • Step 2: Draw a pretty dark line under your brow with Witness White and immediately smudge with your finger outwards so it give you a highlighting effect of your brow bone and makes your eye have that POP!
  • Step 3:  Fill in your  waterline with Black Mail.
  • Step 4:  Directly under the waterline take Bad Girl Bronze and draw a line. If it gets messy, WHO CARES smudge with your finger to fix any imperfections.
  • Step 5:  At the very top of your cheek bone draw another dark line kinda going up with Witness White and smudge outward with your finger.  (I also added a bit of bronzer underneath after the fact.  According to Tyra Banks this makes your face look skinnier.  With preggo face coming in full affect, I needed now more then ever – and I feel like it really finished up the look.)
  • Step 6:  Put something on your lips! Whatever you want.  Red, nude, pink! VOILA, YOU  ARE DONE! WORK IT GIRL! STRUT IT! Take a selfie! I know you will once you know you look fabulous! Just saying…

Heart, star.

Parita xoxo

photo photo 2

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Hey Juicy Lips!

I can admit it, I wasn’t blessed with beautiful Angelina Jolie lips.  They are kind of smaller, well a lot smaller, okay fine substantially smaller.  In my days I have tried the plumpers, the liners, the badabings and badabooms but found it hard to find something reasonably priced that actually worked and lasted!

Cue Mac Lipglass – Underage!!  Dunndarraaaaa!  I was going through some old makeup and found this little miracle worker.  And just like I use to do when I was a little girl, I did again.  Started playing with makeup.  First was the lipstick, then the eyeshadows, the liner… I still remember when I was young, as my momma would be sleeping I would creep into her room and paint myself silly with anything and everything I could find in her makeup drawer… needless to say she would wake up shocked everytime. Oh boy, if I have a girl my hands are going to be full.  Hahaha!

Back to the topic at hand, juicfying your lips, MAC’s Underage is amazing.  I have never been too much a fan of lip glosses, vaseline, chapsticks… I have never really liked the feeling of the smooshiness on my lips.  Don’t get me wrong, this is still a bit sticky but it just makes your lips look sooo much bigger and pouty, that the stickness makes it all worth your while.  Try Googling the name.  A lot of girls like to take the selfies with this on.  Best part, judging by Google Images it works on all skin tones.  I’m no mathematician, but judging by what I look like in the mirror… I would say I have increased my juiciness by 40% EASILY!

Give it a trysys!  Best part about MAC, you can always have one of those pretty girls (sometimes boys) put it on for you before you buy it! On a side note, when I apply this I usually do the fancy (not really) finger tapping technique to get rid of the excess gloss.  Give it a try, you won’t stop staring at yourself at every mirror you pass by.  Its kinda been the story of my life today.


Heart, star.

Parita xoxo


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Easy Five Minute Smokeyish Eye Makeup Trick!

Well hello there lovelies!

Now I don’t know if it’s because Fall is here and the mornings are dark but I can’t seem to get myself out of bed on time anymore.  I’m valuing my sleep more than beautifying my eyes with eyeliner and covering up my imperfections with concealer and powder in the morning.  That extra 15 minutes of sleep seems sooo much more magical.

But… I’m also a firm believer that when you look fabulous you feel fabulous and your day goes that much better.  So I had to find a happy medium.  Drum roll please, I think I found it!  It’s easy, breezy and I love the effortless look it creates!

All you need are three very in expensive things to make this simple smokeyish eye happen.  You can start thanking me now!

Not going to lie, I sometimes throw this look together at my desk within 2 minutes when no one is looking.  That’s how quick it is.  Now my skin is not naturally even, so a little help is required.  I throw on some moisturizer, under eye MAC pot concealer and MAC Studio Fix powder as a base.  (That takes about a minute to do.)

Next, the eyes!  Take a makeup brush.  I used the one below that I got for free with a makeup kit.  But anything with softer bristles will do.

1)      Take a handy dandy Kajal eyeliner, rub the brush on the tip and apply as an eye shadow. You can make it as dark or light as you want. 

2)      Using the same Kajal,  apply it in your waterline.

3)      Apply mascara and you are done! 

To all my peeps that don’t know what Kajal is, it has been used for years in South Asia, the Middle East and Africa.  Not only was it used for beautifying but is also said to protect and strengthen eyes, provides sun protection and some even say it helps to grow eyelashes.  Why wear eyeliner every day, when you can use this bad boy instead?   Kajal has caught on here as well, you can now find Kajal liners by Givenchy, Bobby Brown, Lise Watier, Stila…. I can keep going.  I prefer the one from my local Indian grocery store though.  It’s cheap, usually the most NATURAL and DOES NOT contain led, which is something you need to be careful for when purchasing. 

I use Himalaya Herbals, Kajal Extra Smooth Herbal eye-definer.  I provided some additional info on this specific product below.  Read the ingredients, its AMAZING!

So happy sleeping friends, I hope this helps and you can grab a couple of extra ZZZZ’s!  Who said beauty had to come at a cost!

I love you dearly!

Heart, star.

kajal1 kajal2 kajal3


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Nude-ify Them!

We all have those days where we wish we could let our bodies and souls live nude and free, obviously in this day and age… not so easy. But if you can’t be fair to your body, be fair to your lips! Nude-ify them! That sounds like it should be a commercial. WO-AH!

This has been my all time favorite look for the last two years, hands down. I would definitely call this the ultimate timeless makeup look. I actually rocked it at our wedding reception as well. It makes your lips look bigger, goes with every look and best of all, it looks effortless. Example: my picture above from my modeling days. One of my favs! If only I could wake up every morning looking like that.

Below are my MAC go to Nudes you have to check out:

  1. Blankety
  2. Crème D’Nude
  3. Velvet Teddy

Heart, star.


Source: via Haley on Pinterest

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Well I know i’ve been a tad bit MIA lately, truth be told i’ve been super busy with work and WORKING OUT! Yup I said it!  Getting my heart beat going, breaking a sweat and making some abs of steal.  I’m about 2.5-3 weeks in now… so far i’ve lost 7 pounds and going strong friends.  Feeling great, eating healthy and dancing around for fun, because we should all be jumping for joy cause life is a funtastic place!  I’m super hyper, lol!

Well today’s topic, with my tad bit of weight loss, i’ve noticed the cheeky cheek bones coming out and I have been accenting those bad boys like no tomorrow.  I have been using this trick for years and today I thought it was time to share.  My key, use whatever you have!  My base is always the MAC bronzing powder, smile at yourself, apply on the apple of your cheeks (like we’ve all seen our mommas do before) and then… here’s the trick… take any blush or eye shadow with a pinky gold ting (I used MAC Rivera Rose, its an oldy) and sweep across the top of your cheeks.  The goldy pink picks up any and every light. Hotness! OHHH HAY, here comes Mrs. Cheeky!

Heart, star.

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