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Street Fashion Sundays – Sequins Edition

Now in my last blog I made it pretty clear that I have this secret obsession with sequins. I truly believe that a lady can’t have too many shiny numbers in her closet. Yes, I do agree that some sequin choices can be uber cheesy, so selection is key! I’ve got some of my best sequin clothing from vintage boutiques. Theres something about the quality of older pieces that just can’t be compared.

Either way, like I mentioned in my last blog… If you don’t have any pieces yet, you are missing out my friends. Here’s some shiny sequin street fashion I fell in love with that I had to share with you. This Summer let your clothes do the talking, be confident and try to test your limits. Wear things you wouldn’t dare to wear!

Now take your heinie and go get something shiny! BAHAHA, I don’t know how I do it sometimes.

Heart, star.
Parita xoxo



















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Come Out and Play Bam Bam!

Monday is back and still no baby!  Hubby and I were convinced that this was the weekend, but I think we are slowly learning who is now calling the shots in the house, already! Geez!

From Friday to Sunday night there was a lot of rubbing and talking to the belly from Daddy-O. We got lots of kicking but apparently I am just too warm and cozy inside.  Now, I have to admit we are getting a little ahead of ourselves, because our actual due date is this week… so we are actually running on time but the wait has become borderline obsession now. Too be honest, everyday we talk about how quick this pregnancy flew by us.  Women tried to warn me to embrace every moment, but you don’t believe it until after you live it.  9 months felt like 2 months, no lie!  BUT this last week has felt like a decade.

The anticipation of what you will look like, will you be a bald baby like me or have beautiful locks like your dad, will you recognize us as soon as we meet face to face, whose voice will you react to first, finally seeing your tiny hands and feet that have been poking me and demanding attention at random times in the day… I could go on forever.

In my boredom of waiting of course I ended up on YouTube trying to convince my husband that maybe I could dance Bam Bam out.  And apparently there are a lot of women that think the same way.  Now I’m a closeted Twerker.  I would never in a million years do it in public, but whenever I get a chance in front of my husband, I have no qualms putting my hands on my knees, bending over and twerking it with all I got. 9 months and all.  He hates it, wait wait he despises it with a passion.  <- if that’s possible!  It’s now just become something I do to bother him.  In the first couple of months he was convinced that this motion must be hurting the baby, how cute his hubbalicious?!?!  Below is a video we both thought was hilarious and I thought I would share.  I’m all about the cray cray and ridiculous dancing, that may or may not look the best.  Her moves are totally something I could see myself doing, just because it looks nuts!  Hey if you feel good doing it, give it all you got! 

Time to dance, talk to you later! 

Happy Monday!

Parita xoxo

P.S How cute is the fortune cookie I got this weekend? The signs are everywhere, we are near!!!!


fortune cookie

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Bruk It Down!

Happy Baby Friday!

Today I thought I would keep the blog short and sweet.

YouTube can be addicting, we all know that.  I have my days where I search for DIY hairstyles, makeup ideas, baby’s laughing, kids singing, painting, Ellen, documentaries, natural births… lol! I have the most random thoughts and if I think about it long enough, you better believe I am YouTubing that bad boy and probably dedicating a minimum of half an hour since they always have the most fitting suggestions on the side. Okay who am I fooling it usually ends up being a couple hours when everything is said and done.

The other day I ended up on Superwoman which happens every once in awhile, she’s Toronto based and has some very animated views on anything and everything.  You never end up watching just one of her videos.  Here a click, there a click, everywhere a click click.  My all time fav video of hers is “How Girls Get Ready” (this video has over 3,745,000 hits!), I die of laughter every time.  Especially the makeup and clothes bit and the dancing in the bathroom! We all know we have done that.  That is usually an everyday affair for me. BAHAHAHA! Bruk bruk bruk bruk it down!

So get your laugh on friends and maybe even some twerking too, even if it’s just for yourself! POP POP!

Heart, star.

Parita xoxo


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Motivational Mondays!

Well Happy Monday Friends!

On my journey of life I am learning day in and day out so many thought changing realities.  I know i’ve blogged about this before, but after watching Ryan Woods Story it really brought this question back up for me again… What kind of story am I going to live out?

The more I look at life as a whole, I can’t imagine that each of us were put on this earth to live a “regular” life.  This will sound so cliche, but we all are such phenomenal human beings, why should we just settle for plain old living?  We must be here to do something, make some sort of difference whether it be big or small… right?

The more I begin to analyze people, life, lessons, situations I keep being brought to the exact same thing.  We all worry about such mediocre things in life.  We let those things hold us down and prevent us from celebrating another day that we have been given on this earth.  Yes our life may be completely horrible in one aspect, but there are eight million positive things also going on in our life. Why not RELAX, LEAN BACK AND LET IT PASS? (A beautiful quote from Michael Singer)  Lean back, get out of its way and it has to pass, it always does.  I’ve seen it, I’ve been through it, I’ve felt it, so I can guarantee you that it will… and it is the most freeing feeling in the world.

I have gifted myself forgiveness on myself and others, freedom, happiness and most importantly I promise myself that everyday before I go to sleep I have tried to help one unexpected person a day.  It doesn’t have to be life changing action, but the crazy part is even sometimes the smallest things can change a person for a lifetime.

I’ve committed myself to a life of love and Oh nelly it is freeing! Flying like a bird my friends, FLYING!

I love you all dearly. Be grateful. Be happy!

Heart, star.


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Zumba Dancehall

Now besides my Rihanna obsession, we all know I love my Dancehall.  If I hear a faint dancehall rhythm in the background, I can’t help but start moving my bum bum.  Its natural, its in my blood. I still remember my dad listening to Bob Marley when I was young, sneaking our family into Reggae Fest, just pure jammin’. Obviously I had to keep on with the tradition.  Best part of this kinda music, there is usually a specific dance move for each song, sort of like the Macarena in a way. Bahahahahahaha! I can’t believe I just did that comparison.  Check out the picture below, there’s just a few examples. Definitely worth YouTube-ing.

Now Zumba is doing some Dancehall classes! COME ON! How fun is that?  I do these for fun at home, just because. Amaze!

Checksy friends, move your body!!!!!

Heart, star.

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Ashika Sachdev – Wild Horses

Here’s a fact, I love to sing.  Whether it be at home, in the shower, while cooking, driving, grocery shopping, in the middle of having a conversation with my hubba bubba… that’s just me.  Singing really makes me feel ridiculously happy all over, its insane in the membrane.  Unfortunately my listeners may not find my singing as beneficial as I do (which boggles my mind)!  But I wouldn’t be lining up for American Idol try outs any time soon, I can accept that!

Speaking of American Idol, you may remember Ashika Sachdev from a couple of seasons back when she was still a young little lady, but let me tell you not only is gorgeous as ever but has a killer voice.  She hasn’t given up on her talent since and thank God for that, this girl is on FIYYYAHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Check out her cover, Wild Horses. Its one of those songs where you get comfy by the fireplace, make a martini, light some candle and do some canoodling!

Happy Wednesday!

Heart, star.

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Rihanna and Parita, its happening!!!

After all the long conversations over the phone, text messages, emails and Skype… Rihanna has decided to come visit me!!!! Can you imagine how crazy I was when I heard the news?!?! Bouncing off the walls! I think my reaction was as insane as when I had found out my parents got me tickets to the Backstreet Boys concert years ago. (You know, when A.J and I had locked eyes, ohh so many times that night!)

So RiRi is coming March 18th, 2012!!!! Oh my nelly, the countdown begins. I need to get my dance routines down, my hair done and nails did.

Ohh na na, what’s my name? Oh na na what’s my name, what’s my name , what’s my nameeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Woot Woot!!!!!!!!!

I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it! I’m about to lose control and I think I like it, ohhhh yeahhhhhhh!

Heart, star.

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Obviously I was on cloud 900 on Sunday when Oprah was talking to my main lady RiRi. The interview was so deep and real I had to PVR it, who wouldn’t?!?!? Repeat repeat repeat.

I’m not going to get too cheesy, but if you haven’t seen it yet… I would jump on that barbadosian cowgirl asap! I’m sure OWN will be playing it a lot for the next little while. Robyn Fenty (RiRi’s real name – yup i’m a tad bit obsessed) shows her true colors, expresses some deep in the heart, like every deep corner feeling and my fav part; when she takes you back to her city and we see the way she interacts with everyone. No one calls here by her stage name, and it’s like she never left. You can’t make them any better than that. Sigh.

The love has grown more. It was bound to happen!

Heart, star.

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Bloggity Whoopity Woo and then some!

A lot of people always ask what made me start blogging or what keeps me going… honestly there are soooo many reasons!

Its fun to reflect, fabulous to share, whoopity woo amazing to connect with new people and best of all I honestly hope that every blog written is another thought or memory for our future little ones (and no, this is not an announcement!!!), kinda like a public journal.  I’ve seen this video awhile ago but when i’m having one of those days I like to give’er a watch, its a bit of a tear jerker but is truly inspirational.


Heart, star.

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Cupid Shuffle

While we were in Mexico every night in the disco without fail the Cupid Shuffle would play.  Now surprisingly I have NEVER heard this song before but ohhh have mercy did I love it.  Especially with some tequila in my tummy!

Now i’m not much of a shuffler, but after this… I may take it up as a part time job. SO MUCH FUN AND EASY PEEZY!

If you come a knockin’, be sure to not forget your dancing shoes!

Heart, star.

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