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Street Fashion Sundays

I have made an executive decision here on paritaTIME and have decided that from today onwards Sundays in now Street Fashion Sundays.

I know for me,  I need to change up my inspiration.  And to be honest the magazines just don’t do it for me.  For the most part its just too cookie cutter.  I like people who dare to mix textures, wear bright colors, colors that don’t match, beanies with glamour outfits, baggy, bohemian, ugly (yup, I said ugly), different, loud and most importantly whatever represents them.

Cue Google. Search: Street Fashion.  That’s what I do.  What are people doing? What ideas can I steal and add to my closet? What can I pair together?  Honestly if it was okay to dress like a tamed down Harajuku girl here in Canada, I would be all over that bad boy… but lets face it, its not.

Have a look at what I found for my first Street Fashion Sundays.  A little late in the day I know, but next week will be earlier. Promise!

Be you! Dress you! Love you! Who else is going to do it?!?!?

Heart, star.

Parita xoxo

P.S  Below is an updated belly picture taken yesterday at my BFF’s birthday!  A little less than two weeks to go guys! Clothing is getting limited, but I worked with what I got.  Just a FYI: my top is usually what I wear as a dress.  Can you believe it!?!?!? It barely covers my BUTTOCKS! WOOPAAA!!!!!


shazia bday

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Things are getting Cray Cray!!

Well well well…

Happy Wednesday!

Its been a cray cray time my friends. So much going on, some hustling and bustling, travelling, had a chance to see the beautiful prople who brought me into this world, watched a lot of Leafs playoffs, actually went to a game in beautiful Boston, OHHHH just went to cheers (although no one knew my name, despite the song UGH), none stop inspiring of myself, got me some braids, have become a juicing nut… It may actually be an obbsession (thanks to my Jayanti Bapa and Hansu Ba. The pic below is an oldy but a goody), got some time with my soul sista Vanessa <~such a pretty name AND my besty and I now offically live in the same city again!!!!! HELLURRR!!!!!

Things are looking good ladies and gentlemen!!!

P.S Are you addicted to Duck Dynasty yet?!? We are! CAMO ALL AROUND!

Heart, star.













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What’s your story?!? ~ INSPIRE!!!

While leaving the Winnipeg airport on Monday, I saw this beautifully dressed lady wearing a bright pink sari, gold bangles, silver rings galore and a neck decorated with the most antique and gorgeous necklaces. Now her husband was wearing this bright purple shirt and a smile that was shining bright. Obviously I was drawn by their bold fashion sense. I looked from afar, but after we had checked in and we were waiting at the gate I knew I had to have a conversation with her and her husband. So I began walking the airport looking for them. When I did spot Bonnie and Fred Cappuccino, I walked over like a little girl that had just seen Santa Claus. I was drawn. I was greeted with a warm welcome and instantaneously began to ramble off questions, grabbed a seat and made myself comfortable. And with a calm and pleasant nature, they were happy to answer them all. What I learnt in my conversation – I was sitting across two earth Angels. Two people, who have dedicated their life to help others.

The two links below are a must to watch! But here’s the Coles notes, which do not do justice. Two loves married, had two children and decided to adopt. Started with one, two and at the end the final count was nineteen children. TOTAL CHILDREN RAISED UNDER ONE ROOF = 21!!!! Bonnie was a person who knew she was put on this earth to help. But after raising twenty one children, she knew she was capable of more. A project that has now been going on since 1985 to this very day, both Fred and Bonnie have open 8 orphanages in India, Bangladesh and Nepal. They are currently

assisting 1100 children and women in developing countries, who are in need of food, education, health care, shelter and clothing, emotional and moral support. AMAZING! AND I MET THEM!!!!!

You need to watch the videos, good bumps galore!

Now I sit here thinking, what am I doing to make a difference? This has lit a spark in me.

When someone asks me, “what’s my story?” I want the answer to be something inspiring! Lets inspire people friends!

Heart, star.

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Latino Festival – Age ain’t nothing but a number!!!!

Yesterday I headed over to the last day of the Latino Festival in Mel Lastman Square. As soon as I began to approach, I could hear the music bumping. It seemed as though everyones bum couldn’t help but shimmy and shake as they got closer.

I got to catch the lively entertainment from various acts, which I may add, really did change from region to region. I would of never guess that there could be such drastic changes for one area to the next. Although each and every performance created more and more smiles then the next. It was just a big happy fest. My kinda jam!

Yes, the people were amazing. Yes, the food was delicious. Yes, the shopping was fab. But what stole the show, when the live band began to play they had announced that it was an open dance floor, without hestitation many bystanders, young and old (especially women), actually went to dance. I was kinda shocked. Many people by themselves! Who would of guessed? BEST PART, at the end the band asked for the two ladies, who didn’t take a break between any songs, to join them on stage. Craziest part, they weren’t physically very young but boy oh boy were definitely youngest by far at heart! Check out the video, it’s a guarenteed smile! The saying “age ain’t nothing but a number” fits perfect here!

Now we all know me, i’m kinda crazy BUT I could not get the courage to do what these ladies were doing. Dancing literally as if no one was watching. With the hubby, or a friend… Easy peezy. At the very end I did manage to build some nerve up and do some merengue and I must say (even though it was only 5 minutes) it was very liberating in a weird way. About a minute in, I realized no body really cared, nobody was watching, everyone was really just having fun. So  maybe I need to lighten it up, like a lot! Why do I care about such sillyness? Really? Life should always be a dance and if someone is watching, GREAT! Hopefully I can inspire someone like these two ladies did, their smiles were priceless. And I think I just realized even more how life is suppose to be fun, life is suppose to be exciting, why the heck aren’t we all smiling more often?!?

Okay this is getting deep, I think I just had another realization. I shall go now.

Heart, star.

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Where the heck is Timbuktu?!?!?


Ohhhh there it is!!!!



I have this great store by my work that has the most amazing window displays, so today I went in and I was floored by all the exotic furniture, clothing and jewellery they had. If you are ever in the area (117 Yonge St) this place is definitlely worth checking out

Because maybe you do need to go from here to Timbuktu for great finds! Hahahaha!!!

Happy Pi Day

Happy Pi Day my mathematician friends!  March 14 (3.14) – how convenient – there is so many fabulous things to celebrate!!!!  Not only is it the uber spectacular Pi day, it is Albert Einstein’s birthday AND National Potato Chip Day! Woah if you were looking for a reason to celebrate today there are three great reasons for you!

I’m going Pi – ola crazyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Happy National Workplace Napping Day!

Yup, you heard it here and its legit today you should be able to take a quickie nap to be part of this festive occasion!

Apparently if you were to compare us to 100 years ago we are getting about one and a half hours less sleep a night! Sooo take today as catch up day and give yourself some beauty sleep, but don’t tell your employer it came from me. 🙂


The Invisible Children

Happy Monday Friends!

Check out the link for the super talented Neil Pranjivan’s self written song The Invisible Children. He was obviously inspired by the Kony 2012 movement, I promise when you listen to the words it will definitely give you goose bumps and it is sure to move you.

Spread the message.

Heart, star.

Apparently todays theme is SHOES!

Here a shoe, there a shoe, every where a shoe shoe!!!

The tree on the left is from Nevada with such a beautiful story behind it, until horrible people burnt it down

Nevada’s landmark shoe tree — a spot where travelers on “the loneliest road in America” have stopped for decades to deposit their boots, sneakers, pumps and even roller blades — is rumored to have come into being years ago after a quarreling couple tossed each others’ shoes into the 70-foot cottonwood tree on their wedding night. Others, for some reason, felt compelled to follow suit, and soon a full-fledged phenomenon was born.  (

The uber fun tree on the right, me and my Mr. Man found today at Pacific Mall.  Why get a Christmas tree when you can have this instead?  Its the tree that keeps giving! 🙂

Happy Shoeday! 🙂


Heels Wheels

If only I could go to work everyday riding my shoe!

Look out!!!