Apparently todays theme is SHOES!

Here a shoe, there a shoe, every where a shoe shoe!!!

The tree on the left is from Nevada with such a beautiful story behind it, until horrible people burnt it down

Nevada’s landmark shoe tree — a spot where travelers on “the loneliest road in America” have stopped for decades to deposit their boots, sneakers, pumps and even roller blades — is rumored to have come into being years ago after a quarreling couple tossed each others’ shoes into the 70-foot cottonwood tree on their wedding night. Others, for some reason, felt compelled to follow suit, and soon a full-fledged phenomenon was born.  (

The uber fun tree on the right, me and my Mr. Man found today at Pacific Mall.  Why get a Christmas tree when you can have this instead?  Its the tree that keeps giving! 🙂

Happy Shoeday! 🙂


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