Are Uggs still cool?

I have always been that person that said I would never wear Uggs.  Refused it! To me they just looked ridiculous.  Then I got knocked up.  My shoes that were usually comfortable, just weren’t the same anymore.  Even the smallest heels were uncomfortable sometimes.  It really depends on the day, each day is a whole new funzys story.

So I went to Town Shoes the other day and they had a very convenient buy one get one ½ off sale.  I happened to walk by the Uggs, I was bored… I tried them on. IT WAS LIKE WALKING ON A CLOUD.  I was shocked!  They are soft, little magnificent pieces of fluffy heaven.  They make up for the not so flattering shape.  In fact, I think I forgot about all my preconceived notions of these Uggsies!  Is this another bandwagon I’m jumping on late?  Story of my life lately.

With a deal so good, I couldn’t just buy one pair.  They were basically trying to give me the other pair for free… well half free.  It just didn’t seem right.  I bought two.  Not any normal two, a zebra print and a flashy dashy gold pair.  Just because.  You know me by now, normal doesn’t do.  Once I bought them, I sat in the car and thought wait… Are Uggs still cool?  I have decided to make an executive decision and say yes they are.  Comfort never goes out of style.  Well it sometimes does, but not this one.  Preggo or not, I think everyone should give these bad boys a chance.  Yes they can be pricey, but no one said walking in Heaven was cheap!

Below are some examples of hottie patootie girls rockin’ them and making them look extra cool and sometimes even sexy.  Good on you Victoria Secret models. Now if that isn’t inspiration, I don’t know what is! Who would’ve guessed?

Stay sassy!

Heart, star.

Parita xoxo


uggs6 uggs3 uggs4 uggs5  uggs7 uggs8 uggs9

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