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Mint Candy Apple

I love eating mints and green is my birthday stone so of course it was only a matter of time that I dazzled myself with some Essie Mint Candy Apple. Now I’ve blogged about this uber fab color before, but having this fancy shmancyness on my nails if very fun. Surprisingly enough it has matched with everything I’ve worn so far, even when you think it won’t. It compliments jewelry with hues that are similar and best of all it demands attention. 

Loving it! 

Heart, star.

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Celtic Sun Fun!

Got my nails did yesterday! Thought I would be a little “wooohoooo” and try something fun and loud. Mission accomplished!

From shopping, to buying lunch, even just sitting on the train, giiirrrllllll let me tell you… Attention galore. Almost every girl whose been sweet enough to compliment by fierce nails has asked the name to rock it as well! Can you imagine how happy the world would be if we all had funzy bright yellow polish? Ahhh the simple questions. 🙂

A must to try at least once.

Nail polish: China Glaze, Neon Celtic Sun

Heart, star.




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Nail Swagga

Got my nails done today!!! Got me some hot barbie pink from OPI called Kiss me on my Tulips! Love the silver sparkles paired with this, like two peas in a pod. Simply meant to be together. Hot hot hot!

Come sing to me baby! <~ just felt like that should go there!

Heart, star.



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Got my nails did!

As I was driving home from work today and I thought I would treat myself to a little bit of nail spa relaxation.  Spiced it up a little with some multi color nail polish, hearts and blingage!!! Oh hay! Look out girl!

I found some neat (I don’t think i’ve used that word in ages) DIY nail polish ideas to try at home.  I could probably do a ridiculously great job on my left hand (since i’m right handed) and not soo much on my right.  The hand that works the most, always gets neglected.

It ain’t easy.

Heart, star.

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