Ombre Me Crazy!


Since New York, fashion forwardness is spewing up the hoo hah! I have been seeing this trend picking up pace a lot more in the last little while and definitely saw it on the streets of New York. OMBRE HAIR!

Love the look, love the color and best part… if and when it does grow out, it just goes with the look.

I feel like I’ve worked the bangs for the spring, but with summer right around the corner… is it time to ombre myself?

Here an ombre, there an ombre, every where an ombre ombre!!!!

Now… does anyone know who can do a killer dye job and not break the bank? Send me a message if you have any recommendations. 🙂

Heart, star.

Source: via shelia on Pinterest

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  1. Shazipooh says:

    Well looks like I should cancel my highlights touch up! woot woot! saves me some moolah! Thanks love!

    1. Parita says:

      woohoo!!! Do it!!!! When you planning to go?!?

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