Buddha Bracelet Charm


Oh my oh my, this week has not been working in my favor… at all!!!! Life is not the peachy-ist of the peach right now. It all started yesterday. So some people have a “go to” of drinking, crying, vegging out watching television, talking to others about their issues; but I thought to myself I need a good “go to” – why not sewing!!!! As excited as I could be my fab man set up our new table, helped me clean out the room… then I pulled out my machine to set up and the DAMN BOBBIN won’t wind! Ughhhhh! Now, to all the none seamstress’ out there this is a necessity to do this so called sewing process! Story of my life. “Oh my” is all I have to say.

So today I took a new approach and wore my new Buddha bracelet (also given to my two beautiful mothers for momma’s day) from New York to bring some good luck my way. I tried to Google for something similar online to share with you folks but can’t find these bad boys anywhere, but I did find these beauties!

Source: etsy.com via Alexis on Pinterest

Source: fab.com via Mark on Pinterest

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