It’s a jungle out there!


I could not believe my ears when my hubby had told me he that he had never been to African Lion Safari (!  It boggled my mind as to why someone would deprive themselves of such an amazing experience?  So this Saturday I took him for an adventure… an adventure to the wild! ROAR!!!!  We saw a beauitful HUGE lion with his lionesses, cheetahs, rhinos, ostriches, monkeys oh my! Now for people who don’t know about this magnificent wonder that Ontario has to offer, I’ve attached a video below to check out.  The jist:  jump in your car and drive thru a cagged jungle (the tame version of Jurassic Park). So many animals, some scary, some mind blowing, some that seem to good/beautiful to be true!

My Mr. Man wasn’t the utmost impressed with the ride down there… but once we got there he was a little boy in a candy store.  Eyes growing wider with every new animal, smile from ear to ear and just pure excitement coming through.  A definite must every year!

Heart, star.


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