Now when I was younger I was obsessed with plucking/waxing/threading my eyebrows because that’s what everyone did.  Now a couple of years ago I noticed while I was flipping through some magazines that all the models had VERY au natural or thick well groomed eyebrows and they looked gorgeous.  Since then I’ve been on a mission to grow them in and it has not been easy ride. Its seems almost impossible to get that natural look again. Once you pluck, you have no luck!

With that being said I think I’ve done a pretty good job.  Still working hard at the look but I must say I love the look way better! I recommend it for everyone! Because one they grow, oh there’s a fabulous glow! (I’m apparently the rhyming queen today!!!) Below is an old and a new picture, so you can see the progress, lol! The first was obviously with a photographer, second was after a day of work, commuting and dinner.

To help fill in my eyebrows there’s two great tools I have used to help me threw that awkward growing in stage.  Body Shops Brow and Liner Kit (18.50)  which comes with perfect shades for everyone and a fabulous brush that helps create clean, natural, easy strokes.  Secondly MAC’s Eye Brows pencil ($18.00), easy and quick to use and once again with plenty of shades to choose from. Take the challenge, I dare you! Look at any magazine and you’ll see my point!

Here’s some inspiration ladies, now get growing!

Heart, star.

P.S I am still doing The Magic, if  you would like me to add you to my mailing list specifically for The Magic please shoot me off a quick email and I will send you daily updates!

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