Hippie Snacks


It’s 5:00am, I’ve just fed Angelina and put her back to sleep. I’m wide awake as I stare at both of them deep in sleep and can’t help but think one thing. This happened to me yesterday as well. My mind won’t budge.

No it’s not some deep feeling, or life changing thought… It’s actually quite simple. I am having a massive craving for Hippie Snacks. No that’s not just a broad term for snacks that toodle my fancy, that’s what they are actually called.

Let’s go back in time. I was at my local Health Food Store and as I was heading to the cashier counter after doing some shopping something caught my attention. Placed very strategically at the end of the aisle I see this clean, crisp white bag that read “Hippie Snacks.” Because of its name and only because of its name I bought it. As my cashier was ringing me out and she got to the Hippe Snacks she warned me how ridiculously delicious this so called snack was and it very well may become an addiction. I laughed, but in my head I thought $5.89 for a dinky little bag… This will definitely not be an addiction. Today was special, a treat, a once in awhile you know?

When I got home and ever so carefully opened up by $5.89 bag of Coconut Chips, I couldn’t help but notice the smell. Coconuts yes… Obviously! But coconuts on a beach as you relax to the sounds of the ocean kinda smell. I then put my hand in and slowly pulled out shaved dried bits of coconut and WHABAM my life as we know it has changed forever!

Needless to say I ate this delicious crunchy, sweet and savoury $5.89 worth of coconut treats in half an hour. That may sound like a while, but it’s not. You’ll see.

It’s now 5 in the morning and all I can think about is when can I get my next fix. It’s a drug. That damn cashier was right, I’m addicted and ain’t no one going to stop me!

Now because I love you all and when you are crazily addicted to something I firmly believe that you should take people down with you. Soooo I dare you to buy it, start with one bag… You’ll see.

Consider yourself warned but I know you will be thanking me. Welcome to Heaven ladies and gentlemen!

Heart, star.
Parita xoxo

P.S I have found the bag at some other health food stores for $4.99, if that helps at all. šŸ™‚

P.P.S Look how my Angie fell asleep holding her foot last night!






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