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No more poking!

There is always that awkward length in bangs, where they are too short to blend and mix with your hair but to long to have down without pokity poking you eye. I watched this YouTube video awhile back and attempted the braid yesterday which was a hit, so today I thought I would give a whirl to some swirl. Not loving it as much as the braid, but is definitely doing the job and keeping the eyes out of harms way.

Best part, you don’t need to have bangs for half of these looks, you can do them with any length… great inspiration. Fantastimondo for the summer when you’re trying to avoid hair on the face and get yourself some Mr. Sun!

Heart, star.


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Super Fly Tie Dye

LOVING every moment!!! Today I had my first tie dye expedition and boy oh boy was it funzy munzy! I had no clue what was going to happen to my navy blue pants, but the minute I saw pink and purple my heart was pitter pattering! So easy to do as well!

So if you have any piece of clothing thats become boring buy some $1 bleach, get a couple of elastic bands, plastic gloves and your ready to go!

1) Elastic band your pants.
2) Mix water and bleach in the tub.
3) Play the waiting game.
4) When you love the color snip the elastics.
4) Rinse out the bleach and dry!!!!

Heart, star.



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DIY Peekaboo Top

This top took literally 5 minutes to do! It really is as easy as it looks. So puuurrfect when you have one of those days when your staring at your closet with absolutely nothing to wear!

– fold material over
– draw/cut neck hole
– cut 1 1/2′ from each side to create arm holes, 7′ down from the top
– sew up the sides
– all done!!

Easy peezy beautiful paritaTIME girl!

Heart, star.




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Fringe Knot Bang Bang

As I started this project I was a little worried what this new invention was going to turn out like. It didn’t seem as fabulous as I was once imagined BUT once I saw my finished project LOVE LOVE LOVED my creation! Who would’ve guessed I could have sex-ified my hubbys shirt?!?

Heart, star.




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Kris Kros Top

Sewing machine is back in effect!  I made this top this afternoon with an old top that I use to wear to sleep.  But now I would wear this out and about for shizzle!  Took about an hour to make and there’s not too much sewing needed either.  For my friends without sewing machines, there is very minimal sewing required that you could even do simple stitches with your magical hands.

Couple of tips to remember:

–  Cut the lines at the back in a “V” formation with at least an inch in between.

–  You will have to trim the shirt at the  bottom a bit to ensure you can sew the ends of the weave to the side.

Happy DIY!

Heart, star.

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Cap with some SNAP!

When you think of a baseball cap, automatically we assume its a gents thing.  Well looky here, I found this fab blog called Virginie Peny ( where she spices up a simple cap with a sexy-ma-nexy veil and makes this bad boy hot to trot!!

And all you need is a small piece of lace-ish material, needle and thread. Easy peezy!

I know I’ve been talking about all these DIY, well heads up my machine just came back from the shop with a TUNE UP – yup apparently this is needed – so I’m back in full effect friends.

Get ready for some funzys!

Heart, star.

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Shimmy Shimmy Cocoa Shoes

Every time I watch Sex and the City (that show never gets old to me!) I adore Carrie’s Christian Louboutin’s with the signature red bottoms. Now lets be a little realistic here, I can’t afford those fancy little numbers yet… but I can make something similar OR even fancyshamancier!

I found this on a blog called Restyle, Restore, Rejoice by Francesca ( and thought this would be a fun little “easy” project. Easy -> according to Francesca! Best part, apparently the grip gets even better on your shoes with the glitter! Who would have known?!?!

Heart, star.


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I’m a sucker for the STUDS!

I’ve been seeing this everywhere and love that you can slap on some glue/get some pliers, throw on some studs and you automatically become a trexy (trendy+sexy) BAD GIRL!!!! BRUP BRUP!

There are so many ways to play with studs.

Heart, star.

Source: via Renee on Pinterest

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Apparently I am getting addictomania with DIY projects. This one I found on is great if you have any old shirts lying around that you don’t wear so much anymore. And the best part is the sewing part is easy peazy, even with my broken down sewing machine, you can probably even do this by hand and get more of an artsy look.  Pair this bad boy with some skinnys, high heals, rock the bangs/fringe and make it look high fashion for FREE!

These DIYs are becoming more and more attractive to me, you can basically minimize your shopping and spending habits and rework everything existing in your closet.

I plan to jump on this one tonight… lets see what I can find in the hubby’s closet! Pictures to follow!

Heart, star.

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DIY Turban Headband

So I found a bobbin filled and thought hey let me SEW! YIPPEEE!!!!  I saw this turban headband last week and it looked like a fun quick project.  It took me about 20 minutes to do and it fit perfectly.  The measurements given on Studs and Pearls ( for this fab DIY was exactamondo!

The fact that this was so easy to make, I feel like I may have one for every outfit! Just saying…

Sad part, my sewing machine went down-o-rama on the last stitch and I have to take it to for a check up.  Happy thoughts, hopefully it will be a quick fix.

p.s i think i’m getting use to this funzy lipstick thing. 🙂

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