Nude, Attitude & Longitude

Today I attended Sarah Casselman, Senior Editor of FASHION Magazine, session on how to transform your day outfit into date outfit.  Best part of the whole fashion show, I would say hands down were the shoes!  High heels, sparkles, razzle dazzle, block colors, you name it and she had it!  There were two key points that really stuck with me this time around.  Firstly, apparently we can go crazy in the pantyhose area, designs and colors are the new it thing! Second very important point, which I must say she caught my attention relating this back to the Kardashian sisters… and we all know my minor obesession in that area, NUDE SHOES! They are the must go to for the year!  Apparently they have the ability to make us look taller and skinnier with any outfit were wearing.  So ladies, you’ve heard it here:

 Wear it nude, work your attitude and girl you will be looking longitude! OHHH HEYYYYYYYYYY!!!!

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