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Excuse me, what’s your name?

It hasn’t felt like it but it’s been seven months since I’ve blogged. Thanks to Facebooks friendly reminders I realized how many great moments I caught and how many I missed due to my slacking. Not going to lie, it kinda sorta really broke my heart. But better late then never, so here I am again.

If you don’t remember me, I’m Parita from PARITATIME. The extremely fabulous, fun, loving wife and momma that has a killer sense of humour! Can you say TOOT TOOT?!?! I love tooting my own horn! Hey if you don’t why would anyone else?!?

So what have we missed?!?! Lots!!!! I’m thinking the next couple of posts will be used to get us up to date! Angelina is now 20 months and 27 days old. My baby is so not a baby anymore! She talks like crazy all day errrr day! She has her own personality, she’s hilarious (with one joke in particular… Stay tuned for that!) Everyday she wakes up with a huge smile on her face asking for some sort of food. Usually debra (special indian roti with fenugreek), or cookies, or pancakes, or ice cream (banana ice cream or revellos), or pizza, or fresh juice (particularly beet juice, not so much mean green juice), or simply just ketchup. Sounds like any mommas dream come true because you assume that she must be a great eater if she’s waking up requesting food, but that’s a negative. We still have good days and bad days. Story of my life!

But one amazing accomplishment that I’m so excited to share is when Angie learnt how to say her full name this summer. Well a lot of the time it sounds like A-lina or A-lila but it’s just so darn cute! Originally we weren’t too sure when she would be able to say her whole name (after all it is a fairly long one) but she was saying Angie for a while… but then one random summer afternoon in Hawaii while playing with her Dadda it just happened! The video below was literally minutes after!!!


Heart, star.

Parita xoxo


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A family that smoothies together, groovies together! 

For the last week and a bit Angelina has decided that she wants to have smoothies to start off our day. Miss Thing is actually pretty particular, if it isn’t green she doesn’t usually drink it. No complaining here for me! This is a Moms dream come true! 

I’ve wrote about this before, but I like to say it over and over again. The more you teach your children about fruits and vegetables at an early age, the more likely they are to incorporate them and eat them on a daily basis as they get older.
Our morning routine is the same every day! She stands by my feet like clock work while I prep the fruits and veggies for our smoothie, knowing her turn is up next. Once everything is prepped and knives are put away, she gets to do the rest. Putting everything in the Vitamix, while doing a taste lick or bite on almost everything she puts in. She needs to ensure quality people!!!
We watch it blend together, we pour it together, we clean up our mess together and then the best part… We cuddle up on the sofa and enjoy our 1 litre green smoothie as we watch Sesame Street and dance, sing, clap and snap our fingers! How fun does that sound?!?!
We’re a team, as her body is getting stronger and leaner, my body is finally going back to the way I best remember it!
A family that smoothies together groovies together! Ohhhh hayyyyyy!!!!
Heart, star.
Parita xoxo

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Help Angelina Give


Angelina had an amazing and memorable first Christmas! This girl is special I tell ya! She is growing up too quickly, it’s actually makes me so sad. Every morning I wake up and see this little princess staring at me with the biggest smile on her face, usually picking my nose, going through my hair, telling a very important story or sometimes just staring at the ceiling in deep thought of how she plans to make the world a better place. I honestly wake up every morning, thanking God she’s mine and eager to start the day in anticipation of what surprise she’ll share with me today. Every days a good ol’ Christmas Day for me. She’s got gifts galore to give away!

So I had a thought last night and thought I would throw it out to the Universe and to you all. Angie is one lucky girl, she’s been showered with many many gifts. I’m sure like many of you we’ve happened to get doubles of some gifts and some she is surprisingly “too big for”. This got me thinking… I do have gift receipts to get her something new but does she really need it?

Every single parent wants to give their child the world but don’t necessarily have the means to do it. Before/during Christmas a lot of people give but it kinda dwindles once Christmas is done because we all have to get back to our busy lives. But Angelina wants to see if we can help some families that maybe didn’t get too lucky during the holiday season. We are hoping this is the first of many years to come! We need to teach our kids at a young age that they can make a difference too. So I thought, why not start before Angie’s first birthday?!?! No time better then the present right?!?

So here we go! Let’s end our year and/or begin our new year on a high note. We will be doing this is both in Toronto (North York Women’s Shelter) and Winnipeg (Winnipeg Harvest). Since this is Angelina’s initiative there is a focus on children’s toys, books, and clothing but obviously the more we are able to give the better! No limitations here! And to make it even more convenient for you there will be both pick up and drop off available!!!! Any help big or small would be greatly appreciated. Once we have got everything together hampers will be made to hand out filled with lots and lots of love!

I hoping that this has got you thinking and you are on board with us!!! If you are interested, please email Angelina at HelpAngelinaGive@gmail.com and we can organize a pick up or drop off at your convenience.

Angie hopes to hear from you soon!!!

Heart, star.
Parita xoxo





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You got to learn how to walk before you run.

Clearly the person who came up with that saying didn’t have a child. Yes it’s true, Angelina is on her way to her next huge milestone. Walking or should I say a brisk jogger?

Sunday night when the dynamic mother daughter duo came home, mom and dad were relaxing in the living room and Angelina was busy in her work area getting things done. Moving toys from one area of the sofa to the other area of the sofa in a very precise order. Holding onto the sofa to ensure everything is done in the most timely manner. She then realized that there was an immediate product demand at her play centre located just a few steps north of where she was situated. Without hesitation she walked on over. Dad and I stared at each other in shock! Did we really just see that?!?! We tried not to react to insane in hopes to see it again and yup indeedy it happened again and again. But what was first 4 very easy steps to the delivery site was becoming harder harder for her. Rightfully so, she’d been working on different projects all night. Needless to say she needed to take a water break and then head back to the library to organize her SSBS (Sesame Street Book Series). And that was that.

Which brings us to last night, when it became official! It’s so cute to see her face with every step she takes and her balancing act routine that she does in between. The best is once she’s reached her location, like any proud parent you look at her with a huge smile on her face but she just looks at you like “Ugh mom, it’s so not even a big deal. All the kids are doing it. Relax.” Then I made a quick plea up to God that went a little something like this.

“Please God make me a cool hip and happening parent that doesn’t embarrass her unless I purposely try to do so. Did I just say hip and happening?!?!” Note to self, never say that again.

Heart, star.
Parita xoxo





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Just say it already!

The truth, the real hard truth… I’ve had some major writers block for the last month! Why? I have absolutely no clue. If you look at the number of drafts I had saved, there are endless half written blogs galore! But nothing finished. So I decided to start fresh! I deleted my hours of work and I’m starting again!

First of all can you believe Angie is now 8.5 months old? I swear a tear just rolled down my face. Where did the time go?!? She’s a crawling champ, she stands holding onto anything she can grab, she claps, waves and my all time favourite she talks… Like nonstop talks. It melts me and poppa bear all the time. She has so much to say and she says it all with so much heart and soul. My baby…

Now… Don’t get me wrong, Angie does no wrong in my eyes BUT she is definitely trying to get my panties in a knot. This girl LOVES saying Dadadadadadada! Like all day every day. I swear she even says “Hi Dad” a good handful of times throughout the day as well! What the bean sprouts! She hadn’t left me completely high and dry, I have heard the sweet sweet sweet words Momma come out of little Miss Chickita’s mouth but it’s only been in between a cry. It’s for sure mom, but the way I pictured it, the day my Angie said Momma I would pick her up, spin around in circles, shower her with kisses and just as my eye catches a glimpse of the sky a rainbow begins to form. That’s all hard to do when she’s crying like a baby! Pun totally intended!

She has me playing the waiting game. I listen to her stories day in and day out. The stories about what she found on the floor, about her feet, playing with my hair, eating Cheerios, playing peek-a-boo… I get it she’s busy! BUT FOR GODS SAKE… Say Momma! Like fun and lovingly as you shower me with your amazingly perfect slobber kisses! SAY IT ANGELINA!

Heart, star.
Parita xoxo








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My hair FINALLY stopped falling out!


I feel like it’s been forever since I’ve done a post preggo blog. I guess that’s a sign of how busy I am now!

My Angelina is now 7.5 months old! Time is flying by like crazy. She has her first two teeth, she’s crawling, she eats some solids, loves smoothies and wheatgrass (obviously she’s my daughter), baby talking nonstop, a personality that keeps me on my toes and oozes love! Honestly from complete strangers to family and friends, if you are in her presence you can feel that special love. This girl is the definition of pizzaz!

Is she sleeping straight throughout the night? Nope! But she only wakes up about twice throughout the entire night, so I’m not complaining. Plus once she’s done feeding, she loves to cuddle! So I’m actually winning in this situation. #winning

Yes, I’m still Breastfeeding (pat on the back)! Still can’t believe it, but I actually think that may be one of my biggest accomplishments. Getting through that and not giving up, was one of the hardest things I’ve ever gone through. I do formula as well though, she gets a good mix of both.

Now this is the update that I am so pleased to share!!! MY HAIR FINALLY STOPPED FALLING OUT! I had heard that after birth you lose hair but I was not prepared for how much hair you really lose. It was bad… like really bad. To the point, that if I ran my fingers through my hair, there was a guaranteed handful that would come out. And when I washed my hair, misery central! I was convinced that I was balding. Like really balding. The top sides of my forehead were hit the most! Ponytails were not something I was sporting very often as it would just remind me of this awful experience I was going through. And having hardwood floors at home made it worse, I could see every little strand I lost! My hubby would have to vacuum everyday… No lie! BUT good news!!!! It’s actually growing back! And full!! My hair feels thick and sexy again! I have to admit… I look good! #justsaying Parita is back in action! Let the high pony tails and hair flipping begin!

So to the new momma’s that are losing hair right now, it sucks! I feel for you! But I promise there is a light at the end of this horrifying tunnel. It stops (mine stopped at 7 months) and IT GROWS BACK!!! WOOOHOOO!!!!

Happy Sunday Friends!!!

Heart, star. xoxo




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Built to Perfection


I always knew it but now I finally really truly understand it. Being a mom. It is really hard work. That’s actually an understatement if you ask me though. We’ve all heard the saying that being a mom is a full time job, it was always just a phrase to me until this year.

There has never been a Mothers Day that has passed where I haven’t counted my blessings for having such a inspirational Mother. But this year is different. I am now actually starting to really get everything she did for me. All the sacrifices she made, all the sleepless nights she had, the worry and all the stress. And with all of that on her mind, she never let me see nothing but pure joy and happiness.

Angelina is now officially begun teething and it is not easy to see your baby go through never ending frustration. It started as cute biting on her fingers, to now stuffing her entire fist in her mouth. Which usually makes her gag. But obviously it must be relieving some sort of pain. With endless amounts of spit dripping off her face at all times. Yes, we do use the teething rings, teething toys anything to get her mind off of it… She’s not crying at all or seeming too frustrated, it’s just become second nature to put her hands in her mouth. I know the teeth are coming. Can’t feel nothing yet, but they are on the way. So begins the next chapter in the Book of Angelina.

It’s crazy how your life changes. I went from worrying about such silly things to my poor baby growing sharp things in her gums. And this is just the beginning. Time is just flying by us!

Then my first Mothers Day came and it was amazing!!! My husband went above and beyond to make the day extra special. (Pictures below) Mothers Day is now such a different day. It is hard to explain in words. I’m not one to celebrate birthdays and all that shabang but I am definitely all for Mothers Day. I’m not too sure if all of them will feel like this but this year I couldn’t help but think of everything my Mom has done for me. Thirty years ago raising a child while juggling work, life, bills could not of been easy. But she is a selfless, super strong woman who did everything she possibly could to make my life as perfect as it was. I don’t remember a single day where I didn’t feel complete and absolute love from my parents.

So I very well may only be in the beginning of the Book of Angelina (the growing of teeth to be exact), but I am trying everything in my power to be as perfect as my Mother. Replicate everything she did for me. Giving Angelina everything I had and more. But here’s the catch… It’s nothing money can buy. It’s beyond that. It’s everything but materialistic. It’s something deep within us. Being constantly on every day, every hour and every second. There is no on and off switch and crazy as it sounds even if there was and with all the crying and “bad days” I don’t think I would ever use it because there is no where else I would rather be. I am exactly where I am suppose to be right now and I love it!

So here’s to all the Moms out there, we are all one of a kind. Built to perfection. Let no one ever let us think otherwise. There is no one on this Earth that can be to our children what we are to them. That is the ultimate gift!

Heart, star.
Parita xoxo

P.S If anyone has any teething tips, please share!!!







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Angelina Angelina, please bring down your concertina!

Good weather is FINALLY here!!! All I have to say is it’s about time!

My family is addicted to good weather. But who wouldn’t be?!?! We honestly can’t get enough sun and fresh air, we thrive off of it. It just makes me want to sinnnggggg!!!!! It’s pretty safe to say that the good ol’ Mr. Sun always makes us feel happier, healthier and just vibrating with goodness. So the question left was, will our baby love it as much as us?!?!

I have taken Angelina for walks with the stroller before and she liked it but hated the sun on her face. At that point I thought, uh oh spaghettio… Houston we have a problem. Then this last weekend we went to Kensington market, it was a bit cold but she loved it. Didn’t complain once. If anything she was loving all the attention she was getting. And now today I strapped on the carrier, put her in and headed for the door. We spent an hour or so outside, looking at the grass, pebbles, talking to our neighbours and basically enjoying life! She’s one of us. She had a ball!! So rest assured, if you are looking for us this summer… You know where we will be. 🙂

Now we all have one song that is our go to song of the summer and I just had to share ours with you! It’s an oldie but a goodie. I can’t believe I didn’t know about this song before, but thanks to my lovely aunt and uncle it is now playing in our house at least a couple times a day! Play it loud and get ready to dance your booty off!!!

Heart, star.
Parita xoxo






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Horrible Scary Needles!

Yesterday was a hard one. It was Angelina’s two month appointment to get her very scary needles. Now I am horrifically scared of needles, so the fact that my mini me would have to get them hurt my heart. Like really hurt my heart. I woke up in the morning feeling uneasy and just blah. I made Dad take the day off work for this day because I was unsure how I would handle it come the actual time. I know I sound dramatic but let me share some terror stories with you. You know in junior high and high school when you need to get the random flu shots, I would have to go after school so my father would come with. I refused to go without him. Another example you may ask, there was an unfortunate incident where my mother ended up in the Emergency Room, my father went to speak to the doctor and left me alone in the room with her. A nurse came to draw her blood, I saw the needle being put into my mom and that is all I remember… I woke up on a bed in Emergency myself. See its bad, I told you so.

When I spoke to some other new moms prior to Angies appointment, they all said they had to leave the room because they couldn’t see their child going through the pain. My mind was set that I would do the same. But then I had a thought… This is the first horrible, scary and painful experience that my child is going through and I’m planning to just leave her and wait in another room? I know that sounds super dramatic, but this is what happens when I start over thinking things. I’m her mother, i’m suppose to be by her side for everything, holding her hand, telling her that it will always be okay. I couldn’t leave.

Here’s what happened. Well firstly, I texted Daddy the picture below, hoping he would say… No problem Angie we won’t go. We will magically give you the needle another way and time that and you will never feel any pain. It obviously didn’t work, but he felt really really bad. So we got there, she was weighed and measured. (Angie is now 24 inches tall and is weighs 11lbs 12oz. #winning) Then we waited and waited and waited… It felt like an eternity! Thank God Dad was there, he was keeping me sane. As I paced the room, Dad held Angelina on his chest and kept her calm. Then the moment came the nurse came into the room. I saw the MASSIVE needles, no way I was leaving her! The nurse recommended we held her as it is more comforting for the child as she rammed TWO needles into our little tiny baby! I jumped picking her up, I held her tight! I looked down at the top of her head and just kept kissing her and I started sweating like a mad woman. My eyes started getting watery, I know… Super dramatic! But like Daddy said, it has to be done… I still wanted to take Angie and run for the door! Then I saw the needle coming, Dad looked at Angie in her eyes as I squeezed her tight and looked away. All I could hear him saying “its okay Angie, your doing good, you’re such a good girl, we love you so much” I just kept trying to push through the tears. She screamed… Then stopped and screamed again… Longer and louder. The crying lasted about 5 mins or so and she was okay. I’m dramatic, I know.

Other then being a little cranky at night, which she definitely has the right to be… Poor girl. She just wanted a lot of cuddle time. She needed extra extra love and affection. With one small dose of Tempra she was good to go. My Angel is A-OK! We will be doing round two in two months. Buh bye for now evil needles. Angie showed you!!!

I hear crying, time to feed friends. Until next time.

Heart, star.

Parita xoxo





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Our Birthing Story


She has arrived! I would like to welcome to the world Angelina Bianca Jaldevi! Weighing in at 8.64 lbs and 53cm tall.

First and foremost, I would just like to say thank you to everyone who has called, sent emails, messages and texts. We are no where close to responding to you all but please know we are very grateful!

Now! How it went down!!! The truth, the real hard truth. The minute I found out I was preggo I knew I wanted to do a natural birth, well a natural water birth to be exact and my mind was set. Hence the hypnobirthing classes. Now any mom I had met prior to my labour said I was crazy for not wanting an epidural and was guaranteed I would change my mind once the time came.

Sooo…. Come January 12th. I was now 2 days late and the suspense was killing me. So I Googled how to speed up labour. Answer: Drink 2 spoons of castor oil. Did it and let me tell you, IT WORKED! A couple hours after it kicked in, ohhhh nelly. Contractions sped up but so did bowel movements! It felt like my down there regions were under attack! Husb was in full birthing partner mode. He ran a warm bath at home, was rubbing the back, arms (everything we learnt in hypnobirthing class actually started coming in handy.) I wanted a home labour and a natural hospital birth, but halfway through the pain I realized that I don’t have any idea how I would be able to bare this crazy pain. So I said “forget it”, take me to the hospital! With bags packed at the door Hubba packed the car and we were on our way at 9:30pm. I did not say a single word in the car, because I think I forgot how to talk! Soon as we got to the hospital the Midwife checked how far along we were and I was a whooping 5 cm dilated!! Wooohaaaa! Good thing we came when we did. Apparently within that time my water broke and I didn’t even know – so note to self it doesn’t always happen the way it happens in movies – ughhhh!

I was then moved into a whirlpool filled with warm water a jets, it helped A LOT, but not nearly enough. And then I did the unthinkable… I pulled the epidural card. Not once, not twice, but several times. Now I will be forever grateful to my husband for this one because this means he was actually paying attention in our birthing class, he talked me out of it every time and reminded me how beautiful our birthing plan was and how badly we wanted it and how good it would be for our child. Somehow his tactics worked and I forgot about the epideral, even though the contractions felt like the most intense pain in the world, we worked through it. Like intense, like Omigod intense. Just saying.

The 2.5 hours of pushing was the “easiest” part. The best feeling is when my midwife said to me “reach down Parita and pull your baby out.” I PULLED ANGELINA OUT OF ME! It was unreal! I laid her on my stomach and she instantaneously held Daddys hand. It has so far been the best feeling in the world for us both. She was born around 3:30am and we were home by 8:00am cuddled in bed together. Just us three, our family!

So is the saying true, that you forget all about the pain once your child is born? I would’ve never guessed it, but its true and I did it 100% naturally!

Now with that being said, its not all peaches and roses when you get home. But thats for a later blog. One of my new intentions this year is to help prepare mothers to HONESTLY know what they have in store after the fact. Because let me tell you, I had no idea! From the transition, to the coping, body stuff… I’m here ladies… I’m here!!!!

Back to Angie I go!

Heart, star.
Pari xoxo









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