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I saw this picture and it brought back so many memories! Remember when we use to collect stickers? So funzys!!!!  There were the puffy ones (that is so not the right word), strawberry berry short cake, the scratch and sniff smelly ones, Power Rangers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, ahhh memories!!!

Then I saw this picture on Pinterest where this  girl made it look cool AGAIN!  Definitely think i’ll head to Dollarama and Walmart and get me some stickers and crazy glue.  HOW COOL DOES IT LOOK?

And can you imagine the conversations it will spark?

Just saying…

Heart, star.

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DIY Gold Maxi Skirt

I had seen this beautiful gold sequinsy fabric a month back while in Winnipeg and my heart fell in love. I knew instantly that I had to buy it, even though I had no clue what I was going to make with it.  Usually what happens, I buy something that toodles my fancy, put it in my room of inspiration and wait for a brilliant idea to come to me.  That happened today!  I love these days! 🙂

Today I attempted (successfully I may add) to make a Gold Maxi Skirt.  Honestly took me about 20 minutes to make with a sewing machine.  Would probably take about an hour if you are sewing by hand.  And to all the people without a sewing machine, this one is definitely dooable by hand.

So here’s what the finished product looks like.

Here we go!!!

Pick any fabric of your choice.  Preferably something stretchy, as it is way easier to work with.

Now this is the fun part, there are really no specific measurements for this sparkly number.  You can pick how much fabric you want to use. I personally preferred more as I was going for the bunchier look at the top.  Best part with doing that, no matter how your body may change, it will always fit.

The length of the material (top to bottom) will be the length on you. However much you choose will be the body of the skirt.

Flip the material inside out and pin at the edge you have just cut.

Sew along the pinned edge. WE ARE ALMOST DONE! ALREADY!!!!

Take an elastic band and while stretching a tad pull around your waist. Now add an extra 1/4 inch to that and cut.

Sew the edges together.

Pull over one end of the inside out material.

Turn the edge of the fabric over the elastic.  And if you find pinning helpful, pin away baby!  Pin around the elastic.  NOTE: Half way through you will be stretching the elastic, while pinning your fabric.

Sew around to secure the elastic in place. NOTE: Be sure not to sew on top of the elastic as it will not let allow you to have the bunching effect.



Heart, star.

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Date Night Mush!

I tend to have days of pure mushy-ness where I look at my hubby and realize how freakin’ lucky I am to have him.  The last couple of days have been full of ups and downs, with back to back fun with the Indian calendar full of special days of celebration and a bit of craziness on the other side. Life is definitely full of surprises, but I couldn’t be any happier than where I am right now. And yuppers, it all has to be with my amazing hubba hubba. He really makes everything “tickle me crazy” perfect!

While cleaning out a cabinet today I came across some memories from one of our first dates.  Now knowing him better than ever, i’m sure this wasn’t the funniest thing for him to do, but you would of never second guessed it that night. Over a couple glasses of wine, some music in the background, candles (ohhh la la) we painted our little hearts out on plates at home. Ceramic paint, to be exact. All you have to do is throw it in the oven when your done to set the paint and you can actually eat off of it after. We don’t, as they are our master pieces, but food for thoughts.

Below is my fancy art work. I didn’t share his, as i’m not too sure how much he would appreciate it.  All I can say is there was a theme, three words… Toronto Maple Leafs. Of course.

Looking for a fun date night with the girls or your significant other, head over to an arts store and grab some ceramic paint. It is so easy peasy to do. Blows movie watching night out of the water. Oh hayyy painters!

Heart, star.



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DIY Leggings with “OH HAY GIRL”

Check out what I made today! No sewing required and you can do it to basically any piece of clothing. The leggings I did took about 5 mins per leg and then bara-bing bara-boom you’re done!

These leggings would look fab with a baggy cray sweater and some sexy manexy heels. You’ll sure to be oozing style and confidence. Best part, money spent = nadda. Its a free gift to yourself.

I think i’ll try this with a top next! 🙂

Heart, star.







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I have found yet another addiction, or as my hubby would say, “my new phase”!  Hopefully this is my last relapse…

I was loving the ombre look that I had going on, BUT it wasn’t the color I was originally aiming for. So I thought I would try one more time. The fact that it is sooo easy to do, just make it that much more funzy to try! Here’s the link from my original post, if you get tempted like me AGAIN! https://paritatime.com/2012/08/04/diy-ombre-i-finally-did-it/

And BADDA-BING BADDA-BOOM I got it! Now when I originally dried my hair once it was dyed, I had a minor heart attack. First thing I though, oh nelly my momma’s gonna kill me. But once I styled it a bit (doesn’t need too much, and I’m a big fan of the messy look) I was loving my little heart out.

One thing I would like to put out there though, obviously too much bleach is not fantastic for your hair so it’s important to give it some extra love and attention. Mothers tip: every night before I hit the sack I condition my ends with BioSilk – a weightless, leave-in silk replenishing and reconstructing treatment to repair, smooth and protect all hair types. <~ from the site!  http://www.farouk.com/Biosilk/  I’ve noticed so far that it is working like a charm. My hair has life after two bleach sessions! The texture is a little oily, hence why I put it on at night. This way my teeny weeny hairs can soak up all the goodness and I don’t look like a walking oil ball all day long.

Heart, star.

By Parita, the girl with the ombre hair! J


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Fringe Knot Bang Bang

As I started this project I was a little worried what this new invention was going to turn out like. It didn’t seem as fabulous as I was once imagined BUT once I saw my finished project LOVE LOVE LOVED my creation! Who would’ve guessed I could have sex-ified my hubbys shirt?!?

Heart, star.




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Apparently I am getting addictomania with DIY projects. This one I found on http://runwaydiy.com/2011/08/31/diy-peekaboo-shoulder-button-down/ is great if you have any old shirts lying around that you don’t wear so much anymore. And the best part is the sewing part is easy peazy, even with my broken down sewing machine, you can probably even do this by hand and get more of an artsy look.  Pair this bad boy with some skinnys, high heals, rock the bangs/fringe and make it look high fashion for FREE!

These DIYs are becoming more and more attractive to me, you can basically minimize your shopping and spending habits and rework everything existing in your closet.

I plan to jump on this one tonight… lets see what I can find in the hubby’s closet! Pictures to follow!

Heart, star.

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DIY Turban Headband

So I found a bobbin filled and thought hey let me SEW! YIPPEEE!!!!  I saw this turban headband last week and it looked like a fun quick project.  It took me about 20 minutes to do and it fit perfectly.  The measurements given on Studs and Pearls (http://www.studs-and-pearls.com/2011/09/diy-galaxy-turban-headband.html#more) for this fab DIY was exactamondo!

The fact that this was so easy to make, I feel like I may have one for every outfit! Just saying…

Sad part, my sewing machine went down-o-rama on the last stitch and I have to take it to for a check up.  Happy thoughts, hopefully it will be a quick fix.

p.s i think i’m getting use to this funzy lipstick thing. 🙂

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Lace Bonanza!

Today I wore a top made by your very own ME, a black and nude lace number. Then by pure kawinkydinky I found this fun DIY to spice up any pair of jeans or shorts that uses this great lace trick. Seems pretty fun to do, super trendy, screw up free… I think. Check it out on love Maegan (http://www.lovemaegan.com/2012/04/floral-print-jeans-diy.html)! Great project for the summer!

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DIY Fringe Cardigan Funzys!

This weekend, the hubby and I headed over to Ikea to buy me my new sewing table. (EXCITING!!!) Originally I was going to get a corner in the basement where I would sew my little heart out but now (since my husband is so ridiculously fabulous) I get an entire room, which will be called the Creativity Room. Whoopaa!!! Painting, sewing, dancing… just a whole bunch of funzys!

With our lives being as hectic as they are, I’m willing to be a little realistic knowing that this room will probably take a week or two to set up but I thought I would get my fingers warmed up with some easy projects to get the blood flowing. I found this DIY on Studs and Pearls http://www.studs-and-pearls.com/ and loved it! Best part, a lot of people will have the supplies needed to do this at home. Like me!

 Check out the step by step directions here! http://www.studs-and-pearls.com/2011/10/diy-fringe-scarf-cardigan.html#more

Heart, star.



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