Horrible Scary Needles!

Yesterday was a hard one. It was Angelina’s two month appointment to get her very scary needles. Now I am horrifically scared of needles, so the fact that my mini me would have to get them hurt my heart. Like really hurt my heart. I woke up in the morning feeling uneasy and just blah….

Let’s be Honest – Part 3 UPDATE

So since Part 3 was posted a lot has changed and thought I would give an update so I don’t leave you high and dry. That saying ironically works as you’ll see in a second. It may of sounded like I was on the right track on my last blog, but boy oh boy was…

Let’s be Honest – Part 3

Okay time is passing by too quickly! Angie is now 23 days old. Where is the time going? The days pass by so quickly, even though all she does is eat, sleep, release… Repeat! Change is happening quicker than diaper changes at this point. Her cry is changing, it is getting louder by the days….

Let’s be Honest – Part 2

I made it through another week! A challenge? Yes, but a good one. Worth every minute! Hubs and I think she looks completely different this week and she’s grown an entire inch, Ayercarumba! As for sleepless nights, shes been okay. We are ALMOST (kinda sorta close) to maybe being on a schedule but our little…

Let’s be Honest – Part 1

I have now officially been a mother for 16 days! Time is flying by already and Angelina is changing everyday. It is crazy how one little person is capable of so much. Her eyes are getting wider, hair is getting longer, cheeks are getting chubbier and her lips more defined. Just when we think she…