Homemade Vanilla Almond Granola

Happy Saturday!!!!

First of all thank you to all the people that have sent messages on how inspired they are from the last couple of posts. Even if I can make a difference in one persons life, I’m on cloud 9. So can you imagine how I feel right now?!?

I love getting Facebook, Instagram and blog messages with questions and comments. I really try my best to get back to you within 24 hours, especially when it comes to these new recipes. I know how excited I was to try them and I don’t want to keep your body waiting for this healthy delicious goodness!

This recipe is one of the first things I tried making and it’s been a hit in my house since. It’s perfect for breakfast, a sweet snack or a crunchy snack! Eat it in your Acai Bowl, make a yogurt parfait, chia pudding or just with milk. I promise you, you will love it! And be prepared for your house to smell MAGICAL! Drool will start falling out of your mouth as you stare through the oven window just waiting for it to finish! Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Granola Recipe

– 3 cups rolled oats
– 1 tsp cinnamon
– 1/2 tsp Celtic sea salt
– 1 cup shredded unsweetened coconut
– 1 cup almonds
– 3/4 cup pure maple syrup
– 1/4 cup melted coconut oil
– 2 tsp pure vanilla extract

Mix together and spread over baking sheet. Bake at 325 for 35 mins, stirring at 20 mins. Remove and let chill.

Heart, star.





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Losing Weight

Well hello again beautiful!

So this is a follow up to yesterday’s posts on Facebook and Instagram in regards to my weight. There are apparently a lot of us women that are in struggle town when it comes to our weight. Yes, I am super duper close to my pre-pregnancy weight (3.8lbs to be exact) and to be honest I didn’t know if this day would ever come.

A lot of you are asking how I managed to do the impossible. It’s not a big secret but thought I would share to let you in on what I’ve learnt and been doing so far.

I’ll be honest, there is no working out. Angelina is my treadmill and weights. Whatever down time I get, I am definitely not thinking about the gym. It really is food, that’s it.

In the last month or so I have made a big change to my diet, minus while I was in Jamaica! Of course! And in the last little while I have FINALLY noticed me getting out of this gosh darn weight plateau that I was stuck in for awhile. But the scale has finally unfrozen and the numbers are changing in my favour. This is what my last little while has looked like when it comes to eating and I swear it’s this that made a difference!

Morning: Acai Berry Bowl (Acai is very popular in Brazil as it is known to help with weight loss and maintain a healthy weight)/Chia Bowl (refer to the last post!)





Lunch: Delicious layered beautiful salad. With homemade dressing.

Dinner: Another extremely gorgeous salad. With another homemade dressing.


ALL BIG PORTIONS and lots of water! Specifically cucumber infused! My two servings of chia lemon water! And throughout the day a couple of cups of decaf herbal tea.



So basically just eat a lot of fruits and veggies! Not to big of a surprise right?!? But the key for me was beauty. Seeing gorgeous and vibrant bright coloured foods just does something to me. And when I load it with superfoods oh my belly.

The above meals consist of acai berry purée, bananas, almond milk, coconut milk, coconut, berries, hemp hearts, chia seeds, homemade granola, homemade whipped coconut cream, red and green cabbage, carrots, sweet potato, avocado, dragon fruit, white and red quinoa, tahini, lemon, lime, cucumber, spinach, kale, broccoli, cauliflower … You get the point! Lots and lots of fruits and veggies! Now shhhhh here’s the secret… Don’t just throw it all in a bowl and scarf it down. My inspiration has been from Bolt Fresh Bar. I found them on Instagram, it’s worth a follow! Their salad presentation is what got me going and gets me every time. Have a look at their salads!






Something about an organized breakfast bowl and salad. It’s just so delicious looking! Call me crazy but it worked and is still working! Who doesn’t want to eat and appreciate something so beautiful?!?! In the last couple of weeks I’ve noticed major changes in my weight and that’s all I’m doing different! Making it pretty, adding bright colours and organizing, I swear!

I will start sharing some recipes that helped me and hopefully will help you too!

Time to go line up some fruits and veggies!

Heart, star.
Parita xoxo


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Chia Lemon Water

Hello friends!!!

I posted a picture today of a delicious, refreshing and healthy drink that I started my day off with today and have been getting lots of messages asking details so I thought I would do a quick blog!

Chia is loaded with nutrients! It’s high in Omega 3, iron, protein, magnesium, fiber, protein… I can keep going but just have a looksy below!

One thing I really love about this is… Now please excuse my non medical way of explaining this… But when you soak chia it completely changes its texture. When consumed, it goes through your system and since it has a bit of a sticky texture (but doesn’t taste sticky) grabs onto all the gross stuff that’s been sitting in the pockets of your intestine that you have not eliminated and helps to clean it out. You do not get the runs or anything crazy but you do feel extra great! 2 tbsp a day does the trick!

1tbsp chia seeds
1/2 a sliced lemon
750mL of water

Put the chia seeds in a masor jar and fill it with cold water. Let it sit for 10-15 mins, shaking it periodically so the chia seeds don’t clump up. Once you have noticed that it has grown add your lemon, give it another good shake and drink that bad boy!

Heart, star.
Parita xoxo




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Mama Mia Smoothie or The Beet and Cabbage Smoothie

Like everyone else out there I thought I would try to start the new year on a healthy kick. Then to my surprise I noticed my main man Joes Cross aka Joe the Juicer had come out with another movie. Fat Sick and Nearly Dead 2! Now knowing my obsession with juicing (inspired by him), can you imagine how happy I was?!? I totally did my happy dance. Now unlike the first time his movie was released, pre-Angelina, I could easily cozy up in my sofa and get ready to absorb new inspiring life style changing information. Now apparently it’s not so easy. I get lucky if I can catch 20 mins at a time. Which is perfect, because it gives me time to take in all the new information.

So yesterday they talked about introducing fruits and vegetables to children. If we begin introducing them at a younger age, they learn to start liking them a lot earlier. Which isn’t rocket science but it got me thinking. Angie loves drinking her wheatgrass, as soon as she sees mommy and daddy drinking it, this girls on you like white on rice. Climbing every limb she can to get to the mason jar. Which is a mothers dream come true! Let me remind you 1 oz of wheatgrass is equivalent to 2.5lbs of vegetables. We give her 0.5 oz. Bring on the nutrients!!!

So I thought to myself, if she loves that and it has a pretty distinct taste… What else can I give her? What other veggies can I introduce now that most children hate. Then the vegetable heavens gate opened and I saw it. Beets and red cabbage! Beets are distinct, cabbage I had never tried but worth a shot!

I found a couple recipes on Pinterest and felt inspired, so I started throwing fruits and vegetables in my Vitamix. What I came up with was not only BEAUTIFUL but delicious! The colour is gorgeous. Like I need a lipstick in this colour immediately. It’s just so pretty. And the taste… Mama Mia!

The real test was Angelina though. As soon as she saw the colour she gave me the universal sign for momma I need you to hook me up NOW! I gave her a spoonful straight from the blender. She loved it and wanted more ASAP. Since beets stain, I took her shirt off and this girl went to Healthy Town! I totally recommend everyone to try this. Give your body and your kiddos some good vibrations!

1 Apple
5 Strawberries
1 Banana
1/2 Beet
1 cup Red Cabbage
2 Medjool Dates
2 cups of water (depending on how you like your smoothies)
* I threw some hemp hearts on the finished product to make it look pretty!

Blend away! Drink baby drink! My mouth is watering just thinking about it! Let me go get my fix before princess wakes up and drinks it all again!!!

Heart, star.
Parita xoxo






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Help Angelina Give


Angelina had an amazing and memorable first Christmas! This girl is special I tell ya! She is growing up too quickly, it’s actually makes me so sad. Every morning I wake up and see this little princess staring at me with the biggest smile on her face, usually picking my nose, going through my hair, telling a very important story or sometimes just staring at the ceiling in deep thought of how she plans to make the world a better place. I honestly wake up every morning, thanking God she’s mine and eager to start the day in anticipation of what surprise she’ll share with me today. Every days a good ol’ Christmas Day for me. She’s got gifts galore to give away!

So I had a thought last night and thought I would throw it out to the Universe and to you all. Angie is one lucky girl, she’s been showered with many many gifts. I’m sure like many of you we’ve happened to get doubles of some gifts and some she is surprisingly “too big for”. This got me thinking… I do have gift receipts to get her something new but does she really need it?

Every single parent wants to give their child the world but don’t necessarily have the means to do it. Before/during Christmas a lot of people give but it kinda dwindles once Christmas is done because we all have to get back to our busy lives. But Angelina wants to see if we can help some families that maybe didn’t get too lucky during the holiday season. We are hoping this is the first of many years to come! We need to teach our kids at a young age that they can make a difference too. So I thought, why not start before Angie’s first birthday?!?! No time better then the present right?!?

So here we go! Let’s end our year and/or begin our new year on a high note. We will be doing this is both in Toronto (North York Women’s Shelter) and Winnipeg (Winnipeg Harvest). Since this is Angelina’s initiative there is a focus on children’s toys, books, and clothing but obviously the more we are able to give the better! No limitations here! And to make it even more convenient for you there will be both pick up and drop off available!!!! Any help big or small would be greatly appreciated. Once we have got everything together hampers will be made to hand out filled with lots and lots of love!

I hoping that this has got you thinking and you are on board with us!!! If you are interested, please email Angelina at HelpAngelinaGive@gmail.com and we can organize a pick up or drop off at your convenience.

Angie hopes to hear from you soon!!!

Heart, star.
Parita xoxo





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You got to learn how to walk before you run.

Clearly the person who came up with that saying didn’t have a child. Yes it’s true, Angelina is on her way to her next huge milestone. Walking or should I say a brisk jogger?

Sunday night when the dynamic mother daughter duo came home, mom and dad were relaxing in the living room and Angelina was busy in her work area getting things done. Moving toys from one area of the sofa to the other area of the sofa in a very precise order. Holding onto the sofa to ensure everything is done in the most timely manner. She then realized that there was an immediate product demand at her play centre located just a few steps north of where she was situated. Without hesitation she walked on over. Dad and I stared at each other in shock! Did we really just see that?!?! We tried not to react to insane in hopes to see it again and yup indeedy it happened again and again. But what was first 4 very easy steps to the delivery site was becoming harder harder for her. Rightfully so, she’d been working on different projects all night. Needless to say she needed to take a water break and then head back to the library to organize her SSBS (Sesame Street Book Series). And that was that.

Which brings us to last night, when it became official! It’s so cute to see her face with every step she takes and her balancing act routine that she does in between. The best is once she’s reached her location, like any proud parent you look at her with a huge smile on her face but she just looks at you like “Ugh mom, it’s so not even a big deal. All the kids are doing it. Relax.” Then I made a quick plea up to God that went a little something like this.

“Please God make me a cool hip and happening parent that doesn’t embarrass her unless I purposely try to do so. Did I just say hip and happening?!?!” Note to self, never say that again.

Heart, star.
Parita xoxo





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Changing my name to Pamela

So here’s a good one for you.

Last night got me thinking. I’m still fighting the last couple of preggo pounds that I need to lose. It feels like I’ve been singing this song for months now. But it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. I’ll be honest, I don’t absolutely hate my weight but I would like to go back to my old self. 10 pounds that’s it! That’s all I’m asking for! Does that really seem too far fetched?

When I talk to my once knocked up girlfriends they all have something different to say. Some lost the weight almost right away (I hate you!) while others… Years later… Just weren’t able to. Sooooo what’s the answer or maybe I should be asking what’s the secret?!

I know that if I worked out that would help me out… But there’s no time. Really! I honestly feel like being with my home girl Angie all day, that’s a work out of its own. I swear she was a workout instructor in her past life. And when daddy walks in, I’m ready to jump on the sofa. The thought of putting on my gym shoes…. Hell nah!!!! Momma said knock you out!

As for eating I’m not too bad, I don’t binge and I sure as heck don’t eat celery sticks and carrots all day. I eat good food, smoothies, juices. I do cheat…. More often then I should though. Thanks to a certain someone, cough cough hubby cough cough! Then it happened last night. My sister in law said it… “You use to have self control!” I did!!!! Where did it go? Bless her heart, she didn’t mean it horribly. She was stating the facts. And I did, I was what some people would call “hardcore”. If I had a goal, I’d get there easy peezy. I wouldn’t give up until I did! WHAT HAPPENED?

Here’s my reasoning… And tell me if I’m wrong. Angie’s now 10 months old and she’s still breastfeeding (round of applause, especially after https://paritatime.com/2014/02/04/lets-be-honest-part-3/) and I feel like with her teething/growth spurts she’s wanting the boob more than the bottle. Which is absolutely amazing. I’m glad that I can be her go to, to soothe her and make her feel calmer, better, at ease etc. That’s what mommas are for! So with that being said breastfeeding boobs are substantially bigger than good ol’ normal boobs. I’d say it’s an additional 5lbs for sure. Side story: in the last couple of weeks I’ve had to wear a lot of sarees and that’s when I really learnt the size difference. None… I repeat none of my sarees blouses go over even half of my chest. Arms are fine… It’s just the chest! After I’m done breastfeeding I wonder if I go back to my normal boob size or am I the new Indian exotic Pamela Anderson for life!?! Side note complete. Secondly, soon as I feed I’m either super dehydrated or hungry. So obviously I have to do something about it, so I’m ready for our next round.

After writing that out, I think the secret is that. I solved the mystery, once breastfeeding is done the 10lbs will probably fall off! Right?!? Makes sense to me.

Heart, star.
Parita aka Pamela xoxo





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Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!!!!

The way I see it there are three types of girls out there. The ones who really truly love sports, the ones that couldn’t care less about sports and then me. The in between. I didn’t chose this life, it was more like there was no option! Like seriously!

On our tv there’s either two things Treehouse or Sports! All sports! Football, hockey, baseball, tennis, golf, basketball…. Shoot me!

So yesterday I was basically hit by a train, like run over and then they reversed and hit me again. I call this type of collision a cold/flu. I felt and still feel like poo. The worse part is Angie has it too! Cue the awwwhhhhhh.

So yesterday while my head was a bit foggy I did something I never do. Side note: The hubby loves to play with odds, he enjoys the rush. If betting on games could be his professional job he’d hand in his resignation tomorrow. It’s his thing. So back to yesterday… While my head was in the foggy, misty, booger filled air I casually mentioned, I think I may try to bet today. He was shocked, not going to lie… So was I. I told him to read teams off for me and I’d decide. Here’s where I get fancy… I did a parlay. I randomly chose two hockey teams, one college football team and one NFL team to win. How did I choose them? I looked deep within my heart, I picked what sounded good, what rang my church bells, what honked my horn! $20 later I had this ticket in my hand. For the first time ever I was into the silly games… I swear he was looking at me with so much love. We high fived at touch downs, celebrated penalties, cheered on first downs. (Yup I know the lingo!)

Then it happened, it really happened! The Colts won and I won! I predicted all four games, woot woot!!!! WHO AM I?!?! On just Parita that is now $193 richer! Say what!!!

So ladies, if your bored out of your mind and sports is taking over I’m not recommending to gamble your life away BUT you can make it interesting once in awhile. And trust me, he will love you for it! Like love love love you for it! Am I on to something? Should I consider being a relationship counsellor?!?

Winner winner chicken dinner!

Hmmm…. What should I buy with my winnings?!?!

Heart, star.
Parita xoxo





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Just say it already!

The truth, the real hard truth… I’ve had some major writers block for the last month! Why? I have absolutely no clue. If you look at the number of drafts I had saved, there are endless half written blogs galore! But nothing finished. So I decided to start fresh! I deleted my hours of work and I’m starting again!

First of all can you believe Angie is now 8.5 months old? I swear a tear just rolled down my face. Where did the time go?!? She’s a crawling champ, she stands holding onto anything she can grab, she claps, waves and my all time favourite she talks… Like nonstop talks. It melts me and poppa bear all the time. She has so much to say and she says it all with so much heart and soul. My baby…

Now… Don’t get me wrong, Angie does no wrong in my eyes BUT she is definitely trying to get my panties in a knot. This girl LOVES saying Dadadadadadada! Like all day every day. I swear she even says “Hi Dad” a good handful of times throughout the day as well! What the bean sprouts! She hadn’t left me completely high and dry, I have heard the sweet sweet sweet words Momma come out of little Miss Chickita’s mouth but it’s only been in between a cry. It’s for sure mom, but the way I pictured it, the day my Angie said Momma I would pick her up, spin around in circles, shower her with kisses and just as my eye catches a glimpse of the sky a rainbow begins to form. That’s all hard to do when she’s crying like a baby! Pun totally intended!

She has me playing the waiting game. I listen to her stories day in and day out. The stories about what she found on the floor, about her feet, playing with my hair, eating Cheerios, playing peek-a-boo… I get it she’s busy! BUT FOR GODS SAKE… Say Momma! Like fun and lovingly as you shower me with your amazingly perfect slobber kisses! SAY IT ANGELINA!

Heart, star.
Parita xoxo








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My hair FINALLY stopped falling out!


I feel like it’s been forever since I’ve done a post preggo blog. I guess that’s a sign of how busy I am now!

My Angelina is now 7.5 months old! Time is flying by like crazy. She has her first two teeth, she’s crawling, she eats some solids, loves smoothies and wheatgrass (obviously she’s my daughter), baby talking nonstop, a personality that keeps me on my toes and oozes love! Honestly from complete strangers to family and friends, if you are in her presence you can feel that special love. This girl is the definition of pizzaz!

Is she sleeping straight throughout the night? Nope! But she only wakes up about twice throughout the entire night, so I’m not complaining. Plus once she’s done feeding, she loves to cuddle! So I’m actually winning in this situation. #winning

Yes, I’m still Breastfeeding (pat on the back)! Still can’t believe it, but I actually think that may be one of my biggest accomplishments. Getting through that and not giving up, was one of the hardest things I’ve ever gone through. I do formula as well though, she gets a good mix of both.

Now this is the update that I am so pleased to share!!! MY HAIR FINALLY STOPPED FALLING OUT! I had heard that after birth you lose hair but I was not prepared for how much hair you really lose. It was bad… like really bad. To the point, that if I ran my fingers through my hair, there was a guaranteed handful that would come out. And when I washed my hair, misery central! I was convinced that I was balding. Like really balding. The top sides of my forehead were hit the most! Ponytails were not something I was sporting very often as it would just remind me of this awful experience I was going through. And having hardwood floors at home made it worse, I could see every little strand I lost! My hubby would have to vacuum everyday… No lie! BUT good news!!!! It’s actually growing back! And full!! My hair feels thick and sexy again! I have to admit… I look good! #justsaying Parita is back in action! Let the high pony tails and hair flipping begin!

So to the new momma’s that are losing hair right now, it sucks! I feel for you! But I promise there is a light at the end of this horrifying tunnel. It stops (mine stopped at 7 months) and IT GROWS BACK!!! WOOOHOOO!!!!

Happy Sunday Friends!!!

Heart, star. xoxo




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