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Big Red Lips Pics

It’s no secret that I love bright lipsticks. My go to hands down is always a WOAH momma red! It grabs attention, makes a boring outfit look amaze balls and most importantly it makes my lips look way bigger then what they actually are… Thank God!

Sooo while I was on one of my shopping expeditions for the shop I saw big red lips just staring at me. Big red lips saying my name… But in a purse! Something about it, I just couldn’t walk away from. It was so loud and out there and I had absolutely no clue if I could pull it off. So I walked away, head held down like I had been defeated. (Dramatic I know!) Then I came home and I starting thinking about it… We all know when that happens, we made a big mistake and should’ve bought it!!! Ugghhh! Story of my life!

Originally I thought to myself… Purse? What purse… You mean diaper bag?! That is usually where I store all my stuff. But with me being a now confident mom maybe it’s time to step up the style game again.

Needless to say, it’s on ita way and I’m sooo excited for me! And what I’m most excited about is taking the cheesy pics with my purse in front of my face! LIKE COME ON!!!!! So I would like to apologize in advance for the absolutely cool big red lips pics that will soon be on the way, it’s happening!

Heart, star.
Parita xoxo














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PARITATIME SHOP and FREE SHIPPING!!!! Love is in the air!!

It happened, it finally happened! I have my very own online shop! PARITATIME SHOP!

I got to introduce this to the world this Sunday and I have to say that I am so grateful for all the love I’ve received so far.

This new adventure started with a preggo woman sitting on the sofa nine months ago. I started analyzing what I really truly love doing. The answer was simple. Blogging and fashion are my thing. More importantly sharing my love for these two things means the absolute world to me. For the first time in a long time I love what I do! Heck, sometimes I wake up at 3 just to do some shopping, see what’s trending, what’s hot and what are the must haves for us all! Love is in the air!

This morning I woke up with a thought. So I did some changing. I have incorporated some free shipping just because you deserve it! So shipping for all orders in Canada and the States that are $30 and over is FREE!!! Yup, I said it! And everywhere else is the world is a flat $12.00!

So come visit me at www.PARITATIMESHOP.com

Heart, star.
Parita xoxo





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Fashion Fridays ~ Why am I just trying this now?!?!


If you follow my Facebook group you have already heard my excitement for my new find!

As we all know, I’m a Statement necklaces connoisseur! I throw a necklace on with anything and everything BUT while I was doing some shopping for my Boutique I stumbled upon some anklets. Not just any anklets, ohhhh haaayyyyy ones! I showed them to hubby to see if he thought they were as hot/sexy/amazing/gorgeous as I did and he instantaneously agreed. It’s one thing to see a picture but when they came, oh my nelly! Let’s just say I’ve never put nail polish on my toes so quickly!

I’m not much of a foot person… But come on!!! Why have we not done this sooner?!?! Obviously I have to say, come visit the PARITATIME shop or find yourself something fancy like the pics below. A traditional anklet is one thing BUT this is a whole new level. This is like he shoots, he scores and then hits it out of the ball park and gets a touch down kinda level! We all need at least one pair of these maj anklets in our life.

When I originally bought them I thought it would be a good go to for hot destinations, but now it’s something I can see myself wearing all day, every day. It’s the little details I tell ya! Wearing it with or without shoes, it just works!

Needed some inspiration to try something new? Hopefully the pictures get your creative fashion juices flowing. My feet feel special and dare I say sexy?!?! Yours should too!

Now go Bejewel your feet love!

Heart, star.
Parita xoxo











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I’m Bringing Sexy Back


It is finally starting to feel like Spring in Toronto. The snow is almost gone and the grass is peaking through. Which only means one thing! My favorite season for fashion has begun and the other one is on its way! Hands down Spring and Summer is when I bring out my OHHH HAAYYY game. Winter tends to always yield my not so fun outfits. Boring leggings, baggy but cute sweaters… Basically nothing too fab. And with the last winter I needed to make a couple of adjustments since I was rockin’ a belly. Needless to say, the time had come to clean out my closet and remind myself of all my extremely fun and gorg pieces I have found over the years that never seem to get old. Which also means getting rid of any clothes that I realistically will never wear again – this is always the hardest part for me!

Now this closet cleaning session is something I do religiously every year. I broke this big project into a couple of days. Well kinda, I basically tried to slip in any time when Angie was taking her naps. I’m proud to say that I was able to part from four garbage bags worth of clothes. I may have set a new record for myself! For some reason, this year seemed a lot easier to say buh bye to my old clothes. Usually what happens is I put my clothes that i’m sure i’ll never wear again in the donation pile, then once I see it just lying there I start thinking to myself… Hey Parita, you knowwww that would really look good with _______. And somehow I convince myself to keep half of my donation pile, but not this time! I didn’t look back, not once. Out with the old and in with the new!

I really and truly try to do this at least once a year, it is such a freeing feeling. Something about starting fresh and new. Rekindling my love with all my Spring and Summer colors. Pulling out the much needed WABAAM pants, fun girly dresses, ugly – but something about it is really cool outfits, sequins pieces – because we all know that every girl should have atleast one screaming sequins number and most importantly all the clothes that make me feel sexy and hot to trot! (Did I really just say hot to trot?!?!) Whether it be cute sexy or ohhh haaayyy sexy – all of it works for me! Wait… Let me just clarify, by sexy I don’t mean mini skirts and low hoochie mama tops, come on friends, i’m better then that! Geez! I can only describe it in three words, confident lioness sexy! Whatever that means to you! Keep it and wear it!

As well, I think I’ve decided against no longer wearing leggings (well maybe sometimes when i’m doing scrub wear, like the picture below when I was heading to Value Village to drop off my donations and threw on whatever I found) but they will are no longer my go to. It is so done. I feel like that was so three years ago! Yes its easy to throw on, but really? Lets see how I do… I think that relationship is done. Just saying.

So friends, liberate yourself! Give your closet a makeover!!! Get all your fun, bright, exciting clothes out! No more boring!! Its time to play!

Heart, star.
Parita xoxo






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Street Fashion Sundays

I have made an executive decision here on paritaTIME and have decided that from today onwards Sundays in now Street Fashion Sundays.

I know for me,  I need to change up my inspiration.  And to be honest the magazines just don’t do it for me.  For the most part its just too cookie cutter.  I like people who dare to mix textures, wear bright colors, colors that don’t match, beanies with glamour outfits, baggy, bohemian, ugly (yup, I said ugly), different, loud and most importantly whatever represents them.

Cue Google. Search: Street Fashion.  That’s what I do.  What are people doing? What ideas can I steal and add to my closet? What can I pair together?  Honestly if it was okay to dress like a tamed down Harajuku girl here in Canada, I would be all over that bad boy… but lets face it, its not.

Have a look at what I found for my first Street Fashion Sundays.  A little late in the day I know, but next week will be earlier. Promise!

Be you! Dress you! Love you! Who else is going to do it?!?!?

Heart, star.

Parita xoxo

P.S  Below is an updated belly picture taken yesterday at my BFF’s birthday!  A little less than two weeks to go guys! Clothing is getting limited, but I worked with what I got.  Just a FYI: my top is usually what I wear as a dress.  Can you believe it!?!?!? It barely covers my BUTTOCKS! WOOPAAA!!!!!


shazia bday

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Beanie Alert!!! WOOP WOOP!

I’m sure a lot of you have seen this trend around lately, but I still felt like I should blog about it. The beanie trend, it’s back in full effect. I remember when my parents would scream at me in the winter time to wear a toque because it was so cold outside, but it just wasn’t cool so I would freeze my little ears off. Why couldn’t this be cool back then?!?

This is probably one of the cheapest trends out right now and easy to rock for everyone with any and every outfit. From super duper casual to fancy shmancy pants. It works with everything. Originally when this new look came out I played it safe and bought the easy colors not knowing how much I would actually wear this. So I bought black, grey and navy blue. All which have been rocked by me and hipster hubby many times already. On a side not, hubster got glasses recently so now when he wears the beanies with his ummm hmmmm outfits and glasses, you know the ladies are chasing him with a OHHH HAYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!! (He is going to kill me for that one) But he makes the whole get up look so good!

Back to Beanies, I got ours from H&M for less than $7.00. I’ve also seen them at Forever 21 where they have an array of bright colors, the neons, the darkys and the lightys. I think, I just think they may even be cheaper there as well. I personally am I fan of the simple ones myself, there are the jazzed up styles but that doesn’t really toodle my fancy. But to each their own.

Best part, say you wake up and OMIGOD you have to go somewhere and you completely forgot! Your hair is gross and you have no time to fix it or throw on make up, what to do?!?! Throw on a Beanie with big sunglasses (and for the ladies, bright lipstick) and DAANTANANA! You are ready to go!!! Ohh hayyy good looking!

Heart, star.
Parita xoxo


b1 b2 b3 b4 b5 b6 b7 b8 b9 b10 b11

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Oversized Chunkyness – Painting our Sexy Canvas!

With everything going on with me right now, I have had some crazy shifts back in forth.  Now it looks like I’ve gone back to my original fun artsy roots.  If you haven’t noticed that already, lol!  Yesterday while talking on the phone to my BFF, I wound up in an art store buying some acrylic paints, a canvas…. All just because. To paint up a storm, why not?!?! Then I started thinking to myself, life is like a canvas.  It is whatever we make out of it.  We are all given this blank white surface the day we are born and we decide the colors, the texture, the depth… we paint our own painting.  I can go super deep right now as I think more and more about how I want to raise my child and the belief system I want them to know, but I think I will save that for another post.  Today its all fashion baby! We will save that for a deep day…

So I took that same thought process and started thinking that we don’t have to use this only for life as a whole, but why not everyday living… the little things.  The way we paint our canvas of a house, the way we paint our canvas of the mind, the way we paint our canvas of our sexy sexy bodies!!! OHHHH HAYYYYYYYYY!!!!

The more and more celebs I look at, Pinterest, street fashion and magazines I noticed one thing that never gets old are beautiful, chunky jewelry.  You can wear a plain old boyfriend t-shirt, leggings and throw on a necklace and it just changes it from boring to stylish.  Weird to Hey Girl hear me ROOARRRR!  Very RiRi-ish.  Yes I still do love her, despite the dirty-ness going on lately!  Blahhh to Rah Rah!!!! Change classy to sassy, woot woot!!!! Hey hey sassy pants! (Natty that was for you J)

So friends, we are all gorgeous and beautiful canvas’.  Paint yourself.  Did I just steal that from How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days??!? No wait… its Ice Yourself. I just had a whole conversation by myself, lol.  You get the point.

I love you all dearly!

Heart, star.

Parita  xoxo

photo  bigj9bigj2 bigj3 bigj4OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

bigj5 bigj6 bigj7 bigj8



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The World is Your Runway


I had one of those days yesterday, where I began going through my closet and realized how many fab Royal Blue pieces I have.  Even in a closet full of random clothes not organized in any sort of way, that gorgeous blue always seems to compliment all the other surrounding pieces.

It’s so gorg, that it has been claimed part of royalty!  Have you heard of royal pink or royal orange?  Nope, because only blue gets that luxury baby! I would say, my favorite meshing of colors this season would have to be royal blue with beiges and golds.  They just bounce and balance off each other so perfectly.

Naturally I’ve decided that this will be my Fall go to this season, it is perfect for any kind of weather, it looks good on any skin color, makes you feel good and can be an asset to any “almost perfect outfit”.  Feeling blahhh, WHABAAM throw on some Royal Blue and spice it up. Check out the toque pic below, even the smallest hints make a big difference to a regular joe shmoe or plain jane outfit.  If you look at yourself in the mirror and think nahhhhhhh this doesn’t match, work it!!!  The world is your runway.  Start your own trend!  It always works, trust me. For me I notice sometimes, the less thought and effort I put into an outfit, the more compliments I get.  My motto has always been its kinda ugly-pretty… it works!  Sounds crazy I know, but that thought process has got me out of a lot of pickles!

Ummmmm pickles…. Pregnancy brain… what can I say!

What are some of your fall go-to’s this season?  I love to hear from you guys, keep the emails coming!

Heart, star. xoxo

royalblue1 royalblue2 royalblue3 royalblue4 royalblue5 royalblue6


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I saw this picture and it brought back so many memories! Remember when we use to collect stickers? So funzys!!!!  There were the puffy ones (that is so not the right word), strawberry berry short cake, the scratch and sniff smelly ones, Power Rangers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, ahhh memories!!!

Then I saw this picture on Pinterest where this  girl made it look cool AGAIN!  Definitely think i’ll head to Dollarama and Walmart and get me some stickers and crazy glue.  HOW COOL DOES IT LOOK?

And can you imagine the conversations it will spark?

Just saying…

Heart, star.

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Gosh Golly Darn i’m Sparkling!

I wore this ultra chic sweater this weekend and gosh golly darn I just love it.  It was just screaming i’m fabulous.  As I was strutting my stuff and working it I love the fact that I knew that there was no one else that could be rocking the same sweater as me! IMPOSSIBLE!  With all this bling on my shoulders it was kind of hard not to feel a tad bit celebrityish! Black skinny pants, stilletos and a smile of course.

Honestly what you wear can really change how you view yourself, how you carry yourself, your confidence and your ohhhh hayyyyy personality!  And let this be a lesson ladies and gents, you don’t need to spend big bucks to get that feeling. Vintage it. You deserve it!

Happy Tuesday! 

Heart, star.

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